This Halal Korean Restaurant In Klang Valley Serves Ramen Sauna You Probably Never Heard Of


Nasreen Nasir •  Apr 04, 2018

The weather in Klang Valley has been pretty chilly (?) and what better way to enjoy that than with a hot pot dish, or as Malaysians call it – steamboat.

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The joy of gathering around a simmering steamboat for meals isn’t only exclusive to chilly weather but it makes for a great family reunion dinner as well ?

Credit: Medini's Barbecue Restaurant

With the mushrooming of steamboat restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, to find a halal one is pretty scarce (besides Seoul Garden! ?), especially when it comes to Korean-style steamboat.

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But lucky for us, there is actually a halal Korean restaurant in Ampang that’s been serving up mouth-watering Korean dishes for a while now. ? It's none other than Medini's BBQ Restaurant!

Although this restaurant mainly specialises in BBQ dishes, they also have something else in store - like "Korean Style Sauna Ramen"!

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Now usually you don't see these two words together and it might even put you off but don't worry, it's just a clever wordplay ?

This new menu comes with some salads, Chinese cabbages, sweet corn, mushrooms, egg plants, carrots, pak choi, coriander leaves, ramen noodles and glass noodles. Affordably priced at RM19.90 per pax, this definitely calls for a visit! ?

#HHWT Tip: Seafood, meat, rice cakes, eggs, tofus, and cheese are add-on dishes, so there will be extra charges.

The unique part of this menu is that instead of using gas, the dishes are cooked on a big wok over some hot coals ?According to the owner, such method actually makes a huge difference in terms of flavours. ?

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Just go on a fun gastronomic adventure and cook your own meals with the homemade kimchi soup! Add in your favourite meat, seafood and vegetables and dip them in special dipping sauces like sambal and kicap manis!

Credit: Medini's Barbecue on Facebook

Patrons will also be able to enjoy a smokeless dining experience as every table has a special smoke vacuum funnel with an extendable exhaust to suck up the smoke from the wok! ?

Hungry? Well, wait no further and head over to Medini's Barbecue Restaurant now! ?

Address2-G Ground Floor Ukay Boulevard MRR2 Ulu Kelang, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 12.00pm - 11.00pm.

Contact Number: +60341019018

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