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8 Places To Get Halal Kueh Chang In Singapore


Nia Sarah  •  Jun 01, 2021


The Dumpling Festival is upon us! A little fun fact, the Dumpling Festival  (端午节 “Duan Wu Jie”), or Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on 14 June this year - the fifth day of the fifth month in the Lunar Calendar. But most of us are probably more familiar with eating the delicious delicacies that come with this festival ? Kueh chang, or glutinous rice dumplings (also known as ba chang) is created with glutinous rice mixed with lye water, stuffed fillings, and boiled in bamboo leaves. It's a popular food not only in the Chinese community, a lot of us love it too! So if you're craving this savoury dish, here's where to find halal ba chang or kueh chang in Singapore!

1. Nyonya Mansor

Credit: Nyonya Mansor Halal Kueh Chang on Facebook Nyonya Mansor Halal Kueh Chang sells home-made glutinous rice dumplings ($5) and you''ll definitely get a generous portion of the dish consisting of beef or chicken rendang, Black Eyed beans, shiitake mushroom, salted egg yolk and chestnut. The rendang even gives a little kick of spice for extra flavour. They open for pre-orders so make sure to keep a look out on their Facebook page for updates! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

2. Authentic Hokkien Changs

Credit: Authentic Hokkien Changs on Facebook Selling an array of traditional dishes is Authentic Hokkien Changs, which includes, well, authentic ba chang! It comes in chicken and beef variations for you to choose from and you can get a bundle of 5 for $25, with islandwide delivery at $10. Their kueh chang is stuffed with spices, herbs and meat fillings, before being cooked and boiled for 5 hours overnight to achieve that velvety texture that we know and love. ? Other dishes you can expect to buy are their frozen products like roti boyan and epok-epok which comes in different fillings - potato and eggs, vegetables, sardine and chicken mushroom! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: +65 86871055 Facebook

3. Agogo Kitchens

Credit: Agogo Kitchens on Facebook From Agogo Kitchens, you can get a variety of ba chang in different flavours like their Hokkien Chang Beef, Hokkien Chang Ayam, Nyonya Chang Ayam and Chang Ayam Pandan. With main ingredients like dried shrimps, beef or chicken, mushrooms, beans and salted egg yolk, you'll be sure to get a generous portion to fill your stomachs. They even have their Jumbo Chang  options if you want twice the size and double the fillings, along with one whole salted egg yolk and 2 chestnuts! Only this weekend (4-6 June), you can get 5 pieces for $16 so hurry and check out their Facebook page for pre-orders! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: +65 8150 6925 Facebook

4. Rayz Halalz Changz

Credit: Rayz Halalz Changz on Facebook
Rayz Halalz Changz lets you choose from their beef or chicken chang, and if you want an extra ingredient of salted egg yolk! You can check out their full ingredients here. Their prices range from $4-$5 for one piece! Pre-orders are available every Saturday so be sure to keep a lookout on their Facebook page. Islandwide delivery is also available at $12 or you can opt for self pick-up at Bukit Batok Central ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: +65 96246479 Facebook


The home-based business Chunking SG sells their signature chicken rendang, beef rendang Chang ($3.50) and their premium Tomyum Chang ($4) only available this weekend (4-6 June) ! Consisting of scallops, chicken shreds, shiitake mushrooms and crabstick infused in Tomyum flavours, this premium menu is back due to high demand - so you know it's definitely a treat you should get for yourself ? We think this is the cheapest place to get your kueh chang, and they offer both delivery and self-collection at Woodlands too! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram  Instagram

6. Savor Avenue

Also serving sweet desserts like mini tarts and cakes, Savor Avenue has done a whole 360 switch to selling their homemade halal kueh chang. Their Nyonya kueh chang consists of the traditional ingredients like glutinous rice, beef filling, mushroom, chestnuts and dried shrimp at only $3.50! They also sell Kee Chang, and what makes theirs special, though, is that it's served lopes-style with gula melaka, steamed grated coconut instead of red bean or kaya. So if you're looking for a sweet dessert after having your kueh chang, now you definitely know where to order from! ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram

7. Lita's Delights

If you've been reading this whole list so far, you know you're in for a real treat only this week as many of these businesses are having their premium menu or special promotion this weekend (4-6 June). One of them is Lita's Delights which is only opening their pre-orders till 4 June! Their kueh chang comes in various fillings like black pepper chicken with button mushrooms or their five spiced chicken with braised shiitake mushroom and chestnut. Going at $3.50 per piece, this is only one of the cheapest halal kueh chang around! You can also choose to add salted egg yolk for $4 per piece. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram

8. Aunty Amy's Kueh Chang

Keep a lookout for Aunty Amy's Kueh Chang that's opening their orders on 3 June (Thursday)! They're selling their Oyster beef and chicken kueh chang and you can get 4 pieces at only $10 ? Expect their glutinous rice to be perfectly soft with tender meat in this lovely, simple dish ? They're also open for both self-collection and delivery so drop them a DM to find out more! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram With this list of Muslim-owned businesses, we hope you'll get to get your halal kueh chang fix soon! Share this with your loved ones and let them know!