9 Easy Halal Japanese Recipes To Make At Home For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Ili •  Mar 08, 2021

If you've tried everything from our list of easy halal Korean recipes to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then it's time to move onto Japanese dishes! Equally as tasty and simple to make, switch things up at home and give these recipes a try. Who knows? You might find your next favourite go-to meal here ?


1. Tamago sando

If you've been to Japan, you've probably made plenty of pit-stops at one of the many convenience stores (or konbini) scattered across the country, like 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson. And there's nothing quite like the array of foods and snacks available at the konbini. One of the most famous ones that's much loved by locals and travellers alike is the Japanese egg sandwich (or tamago sando). While there are many varieties of sandwiches sold at konbini, the tamago sando is super popular! And if you've ever wanted to try it, you can now recreate it right at home with this easy halal Japanese egg sandwich recipe.

2. Fruit sando

Another sandwich that often gets mentioned when talking about kombini food - the Japanese fruit sandwich, also known as fruit sando! Featuring cream and fresh fruit sandwiched between soft slices of bread, it's another simple yet delicious treat that's a crowd favourite. And just like tamago sando, it's super easy to make yourself too! We have a halal Japanese fruit sandwich recipe that's simple to put together and pretty to look at too.

3. Onigiri

Onigiri (or Japanese rice balls) is Japan's ultimate quick and easy snack. Often sold at convenience stores (i.e. konbini) or made at home, it's perfect for a light breakfast instead of a heavy one. It's also very simple to make at home! Unlike sushi which requires flavouring the rice, preparing complex fillings and rolling them up, onigiri is easy to shape even just by hand. The ingredients are super easy to find in supermarkets nowadays too! So if you've every wondered how to make onigiri, it's time to make your own at home with our easy and halal onigiri recipe, with fillings including tuna mayo, ebi mayo and teriyaki salmon or chicken!


1. Oyakodon

Oyakodon is a comforting rice bowl dish made with eggs, chicken and broth is a staple in Japanese households and a favourite for both kids and adult. Traditionally, the ingredients for oyakodon often include those that contain alcohol, such as mirin or shoyu. For our easy halal recipe, we've included links to where you can find halal versions of the ingredients called for (such as halal-certified mirin-style seasoning), but Chiaki has also helpfully tweaked it to include ingredient substitutes that are easier to find. If you're looking for more easy Japanese recipes, check out this full list!

2. Curry with rice

Plenty of countries around the world have their own variation of curry, and Japan's version is super distinctive! Thicker and milder than its counterparts in India and the rest of Asia, it's become a much-loved quick and easy meal for locals, with chains like CoCo Ichibanya specialising in the dish. Muslim travellers to Tokyo will have no doubt tried their curry dishes at one of their two halal-certified outlets in Shinjuku and Akihabara. If you're missing the taste of CoCo Ichibanya's delicious curry, you can recreate a fantastic chicken katsu curry right at home with our easy halal Japanese curry recipe.

3. Wanpaku sandwich

Riding the wave of trendy foods from back in 2016, this epic-looking Japanese sandwich is made up of multiple layers of colourful vegetables, various sauces and other delicious fillings in between, making it a true treat for the eyes and the mouth. As one of the many artful sandwiches that not only tastes delicious but is also easy to make, you can say goodbye to regular sandwiches forever! Using our halal wanpaku sandwich recipe, prepare to snap a photo of your creation before diving into this wonderfully stacked sandwich.


1. Zosui

Hearty, comforting and perfectly delicious. That's what you get when you make zosui also known as Japanese rice soup. This colourful meal may look complex to make but it's actually really simple to whip up. Using some of your most basic pantry items like rice, eggs and a variety of vegetables, you'll be digging into this yummy dish in no time at all. Check out Just One Cookbook's easy zosui recipe to get started right away.

2. Takikomi gohan

If you're strapped for time, making takikomi gohan (Japanese mixed rice) is definitely the way to go. It's a one-pot meal that will not only save time to make but also guarantees a flavourful dish that will impress your family. Plus, there won't be a whole lot of cleaning to be done once you're done cooking and that's a major win in our book! Okonomi Kitchen has an awesome vegan Japanese mixed rice recipe that offers handy tips, variations and substitutions to ingredients like sake and mirin.

3. Chicken miso ramen

Nothing says flavourful and filling more than an mouthwatering bowl of chicken miso ramen. With just one taste, you'll be transported to the heart of Japan! It's the kind of the dish that'll keep you coming back for more and truth be told, it's perfect for anytime of the day! Give this easy homemade chicken ramen recipe from Fork Knife Swoon a try and thank us later.

BONUS: Dessert

1. Japanese cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake is a light and fluffy variation of cheesecake that's also known as Japanese cotton cheesecake or souffle cheesecake. What sets it apart from more traditional, Western-style cheesecakes is the fact that it doesn't have a graham or digestive biscuit crust, with the egg whites separated and whipped until it forms soft peaks before being folded into the batter, resulting in a super light, airy texture. If you've ever wanted to make Japanese cheesecake, this halal Japanese cheesecake recipe will do the trick!

P.S. Have a go at making this famous cheesecake recipe by a Japanese chef with Michelin star restaurant experience.

2. Dorayaki

If you grew up in the 80s or early 90s, you'll probably know dorayaki as the number one treat favoured by Doraemon! This Japanese dessert features two small pancakes with a sweet filling sandwiched in between. While traditionally anko (or red bean paste) is used as the filling, nowadays you'll find all kinds of variations, including Nutella, peanut butter, kaya and more! Dorayaki is really easy to make and delicious to eat, so why not make your own at home with our easy halal dorayaki recipe.

3. Japanese fluffy pancakes

Japanese fluffy pancakes (also known as souffle pancakes) are soft pillowy treats that take this popular breakfast food up to dessert heaven. Similar to Japanese cheesecake, these pancakes involve separating the egg yolks from the egg whites and beating the egg whites into a meringue that's folded into the batter, thus giving it that irresistible airy texture. It's the perfect treat to whip up for dessert or an extra special breakfast - if you have a hand mixer they aren't much more complicated than your regular pancakes! So it's time to make this easy halal Japanese fluffy pancake recipe and level up your pancake game.

P.S. Check out this list for more easy halal Japanese dessert recipes!

With these easy and delicious recipes, you're one step closer to enjoying yummy Japanese meals in the comfort of your home ?