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11 Muslim-Friendly Food Souvenirs From Around The World You Can Find Online In Singapore & Malaysia


Faruq Senin •  Jun 15, 2020


[Updated 14 October 2020] Some of our favourite things to buy when we travel are halal food souvenirs! From halal Korean snacks to halal Japanese snacks and more, they are often nicely packaged, making them great gifts for your loved ones ? As most of us aren't able to travel overseas right now, you might be missing some of these halal food souvenirs. Fret not, we've rounded up this list of 11 Muslim-friendly food souvenirs from around the world that you can still get online in Singapore and Malaysia! Whether it's the hugely popular Korean honey butter almond snacks or IRVINS salted egg, this is the list you need ?
Korean souvenirs:
1. Halal Korean honey butter almond snacks
Korean flavoured almond snacks are one of the most iconic souvenirs to buy back from Korea and there have been a lot of concerns as to whether it is halal or not. While the popular honey butter chips and almond snacks by Tom's Farm are not halal-certified (check out our article on this!), Nutsholic has rolled out several products which are halal-certified by the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF). You can get them online with amazing flavours like honey butter, hot spicy and strawberry ? Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysiaP.S. Save our list of 14 Muslim-friendly Korean souvenirs you can find in Seoul for your next trip!
2. Halal Korean seaweed
Credit: Sau Keng Chen on FacebookKorean seaweed is one of those snacks that you can munch on non-stop as they are thin, crispy and slightly salty ? There are many types and flavours of Korean seaweed that you can find but unfortunately, some of them might have traces of non-halal meat. Some brands like Bibigo and Manna have produced halal-certified Korean seaweed! Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia
3. Halal Pepero
A Korean treat that's so popular, it even has its own holiday on November 11th! Pepero is a biscuit stick covered in chocolate, and other sweets such as nuts, cheese, and almonds ? While these tasty chocolate sticks are very popular, not all of them that are sold in markets are halal-certified. Those that are halal are certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysiaP.S. Check out these other halal Korean products that you can find online in Singapore!
Japanese souvenirs:
4. Royce Chocolate (selected Muslim-friendly products)
Not all of Royce' Chocolate products are Muslim-friendly as some of their chocolates contain alcohol. But some of their signature Nama Chocolates don't contain alcohol and are made only using plant-based ingredients like the Mild Cacao, Ghana Bitter and Ecuador Sweet. Royce also has other products such as its Potatochip Chocolates and Pure Chocolates which don't contain alcohol and only consist of plant-based ingredients too. If you'd like to know which Royce' products are Muslim-friendly, check out our comprehensive guide on the halal status of Royce' Chocolates here! Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia P.S. Want to try cooking Japanese food? Be sure to get these 9 halal Japanese products which you can find online!
5. Meiji Almond and Macadamia chocolates
Love chocolates and almond/macadamia nuts? Then you'd love Meiji's almond and macadamia nut chocolates! For the uninitiated, this snack has almond or macadamia nuts covered in a rich coat of chocolate and every bite through this crunchy snack is a tasty treat. What's even better is that both of these Meiji products are alcohol-free and use only plant-based emulsifiers. Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia P.S. The next time you head to Tokyo, be sure to stock up on these 24 Muslim-friendly souvenirs!
6. Samurai Ramen
Missing the taste of authentic Japanese ramen? Then Samurai Ramen will satisfy your cravings! What's great about Samurai Ramen is that it's made without using any animal derivatives, fish, MSG or alcohol. So, other than being halal, it's also vegan and healthy too. Plus, you can expect to get the same umami flavour you'd expect in any ramen stall, so rest assured the taste and authenticity isn't compromised! Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia
7. Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat
Credit: Benny Lincoln on Facebook Japan is famous for its unique Kit Kat flavours, including green tea! Unfortunately, the Kit Kat flavours that you can find in Japan are not halal-certified. But the good news is that you can find halal-certified Green Tea Kit Kat in Malaysia and Singapore ? In case you're wondering, this product is made in Nestle's factory in Malaysia! Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia
Singapore souvenirs:
8. IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin
It's no surprise that IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin comes to mind when you think of snacks to bring back from Singapore. Crunchy and coated with delicious salted egg powder, you'll love this even if you're not a fan of salted egg. Besides their salted egg fish skin which is the most popular, they also have a range of other salted egg products like potato chips, cassava chips and their recently released crunchy roll. The best part is, all their products are halal-certified. Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysiaP.S. Visiting Singapore in the future? Bookmark this list of 12 Muslim-friendly Singapore food souvenirs to bring home!
9. TWG Tea
A homegrown Singapore brand, TWG Tea has established cafes and stores worldwide, 12 of which are in Singapore. You can buy a plethora of tea flavours, either in the form of tea bags or loose tea leaves. Some of their best-selling tea flavours are English Breakfast Tea and Jasmine Queen Tea. Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia
Taiwanese snacks:
10. Pineapple Cake
You’re probably familiar with pineapple tarts but Taiwan brings it up a notch with its pineapple cakes! This traditional snack is a very popular food souvenir that travellers like to bring home but now you can enjoy it at home too. The snack is usually square-shaped with a buttery, chewy, and flaky pastry on the outside with sweet pineapple filling on the inside. Some pastries even come with pineapple chunks mixed into the filling for an added touch of sourness to really bring it up a notch ? There are a few brands selling halal pineapple cakes like Sunny Hills, Royal Family and Vigor Kobo. Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysiaP.S. Check out these other Muslim-friendly Taiwanese snacks to bring home from Taiwan!
11. Taiwanese mochi
Credit: liangma market on Facebook Although mochi is typically known as a Japanese snack, it's hugely popular in Taiwan too! Taiwanese food is full of chewy 'QQ' textures, and that's definitely one reason why this glutinous rice treat is such a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. Most mochi in Taiwan come with delicious fillings such as red bean, matcha, mung bean, fruits, and more. The mochi skin is usually soft and stretchy, making it a fun treat that's suitable for the whole family ? Where to find it:SingaporeMalaysia With these 11 halal-certified and Muslim-friendly food souvenirs from around the world, you can now have a taste of your favourite snacks at home! While we can't travel overseas yet, savouring these snacks will do for now ?