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15 Halal Eateries To Treat Your Mom For Mothers’ Day


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 22, 2022


Mothers’ Day 2022 is just around the corner! From raising us to guiding us, our moms are an important part of our lives. We definitely wouldn’t be here without them 🥰 If you’re thinking of showing your love and appreciation for your mother this mother’s day, why not treat her to a delicious meal? We’ve gathered these 15 eateries perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day 2022. Check them out! 😎 Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

Halal Eateries For Mothers’ Day

1. The Soup Spoon

Known for their wholesome, handcrafted dishes made from scratch, The Soup Spoon’s hearty meals are perfect for a Mother’s Day treat! Their dishes are made without preservatives, MSG, artificial flavours or enhancers, while still maintaining naturally rich and nutritious flavours! Choose from tasty meal sets such as The Soup Spoon Sandwich Set. It comes with a choice of regular-sized soup and a savoury Smoked Salmon Sandwich. P.S. Try out their other delicious sandwiches like Tuna Mayo, Meat Free Hainanese Style, and Teriyaki Chicken!The Grill Knife: Grilled Chicken Thigh and The Salad Fork: Freedom Bowl are also 2 scrumptious sets you and your mom have to try. Succulent grilled chicken thigh and tasty salads? Delicious and nutritious too 😍And after all that delicious food, end your meal with The Soup Spoon’s darling Sourdough Muffins at the Muffintory by The Soup Spoon! Naturally baked with no commercial yeast, this labour of love is the perfect, sweet way to end off an appreciation feast for your mom. 
P.S. If your mom prefers spending her day resting at home, you could also get The Soup Spoon ordered on Deliveroo, Foodpanda and GrabFood! Their 3 Pax and 4 Pax Union Bundles are available online starting from $41.50, so you can enjoy the meal with your entire family 😋The Soup SpoonHalal Status: Halal-CertifiedOutlets & Opening: Click HereOutlet Delivery Hours: 11am-9.30pmFacebook | Instagram | The Soup SpoonWebsite | Muffintory Website

2. Gaijin

Credit: Zulfadli Abdul Wahab on FacebookNeed somewhere new with gorgeous views and immaculate vibes? Boat Quay’s new halal eatery Gaijin might just be the place! Opened by the 1819 group, not only does Gaijin serve some of the tastiest halal Japanese and Japanese-inspired food in Singapore, but it's also got interiors that will make you and your mom feel like you're in Japan. 😍 Boasting 7 Donburi menu items like Smoked Duck Donburi and Unagi Donburi, 10 Yakitori variations (you have to try the Chicken Tail and HokuBee Beef!) and over 8 Japanese-inspired starters like Octopus Takoyaki with Beetroot Hummus and Gyoza with Salted Egg Glaze, your mouth will water just picking them off the menu. GaijinHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook

3. The Halia

Credit: The Halia on FacebookFamous for its stunning, Insta-worthy backdrop of lush greenery, The Halia has clinched popularity for its ambience and views. Located in Singapore Botanic Gardens, it's the perfect place for a meal surrounded by nature. Look at that view!Also known for their steaks and well-plated mains, their all-day menu includes full-blood Australian Blackmore Wagyu, Icon F1 Wagyu, and more. 😍The HaliaHalal Status: Halal-CertifiedFacebook

4. Piccante Pronto

Credit: Piccante ProntoHave you heard of the new halal eatery at Botanic Gardens? 🤩 Piccante Pronto launched back in November 2021, and they’re the first halal brand under the Les Amis Group. Known for their delicious, affordable Roman-style pizzas, antipastos and baked pastas, you have to give them a try. Plus, this is the spot in Singapore that serves Singapore’s largest halal 21” pizzas - how could anyone pass that up? 🤤Surrounded by beautiful garden views and fresh air, Piccante Pronto is one of the best places to treat your mom to perfectly-charred pizzas, antipastos, salads and more! Piccante Pronto Halal Status: Halal-CertifiedInstagram

5. The Malayan Council 

Credit: The Malayan Council on FacebookHome to one of the best ondeh-ondeh cakes in Singapore, The Malayan Council has won the hearts of so many of its fans. So what better way to show your mom you love her than by offering them a slice of ondeh-ondeh cake? 😋For a heartier meal, be sure to also treat her to TMC’s amazing fusion dishes such as the all-time favourite Roti Kirai Beef Ribs and TMC Wagyu Burger!The Malayan CouncilHalal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook

6. The Secret Garden by Zeekri

If you’re a fan of halal French food in Singapore, you’ve probably heard of The Secret Garden by Zeekri. Located nearby Masjid Sultan, this French Muslim-owned brasserie is the place to be for a taste of amazing French-inspired cuisines and mouthwatering pastries and veinnoiserie.
Credit: Thesecretgardenbyzeekri on FacebookWith its floral-themed decor and concierge florist at your service, The Secret Garden by Zeekri has the perfect atmosphere for quality time with your mom! She’ll be thoroughly impressed and grateful 😍The Secret Garden by ZeekriHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook

