Mr Bean Is Finally Halal-Certified: Here’s What We Tried


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 27, 2022

Don’t we all love it when we have more halal food in Singapore? ?Last week, the ever-popular soy milk and beancurd chain announced that all 69 outlets islandwide are now halal-certified, and we’re really happy that we can enjoy their delicious soy milk, pancakes and more! Recently, Mr Bean sent us some food to let us try their all-time favourites and newly-launched items (#HHWTperks, y’all), and here’s what we like ?

Credit: Mr Bean

First up, we present one of Mr Bean’s finest dishes: the Kaya Cheese Pancake. At first glance, it looks almost too ordinary, but wait till you take a bite into this thick beauty. Generous, smooth servings of President Cream Cheese and sweet kaya slathered all over - it reveals EXTRAordinary flavours we can’t get enough of ? It’s small enough for a quick, filling snack (and also for mindless binging), which is perfect for the ever-snacky HHWT team. A new item for our pantry maybe? ?

Credit: Mr Bean

Here’s one dish we never thought we liked: the Soy Curry Chicken Wholegrain Mixed Rice Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curries, so when I first heard that their curry uses soy powder instead of the usual coconut milk, I wasn’t too sure. But one dip in, and I was sold ? It’s as hearty as the usual curries, but it’s richer in cream and flavour, which was addictive enough to make me polish the bowl clean. Pair it with the wholegrain mixed rice, it’s a curry I can eat every single day GUILT-FREE (#browngirlgoals) ?

Credit: Mr Bean

Mr Bean also sent us another best-seller, the Spicy Minced Chicken with Mushroom Soy Porridge. A mixture of rice and millet grains is cooked well together before adding in spicy minced chicken, mushrooms, and of course, fresh soy milk just before serving. I’ve never had soy milk in my porridge before, but somehow it just hits the comfort spot. It’s nutritious and really filling as well, which makes the dish feel like a warm hug ? Especially when you need that little mood booster to get through your day, a simple dish that tastes a little like home can do just the trick ?

We also got to try their brand-new items as well! The Grass Jelly Thai Tea Soy Milk and Pearly Thai Tea Soy Milk were perfectly sweet (you can choose your level of sweetness as well - 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%), and were a hit at the office - we gulped them down in an instant ?Did we mention that there are PEARLS in them?! ? We were also excited to see more sweet and savoury pancake options such as the new Gula Melaka Pancake and Curry Chicken with Potato Pancake; proof that there’s something for everyone to enjoy together!

We’re glad that Mr Bean has become halal-certified for all of us to enjoy their wholesome goody food (both for our tummies and soul)! It’s time for YOU to check out the nearest Mr Bean outlet and try their unique creations ?Be right back, we’re stocking our pantry right now. 

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