My Most Memorable Dining Experience In Tokyo: Halal Ramen Ouka Shinjuku Gyoen


Faruq Senin •  Jul 26, 2020

This review about halal food in Tokyo at Shinjuku's Halal Ramen Ouka is written by one of our contributors, Wani from Singapore. She had visited Tokyo with her family way before the pandemic. Note: Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

One of my most memorable dining experiences in Tokyo was at Halal Ramen Ouka Shinjuku Gyoen. It's located just a short walk away from the famous Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

We "found" the place by accident while looking for a halal eatery that night, and the whole experience - from stumbling upon the eatery to the waiting to the eating... was a memorable experience with my family and I will definitely remember it fondly because of the closeness and the bond that we had formed even more that night.

When my family and I arrived at Ramen Ouka, the queue was incredibly long and the place was pretty small. There were dozens of Singaporean contact numbers on the waiting list and yet we waited in the queue in the cold after putting our numbers for fear of not being able to come back in time if we went off.

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Food at Halal Ramen Ouka

Even though we had to wait long in the cold, the staff and their food made up for it; it was more than what we had expected. We ordered the halal ramen set which consisted of fish-based ramen, Tsukune (homemade chicken dumpling), grilled chicken (with young corn and half-boiled egg), rice, desserts and a drink. The portions were huge and reasonably priced. You can choose your spice level for the ramen too!

The ramen (and all their other side dishes) were super yummy! The Tsukune (homemade chicken dumpling) came with a dipping sauce.

Dorayaki (red bean pancake) for dessert!

They served us tea after our meal ?

Tip 1: Get their halal mochi which was so, so good!!!!

Tip 2: Order their extra Matcha Latte even with a full tray. It's so delicious!

Overall, the food is one of the most authentic tastes of Japan as it comes in a complete set of everything you would have wanted in a Japanese set meal including the desserts. I am embarrassed to say that I swiped everything clean and even had extras despite feeling so full because it was super good ?

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Ambience at Halal Ramen Ouka

The service was incredible. The staff was friendly, open, helpful, assuring and sweet. They made sure that we settled in nicely.

The ambience was incredible too. It felt personal, warm, cozy and comforting. We just felt so welcomed.

I felt bad for my parents that they had to stand that long outside and we even had to sit separately inside (my parents together and us four siblings together) but yet, that feeling of belonging and being protected somehow. It was another level ❤️

We even received a special card with our Japanese names! The friendliness of the staff and their food will warm not just your body but your whole heart and soul too ?

Useful tips to know before you visit

  • Try to make reservations as early as possible through their website or call +81 359258426. Just waiting for your turn may take hours as the restaurant is small yet super popular!
  • Come early or on time - to be late in Japanese culture is unacceptable, so please respect other cultures

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price range: Around JPY3200 for the ramen set

Address: 1 Chome-11-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

Website | Facebook | Instagram

*The restaurant is currently closed because of COVID-19

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