9 Halal Japanese Products You Can Find Online In Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Jun 03, 2020

If you're whipping up Japanese food at home, chances are you're looking for common Japanese ingredients like halal mirin, halal furikake or halal Japanese soy sauce. Traditionally, many Japanese ingredients might contain alcohol but several brands have started producing halal versions of them. We've rounded up this list of 9 halal Japanese ingredients and where to find them online in Singapore!

1. Halal mirin

Credit: Oumme Sham on Facebook

Mirin is traditionally a sweet Japanese cooking rice wine that's widely used in Japanese recipes. A lot of dishes like teriyaki chicken, ramen and udon use mirin as it adds an umami flavour to savoury dishes. Fortunately, nowadays you can find halal-certified mirin-style seasoning made by the brand Hinode! It’s different from the regular mirin also sold by Hinode that you can usually find in supermarkets, so make sure you find one that has the halal sign on it. Note: Unfortunately, it is now out of stock on Shopee so you'd have to check back for updates ?

Where to find it:

  • Shopee (currently out of stock)

#HHWT Tip: If you can’t get your hands on it, our Japanese-Muslim contributors shared that you can use honey or date sauce as a substitute for mirin.

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2. Halal Furikake

Credit: Leenyin Chen on Facebook

Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that's usually sprinkled on top of cooked rice which will instantly make it more flavourful! There are different kinds of furikake - some with nori (seaweed), wasabi, salmon and more. Most of them might consist of roasted sesame seeds, seaweed, bonito fish flakes, egg and other spices.

Where to find it:

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3. Halal miso

Credit: Ayo ke Jepang on Facebook

Miso, or fermented soybean paste, is usually found in Japanese meals. Most of us are probably familiar with miso soup. While the main ingredients are soybean, salt and koji (a fermentation extract), some miso products in the market might include alcohol as a preservative. That's why some brands like Marukome and Hikari have produced halal-certified miso paste.

Where to find it:

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4. Halal Kewpie mayonnaise sauce

Credit: Aqilah Sawifi on Facebook

Kewpie mayonnaise sauce is a must-have condiment in any Japanese household! With a thicker and creamier texture than normal mayonnaise, Japanese mayonnaise is used in a lot of dishes like sushi, takoyaki and also as a dipping sauce. You can easily find halal-certified Kewpie mayonnaise online and in some supermarkets ?

Where to find it:

5. Halal teriyaki sauce

Credit: Famous Tako on Facebook

Teriyaki sauce is widely used in Japanese cooking as a marinade or glaze for fish, chicken or meat dishes. Traditionally, teriyaki sauce is used for food that is grilled or broiled. What makes the sauce not halal is that it might contain mirin or sake. But several brands like Hinode, Kewpie and Kikkoman have produced halal-certified versions!

Where to find it:

6. Halal Japanese soy sauce/shoyu

Credit: Northsea website

Japanese soy sauce or shoyu is one common ingredient that you often find in Japanese dishes! Whether it's ramen, stir-fried dishes or as a dip for sushi, shoyu is definitely a Japanese staple. There are actually different types of shoyu, just like how we are used to having light or dark soy sauces. Most shoyu might contain some alcohol content but a few different brands offer halal-certified shoyu.

Where to find it:

7. Halal Japanese curry

There's nothing like enjoying a warm plate of yummy Japanese curry and it's an easy dish to make at home too! Thankfully, you can find halal Japanese curry paste or cubes online. Several Indonesian brands like House Foods and Nicchi have produced halal-certified Japanese curry products so you can savour this awesome dish ?

Where to find it:

8. Halal dashi

Dashi is a Japanese soup stock used in many Japanese dishes that’s made with ingredients such as dried bonito flakes or dried kombu (dried kelp). Dashi powder is a common pantry item that home-cooks use to conveniently whip up dashi stock. Good news, you can find halal dashi powder available online!

Where to find it:

9. Halal takoyaki sauce

Credit: Grand Meltique Food Trading Sdn Bhd on Facebook

If you're planning to make your own takoyaki or okonomiyaki at home, takoyaki sauce is the main ingredient you need to have! This mix of tangy, sweet and savoury flavours will definitely enhance your dish and give it a little bit of umami.

Where to find it: 

With these 9 halal Japanese ingredients, you're now ready to start cooking delicious Japanese meals at home! Time to start shopping ?