We've Found The Halal Alternative To The Famous Molten Milo Lava Pau


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 29, 2021

The Molten Milo Lava Pau by SMH Food Group on Shopee is the latest trending snack in Singapore and Muslims certainly don't want to miss out on a chance to try it out! Anyone who grew up in Singapore would be familiar with the ever-loved and ever-favourite Milo. However, the famous pau is not halal-certified, which means we won't be able to try it. Fortunately, HHWT has some great news. We've discovered that the Milo Pau has halal cousins!

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Halal Molten Lava Paus

After a quick message with SMH Food Group, the food group that sells this tantalizing appearing snack, we've discovered that they also sell halal molten paus!

You could try their Salted Egg Molten Custard Pau for a sweet-savoury and filling snack. Known to be highly addictive, they go for just $5.50 for a pack of 8 paus.

Credit: SMH on Facebook

If you're looking for something unique, take a bite of their Chilli Crab Pau! With both pau and chilli crab in one mouthful, you'll definitely be celebrating the flavours of Singapore with this local-inspired Dim Sum creation. Plus, SMH Food Group recommends it to be served fried (as opposed to the traditional steaming of paus) ? A twist to the traditional pau, this combines the crispiness of fried mantou and the deliciousness of chilli crab. These go for only $6.35 per 8 pieces, incredibly affordable for such an interesting snack.

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Credit: SMH on Facebook

They've got many halal pau variants too! From the Mini Bunny Pau, (as the name suggests, a pau shaped like a bunny) to the coffee pau, you're going to absolutely enjoy this affordable and delicious experience.

Credit: SMH on Facebook

We do understand however that this might just not be the same. Molten Milo Lava Paus are the new, unique things that we've just got to try. While we recommend exercising caution when eating these paus, we've got good news for you. While the Molten Milo Lava Pau isn't halal-certified, all of SMH's halal-certified products are under the MUIS Halal Product Certification Scheme.

To cut the story short: because SMH Food Group is under the Halal Product Certification Scheme, Molten Milo Lava Paus were not made with non-halal ingredients like pork or alcohol! While the product itself has no halal logo printed on the packaging and are not halal-certified, SMH avoids the use of any non-halal ingredients in its production premises thanks to the scheme.

While we might still want to exercise caution for their non-halal products, it's good news that they do have halal products with other molten flavours for Muslims to try out! ?