5 Halal Groceries You Can Get Delivered In Singapore For A Stress-Free Ramadan & Raya


Faruq Senin •  Apr 24, 2021

[UPDATED 10 May 2021]

During Ramadan, you might be busy juggling your work commitments, family time as well as your ibadah (worship). Hence, it’s always easier to get your groceries, snacks and other foodstuff delivered to your doorstep. Thankfully, with convenient delivery services like foodpanda, you can easily get all your Ramadan and Raya needs sorted out. We’ve rounded up this list of groceries that you can get delivered in Singapore for a stress-free Ramadan and Raya this 2021! 

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1. Cooking Essentials

As you might be preparing iftar for the whole family, you’ll most likely need to stock up on cooking essentials. With so much to worry about during Ramadan, what you need is a convenient way to restock your supplies. That’s why ordering from pandamart is easy as it has a wide range of groceries that you need delivered to your doorstep efficiently.

Get basic ingredients like Knife Cooking Oil Added with Canola ($4.90) from pandamart, HAO Mart or Wah! Mart! 

Credit: Adabi Spices on Facebook

Planning to have satay at home for Raya instead? Make sure you stock up on Adabi Ketupat Nasi Ekonomi Rice Cubes 6s x 130g ($3.75) and Adabi Kuah Kacang Satay Sauce 280g ($2.65). You can also get these from pandamart and Suzy Ameer, a halal supermarket! 

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2. Instant Pastes

Credit: Asyura Paste on Facebook

Strapped for time but still want to whip up a scrumptious meal for Raya? You can conveniently get instant pastes from pandamart! Get Asyura’s line of instant pastes from Sambal Tumis to Ayam Masak Merah and Ayam Lemak Cili Padi (all 280g, $4.50). You’ll definitely be able to cut your prep time! 

Credit: Asyura Paste on Facebook

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3. Snacks

Do you always feel hungry at night or just looking for something to enjoy with your loved ones for Raya? Why not stock up on some yummy snacks? It’ll be nice to treat yourself! 

If you love spicy food, be sure to get Ooh Mala Potato Chips 105g ($7.30) and Ooh Mala Cassava Chips 105g ($7.30) from pandamart ? Recently halal-certified, these snacks from Ooh uses a signature mala spice blend. Using real spices like dried chilli, peppercorns and fennel, you can feel the numbing sensation and spiciness. It’s like you’ve just eaten authentic mala hotpot! 

4. Raya Cookies

Hari Raya is just a few days away and if you haven't stocked up on kuih Raya, it's time to do so. If you’re busy with work and other commitments this Ramadan, the best way is to order your Raya cookies online! 

Credit: foodpanda

For those of you who are looking for traditional treats, be sure to get Mac Taste Biskut Makmor 300g ($5.49) from pandamart and enjoy the sweet, crumbly and buttery cookies. Alternatively, you can also get ready for Raya with Mac Taste Chocolate Chip Almond 300g ($6.90), Mac Taste Cashewnut Cookies 300g ($6.90) and Glory’s Almond Cookies (200g, $10.60) ? Time to enjoy these treats for the festive season!

5. Dates

During Ramadan, there are some staples that you need to have at home, such as dates! Not only is eating dates during Ramadan a sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), but it’s also high in sugar and other minerals. They will give you the energy that you need after a long day of fasting! 

Credit: foodpanda

Ran out of dates during these last few days of Ramadan? A great choice to get from pandamart would be Syed Fresh Honey Dates 550g ($4.65). With a honey-like flavour and soft texture, honey dates are great for both sahur and iftar as they are high in dietary fibre as well as potassium, iron and Vitamin B. Besides honey dates, Syed also has a range of other dates like Deglet Nour Pitted Tunisian Dates (500g, $6.60), Iranian Black Diamond Dates (225g, $3.40) and Premium Fard Dates from Oman (500g, $5.80).  

If you need to restock your pantry this Ramadan or preparing for Raya, get these 5 items easily delivered to your doorstep! All you have to do is order them through your foodpanda app and you’ll have less to worry about. With a wide range of groceries from pandamart and other foodpanda shops, rest assured your online grocery shopping experience will be a breeze. 

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