HHWT's Annual Event, Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021, Is Coming Up & This Is Why You Should Join Us


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Oct 13, 2021

Thank you, our dear readers, for joining Have Halal, Will Travel on our journey for the past six years. Through articles, videos, comments and share, you have helped us bring people together through all sorts of adventures and trips. This year, as a show of our gratitude, we'd like to bring you something special.

P.S. We've got speakers from Tiktok, UNHCR, Muzmatch and more!

Reimagine: Halal In Asia 2021 Is Here & We'd Like You To Come With Us

In 2020, HHWT started Reimagine: Halal In Asia as a way to bring more products and opportunities to you. With over 2000 participants and brands coming together to learn more about the halal sector, we managed to shed light on the vast opportunities that the Muslim market holds and how anyone, regardless of religion and background, can be a part of it.

This year, we're going bigger, and we'd like you to be there with us the way you have been for the past six years. As a symbol of gratitude, HHWT is offering you complimentary tickets to our largest annual event, Reimagine: Halal In Asia!

Click here to get your complimentary tickets!

You've traversed the world as a Muslim, and as our dedicated readers and contributors, you have shared and celebrated every single achievement and milestone with us. To bring you more ways to explore the world and enjoy your favourite food, activities and adventures, we've arranged for speakers from UNHCR, Tiktok, WebTV Asia, Muzmatch and more to cover a whole array of topics from 5 different tracks: Travel, Food, Sustainability, Islamic Finance and Media.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Topics

Join Reimagine: Halal In Asia's Travel Track to learn about Islam and space travel from Astronomer Marufin Sudibyo and head of Indonesia's National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Thomas Djamaluddin! Or discover more about refugees and their environment with Ann Moey, the Private Sector Partnerships Manager of Singapore's UNHCR in our Sustainability Track.

We've even brought to you Shahzad Younas, Founder & CEO of Muzmatch, who will be delving into Halal dating and how Muslims are now finding love in a digital space. Or check out what Philip Tnee from Tiktok has to say about winning over Muslim markets digitally!

As a way to thank everyone for being with us on this amazing journey to bring the Muslim community together through travel and exploration, we're offering you complimentary tickets (click here!) to Have Halal, Will Travel's largest annual event. With this event, we hope that you'll be able to play a big part in bring more opportunities to your fellow Muslims and in bringing everyone together - just as you always have been.