14 Muslim-Friendly Snacks And Drinks You Can Buy From Korea Shine Mart In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jul 26, 2022

We all love snacks! ? Whether sweet or savoury, there’s always something we crave as we go about our day. Some of us like more exotic and unique snacks that we got a taste of and miss from our travels abroad. When we talk about foreign snacks, we can’t forget to mention South Korea for its innovative snacks and flavour combinations that taste unexpectedly delicious! And you won't have to take a flight out of the country to try some of their best kinds because we list down 13 halal (and Muslim-friendly) snacks and drinks you can get from Korea Shine Mart in Singapore! ??

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1. Crown Caramel Corn Maple

Fans of caramel will appreciate this snack! It’s coated in a sheen of caramel sauce on the outside for a crispy and sticky coat, but you’ll be surprised that the inside is actually very light and airy. The taste is addictive so you might want to hide this from your family and friends (though the loud crunch might just give you away ?).

2. Crown Shin Zzang Snack

Available in two flavours - honey or hotteok (Korean pancake flavoured), get a taste of a traditional Korean snack with a twist! Each snack is in the shape of a round and hollow cylinder and coated with a shiny glaze, making it extra crunchy when you bite into it! ?It almost tastes like a churro but nuttier. Definitely a favourite on our list!

3. Crown Churroz

Credit: Shopee

A churro but perfect for on-the-go? ? That's exactly what this snack is! Crunchy with a hint of cinnamon, the flavour is very familiar. Even those who don’t fancy foreign snacks will get hooked! There’s a mini chocolate version as well for chocoholics in the crowds.

4. DARDA Popcorn

Credit: DARDA

Available in sweet & salty and honey butter flavour, this snack is simple and delicious. Each popcorn piece is light and airy so you won’t have to worry about breaking a tooth to get a taste. ? The flavours aren’t very overpowering either. They’re just the right amount so you can taste the airiness of the popcorn and the sweet and savoury flavouring!

5. Lotte Popping Corn Chips

These snacks are delicious! They’re in the shape of a cone and taste very unique. You can choose from original, grilled, sweet, and spicy flavours. The corn flavour is light but flavourful! ? Kids and adults will all enjoy this snack.

6. Crown Jolly Pong Snack

Don’t be surprised when you open this bag because the Jolly Pong Snacks are small and look like cereal. ?The size of a coffee bean, the Jolly Pong Snacks are great is you’re feeling snacky but don’t want to overdo it on snacking! You can eat them as it is or add the to milk or coffee. ? In South Korea, Jolly Pong is used as a topping for yoghurts, soft serves and even on top of coffees!

7. Crown White/Choco Heim

Credit: Crown

If you love cream-filled biscuits, this one’s for you! With a soft wafer outside and a sweet inside, its too easy to eat these. They’re good for keeping around in case you need to nibble on something throughout the day because they’re not too sweet or overwhelming.

8. Binggrae Pororo Cacao Biscuit

Basically created for Pororo fans, these biscuits are all the rage for their cute shapes and characters and tasty flavours that include Cocoa, Original and Cheese! ?They’re filled with calcium and vitamins too, though truthfully they were made for kids but we won’t tell if you grab a few for yourself!

9. Binggrae Flavoured Milk

If you like Korean Banana Milk, get ready to be blown away by how many flavour variations they’ve come up with. Besides the typical (and iconic!) Banana Milk, there’s Strawberry, Vanilla, Melon and even Lychee. They’re all tasty and definitely taste different than the normal milks we’ve been exposed to. ? Grab a few for yourself and taste the unique flavours you never imagined trying (like Lychee ?).

10. Samyang Cup Coffee

Known for their ?FIRE HOT? instant noodles, you wouldn’t be quick to think they also offer the solution in a caffeinated version! ?Get a taste of various coffee milks including Latte, Mocha among others. They’re sweet and delicious, especially when chilled!

11. PALDO Pororo Drinks

Another Pororo-themed item! ?You can choose from a variety of drink flavours like blueberry, strawberry, peach and even milk. The chalky taste is something to get accustomed to but when chilled, it’s yummy!

12. TEAZLE Tea Drinks

Credit: hnjmart.com

Looking for something more refreshing than just milk-based? TEAZEN has two flavours Citron & Green Tea and Peach & Oolong Tea which are delicious and very satisfying on a hot day. ? When you need something to quench your thirst, look no further than these traditional but very tasty flavoured teas!

13. Samyang Buldak Noodles

What's not to love about spicy Korean noodles? The springy and chewy noodles are a great snack when you're looking for something more filling than the conventional biscuit or cookie. ? Samyang noodles have been popular for a long time but they definitely get the job done when you're craving for a numbingly spicy meal!

14. Seaweed Snacks

Crunchy, healthy and delicious? Korean seaweed snacks are in abundance at Shine Mart. You can eat them as they are or pair them with warm rice and you'll always be satisfied by this salty and addictive snack.

These snacks and drinks may not be the ones we’re usually looking for when we feel like snacking but they’re also very unique and tasty! When you’re craving for Korean snacks and drinks, head over to Korea Shine Mart and get your grub on! ? SHARE this with your friends and family who love Korean snacks.