7. The White Label

If you're still craving for French cusine, you might also want to try The White Label! Located in the same Masjid Sultan area, The White Label is a halal French-Malayan fusion restaurant with a super Instagram-worthy interior, making it the perfect spot for that Mother’s Day Instagram Post photo! (if it's not on Instagram, it never happened, right? 😉)
Credit: The White Label on FacebookThe founders of The White Label noticed a lack of halal French cuisine in Singapore, so they decided to put their own spin on it by infusing French cuisine with local flavours. If you're eating here, try their Squid Ink Spaghetti or Pandan-Infused Creme Brulee for a mouth-watering meal!

8. Daya Izakaya

Credit: Daya Izakaya on FacebookDaya Izakaya will transport you and your mom to Japan! For the uninitiated, izakayas are a small Japanese drinking establishment with food served tapas-style. They are usually casual eateries with small wooden tables and chairs and a place where Japanese would hang out at after work. Though they usually serve alcohol, Daya Izakaya is a Muslim-owned establishment so rest assured, you can immerse yourself in the izakaya vibes with halal Japanese food!As the only halal izakaya in Singapore, Daya Izakaya serves scrumptious Japanese fare such as Kaminabe (mini paper hot pot), Sashimi, Maki, Kushiyaki, Agemono and more. 😍 Daya IzakayaHalal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook

9. Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

This time, we're bringing you to Sweden 🤗 While many are flocking over to IKEA for a halal Swedish fix, bring your mom for an amazing meal with Fika instead!
Credit: Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro on FacebookServing up an extensive menu of authentic Swedish food, their menu starts from breakfast, so if your mom’s got a busy day ahead of her – this is the best place to treat her to a meal! Fika's popular mains include their Swedish meatballs (served with potatoes, cream and jam) and the Swedish lamb stew.Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro Halal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook

10. Steak Me

Credit: Steak Me on FacebookYou can never have too much steak, can you? 🤩 Owned by the famous Chef Amiri who used to manage Le Steak. Steak Me is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city at Jalan Kayu! Promising you some quiet time with your mom away from the usual day to day ruckus, Jalan Kayu's chill heartland vibe would definitely be a plus point 😍Steak MeHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook

11. Porta Porta

Credit: Porta Porta Porta Porta is actually one of the very first few Italian restaurants (Muslim-owned all this time too! 😱) in Singapore serving authentic, home-cooked Southern Italian food for over 25 years, and they’ve recently stopped serving alcohol 😌 If you’re looking for a tasty Mother's Day dinner, you have to check out Porta Porta's delicious Italian food like Fritto Di Calamari, Coscia Di Agnello Al Forno Con Patate & Parmigiana, and more! Porta Porta Halal Status: Muslim-OwnedInstagram

12. El Fuego

Credit: Elfuego on FacebookElfuego by Collin's is the first halal eatery by the Collin's Group (known for their chain of restaurants specialising in Western cuisine), and boy are you in for a treat! The restaurant boasts an open kitchen concept serving up delicious Western fare with a modern European flair. El Fuego Halal Status: Halal-CertifiedFacebook

13. Badoque Cafe

Credit: Badoque Cafe on FacebookConstantly known for their quality of food and huge portions, Badoque is one eatery you won't be disappointed with! Located in a quiet corner of Bedok Road, this quaint cafe is the perfect spot for a romantic date. From their Special Beef Ribs which comes glazed in their homemade barbecue sauce to delicious Salmon Pasta, not only will you have an amazing time well-spent with your mother, you'd also be thoroughly satisfied by the meal!BadoqueHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook 

14. Royz Et Vous

Credit: Royz Et Vous on FacebookWhat better way to celebrate the milestones of your relationship than with an excellent spread of steak, pasta and irresistible drinks? Known for their fine dining, Royz Et Vous never fails to impress us with their delicious food! Not to mention that the restaurant's cosy and dim interior, making it a suitable place for you to impress your mom and show her you love her 😍Royz Et VousHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook

15. Picanhas'

When you go to a halal steakhouse in Singapore you might be looking forward to a menu laden with choices from striploin to tomahawk. But the experience at the Muslim-owned Picanhas'  is different - this new restaurant in the middle of Singapore's Central Business District specialises in halal picanha steaks!
Credit: Picanhas' on FacebookThis halal eatery has an ambience similar to that of a bar (and they serve non-alcoholic wine too!), so if you're looking for somewhere with an amazing atmosphere and a unique experience, this spot is definitely the place to bring your mom for Mother’s Day!Picanhas Halal Status: Muslim-OwnedFacebook So have you picked a spot to treat your mom too? Share this with your mom to plan your day together! ☺️