Halal Yakininku Restaurant, Gyumon, Is Opening In Asakusa


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 03, 2023

Gyumon is opening another branch, and it will be in Asakusa! The famous yakiniku restaurant will now have an embedded halal sign right outside so you can relax and enjoy eating their delicious meats and dishes.

PS: It will be open in the last week of October 2023

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The restaurant itself has a prayer room! Whilst you dine at the restaurant, you can pop by their dedicated room and fulfil your prayers and get right back to cooking the wagyu beef you've ordered.

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In terms of food choices, Gyumon offers sets for both lunch and dinner, however the lunch sets are limited. Each set is enough for 1 person's meal and it is not recommended to share a set. So each person in the group has to buy their own set meal!

Lunch Set (12PM - 4PM)

For lunch, you can get a set with beef, chicken, salad, rice and soup for ¥ 2, 000. For ¥ 2, 500, you can get 2 beef and 1 chicken with the same 3 staples as previously mentioned. And for ¥ 3, 000, you can change the 3 pieces of meat to all beef!

There are also bowl sets to choose from too! They offer the Beef Bowl Set ( ¥ 1, 000) or the Beef Tendon Stew Set ( ¥ 1, 000).

Dinner Set (5PM - 12AM)

Similar to the lunch set, the dinner set starts at ¥ 3, 000 with a beef, a chicken and a salad, rice and drink. ¥ 3, 500 will grant you 2 beef and 1 chicken meat while ¥ 4, 000 will serve you 3 cuts of beef: Shoulder, Round and Ribloin.

Credit: Gyumon

While you're at dinner, grab their Special Rib Steak Set (¥ 3, 800) which has a salad, rice and drink but with an A5 wagyu cut of beef. The beef is marbled with fat and the owner recommends you to enjoy the meal slowly to fully appreciate the flavour profile of the beef.

If you want to guarantee a seat, especially if you're coming with a large group, you can get a reservation by calling them! They only accept reservations by phone so be sure to do so!


For ¥ 350, you can grab a drink from their menu. They offer Coca-cola, Ginger ale, Japanese soda, Mango juice, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Oolong tea, or Green tea.

You're not leaving Tokyo till you've tried halal yakiniku by Gyumon! With more stores around now, there's no excuse not to go here and enjoy their amazing high-quality meat selection.

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Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (Lunch: 12PM-4PM | Dinner: 5PM - 12AM)

Address: Gyumon Takumi, 〒 1350016, 3-24-19 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Contact: +81 3-5469-2911

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