NEW: Savour Korean Flavours Like Never Before At This Halal Pizza Joint In Myeongdong


Nasreen Nasir •  Jul 17, 2018

Myeongdong may be the most popular district where you can find almost anything from food carts to major shopping malls and even entertainment. The dense grid of streets found in this bustling neighbourhood is usually packed with people from all walks of life looking to enjoy the best of Seoul, and that includes Muslim travellers too! ?

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The locals say that you can’t leave Myeongdong without trying the various food around, but even so, not every food cart or restaurant is Halal :( But don’t let that discourage you because we’ve got something for you! ?

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You'll totally love this when we tell you that there’s an eatery that serves halal pizzas right in the heart of Myeongdong! ? Prepared by Kampungku Cuisine, their new (and exciting!) menu lets you enjoy up to 5 flavours - Deluxe Cheese, Bulgogi Pizza, Potato Gold, Sweet Potato and we’re saving the best for last, Lobster Pizza! The best part - all of the ingredients are halal! ?

Operated by a humble Kelantanese-Malaysian, Mr. Farid Hakim was once a student from Sungkyukwan University in Suwon. The idea to open a restaurant came about 5 years ago when he said there weren't many Muslims who were interested to visit South Korea. The low interest was mainly caused by the fact that there wasn't any halal food and prayer spaces around. ☹️

After attending various courses on business, with the help of his Korean and Malaysian partners, they finally opened Kampungku in 2017! ? Since then, the business has grown exponentially with many visitors popping by to have a taste of their food.

Credit: Kampungku Malaysian Cuisine on Facebook

Situated nearby the Myeongdong Station, this Malaysian-style eatery also serves some of Malaysia’s popular street food like murtabak, karipap, and roti canai! So if you’re feeling a little homesick, you can always drop by and eat in. But we definitely recommend that you go for the pizzas instead, like the Deluxe Cheese!

Sure, it may look like the normal cheese (which is nothing bad!), but what if we tell you that they use a special kind of cheese called imsil? ? Yes, we kid you not! Exclusively Korean, this is one pizza you shouldn't miss out on when you visit this eatery! ?

Those who are not looking to eat in, they also offer takeaways (including pizzas!) so there’s really no need to worry if you don’t have much time. You can have the pizzas on the go! ?

**Bonus: This eatery also has a designated prayer room! For the ladies, they also have telekung too. ? Isn't that super convenient?

Address: Myeongdong Namsan-dong 2-ga Imsil Pizza & Chicken 2nd Level, Seoul, Korea

Contact Number: +82 2-310-9249

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11.00am - 10.00pm.

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