5 Popular Halal Eateries For A Break From All Your Calorie-Rich Rendang & Ketupat


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 22, 2022

Every year during Hari Raya, most of us try to find ways to be healthier, but more often than not, we end up on the wrong side of the scale. With more Raya visiting done in lieu of relaxed restrictions, it might be difficult to break out of the cycle. We don't blame you, but did you know that for every 2 pieces of pineapple tarts, you'll be consuming 3 teaspoons of sugar. Multiply that by the number of houses you go to in just one day; you're definitely over your sugar limit! But that doesn't mean you should stop completely; you just have to make some simple tweaks. In between your Raya visits, why not check out these 5 popular eateries that you already love that offer healthier options? Long gone are the days when you’re constantly trying to look for halal healthier meals when dining out! ?

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Halal Eateries To Balance Off Your Rendang, Ketupat, Kuih Raya And More This Hari Raya 2022

1. Seoul Garden Buffet

Credit: @seoulgardensingapore for Instagram

We bet you’re surprised that a buffet made it on the list, but yes, buffets can be healthier AND nutritious as well! At Seoul Garden Buffet, try out their 2-pax Healthy Hearty Grill Bundle, which has been carefully curated to ensure a well-balanced meal for you.  They offer meats, rice and noodle options as well as fruits and vegetables – a wide range to choose from! ?

If you prefer choosing your own ingredients, simply look for the Healthier option logo on the menu, such as sliced chicken breast and Wagyu Nakaniku Bap. Yes, you read that right: wagyu can be healthy? More reasons for you to dine in here, we hope! ?

#HHWTip: Having a balanced meal is truly important, and if you’re not sure how to start, why not use HPB’s My Healthy Plate? My Healthy Plate is an easy guide for you to determine how much of each food group to eat during meals and ensures that you have a balanced diet! It’s as easy as Quarter, Quarter, Half! Fill a Quarter plate with whole grains, Quarter plate with good sources of protein and a Half plate with fruit and vegetables. 

2. Prata Wala

Credit: Prata Wala on Facebook 

“Prata” and “Healthy” are two words we never knew could be in the same sentence, but at Prata Wala, you’ll be treated to the best of both worlds: nutritious for a healthier, energetic Raya and deliciously good. They have whole grain options for their pratas, naans and briyani as well! Their wholegrain options taste just as good as the usual non-wholegrain, so you won’t be missing out on your authentic favourite Indian dishes anyway! You can also opt to take a smaller amount of gravy in your meal, to give your dishes the perfect amount of kick while still having a healthier meal ?

3. Stuff’d

Credit: Stuff’d for Facebook

All this while, did you realise that Stuff’d have actually been offering healthier options? If you have, you truly deserve a pat on the back! Stuff’d be one of the many food stores in Singapore which has the Healthier Dining Partner (HDP) logo, so you can be rest assured that you’re making a healthier choice this Raya! This quick casual restaurant halal eatery has made its way into every local foodie's heart! ?

Serving fresh kebabs, burritos, salads and fresh-made daily bowls of natural flavours and ingredients, Stuff'd is the perfect way to get a healthy, filling meal if you’re finding a quick bite before your next Raya visit!

4. Seoul Garden Hotpot

Credit: @hotpotbysggsingapore for Instagram

A little tired of all those rendangs? Why not dig in into our favourite: hotpots? Seoul Garden Hotpot has always been one of our favourite places to go to, and they serve up a variety of meals with healthier options! For instance, choose the lower-calorie Duyu Wagyu Beef hotpot to replenish your energy. Don’t worry if you’re not up for something soupy. You can choose their wholegrain-rich BiBimBap for a simpler, fuss-free meal that fills you up with balanced and healthy ingredients and gives you the energy you need for your Raya-hopping activities! ?

5. Penang Culture

Credit: Penang Culture for Facebook

There’s a whole lot of fusion foods around us right now, but sometimes a good ol’ plate of your Asian favourites at Penang Culture will just do the trick. And if you think all Asian dishes are high in calories, you’re wrong! Enjoy their signature classic dishes with lower calories such as Penang Assam Laksa, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Broccoli, and more! Digging into our favourites during Raya without worrying too much about how it might affect our body and health sound like a good deal! ?

Let’s make your healthy eating attempts more rewarding with this special limited edition feature this Hari Raya! When you dine in at any of these 5 places and order healthier options on the menu, you’ll be able to collect and redeem limited edition Green Packets*. On each packet, you can scan the jug for an augmented reality experience to discover the true meaning of sweetness ?

*Redemption of green packets while stocks last is limited to one set per customer per day. Terms and conditions apply. 

Sometimes, the foods that we eat on a daily basis that may seem like guilty pleasures might actually be good for you. What matters is how you prepare them and how often you consume them ? The next time you’re out,  just check for the Healthier Dining Partner (HDP) logo on the menu! Time to get in the mood for good healthy eating habits for ourselves and those around us this Hari Raya! ☺️ You’re going to need them this year, so check out this link to find out more! ? For more tips on leading a healthier lifestyle, follow HPB’s KorangOk campaign on their Facebook and website

This article is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board.