The Ultimate Guide To Halal Food in Norway


Qistina Roslan •  Sep 15, 2023

Is Scandinavia on your bucket list? If so, come and explore Norway! With their majestic fjords and breath-taking scenery, it's a must-go for all nature-lovers! You might think that halal food is scarce in The Land of the Vikings, however that is not what it's like! (psst.. it's also the country that inspired Frozen and the sequel). Having been to Norway myself last year, I know the struggles in finding filling, and delicious halal food. Scandinavia in general has a strict alcohol law hence, why Norway is known as a 'dry' land. However, do ask the establishments (especially vegan and vegetarian) if alcohol is used in their cooking!

With little, and sometimes outdated resources online, I hope that this guide will help you explore this gorgeous country with ease!

PS: We have HHWT followers living in Norway too! Check them out here

What to look out for:

1. Halal logos

One of the best ways to ensure that what you're eating is halal is to find the Islamsk Råd Norge (IRN) halal logo on the packaging/outside the storefront! They are the "MUIS" of Norway, and their goal is to ensure that Muslim locals and travellers (like us!) can eat without worrying about their halal status.

There's a database of eating places and shops where you can find IRN halal-certified food and drinks! There are also specific brands with IRN halal certification that you can buy at supermarkets such as REMA 1000 (one of the cheaper grocery stores).

2. Vegan/Vegetarian Food

Norway has a large variety of vegan food! From meatless burgers to fish-esque tofu, almost all restaurants, shops and even fast food have vegan options!

Credit: V-label

There are many shops selling open-faced sandwiches, buddha bowls and meat-less options of foods such as burgers and pies. You can find them in convenience stores and even on long-haul trains! Just be sure to look for labels such as the V-label or ask if they use alcohol in their dishes.

3. Convenience stores - 7-11 and Narvesen

Credit: Narvesen

There are several convenience stores where you can buy freshly baked goods, vegetarian pizzas or just fresh fruit available right in front of you. One of the most common convenience store is called Narvesen which you can find in train stations, bus terminals or just at the side of the road. They also serve hot coffee/drinks and have a coffee card where every 4th drink is free!

Halal food in Oslo

The view from the Munch Museum

Oslo: Norway's capital city. A must-visit as there are many museums such as the Munch Museum (the artist who painted 'The Scream'), and the Nobel Prize Museum! There are also open-air concept museums that feature buildings from Norway's history such as the Norwegian Stave churches.

1. Kebabs at Oslo Bussterminal

A kebab store located within Oslo's bus terminal

You will highly likely visit Oslo's bustling train station if you're heading into the city from the airport. This is where almost all of the line changes happen! There are quite a few places to eat at, however many are small cafes or convenience stores.

I recommend heading down towards the bus station to grab some kebabs before boarding your next train/bus. There are many small kebab shops (just like this one!) around the cities

PS: Some useful words to know when looking at their menus are Kylling (Chicken), Biff (Beef)

2. Nordvegan

Credit: Nordvegan

Nordvegan specialises in eco-friendly and healthy food! And what's more, there is no alcohol used in their cooking! Boasting options such as Japanese Katsu Curry or Aubergine and pumpkin pie , enjoy the evening filling up your stomachs and enjoying the ambience of the cafe. There are also gluten-free options too! They do not serve alcohol in the establishment as well.

Psst.. If you get there 15mins before 8pm, you'll get a 50% discount!

Halal status: Vegan, no alcohol served. However, we are unable to confirm if alcohol is used in the dishes, so we recommend that you check with the eatery when you visit. Please dine at your own discretion.

Address: Kristian IVs gate 15B, 0164 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours: Sun - Thurs (11AM - 8PM), Fri-Sat (11AM - 9PM)


3. Beirut Kebab

There's a bunch of small shops selling halal Mediterranean food right behind the Oslo Central Station. They sell your usual staples such as kebabs, falafels and gyros! Beirut Kebab has similar items on their menu! You can get them ala carte or make it a set meal that comes with fries!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Smalgangen 44, 0188 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours: Sun - Thurs (10AM-1AM), Fri - Sat (10AM-4AM)

4. TeaOlogy - Bubble Tea cravings

The interior of TeaOlogy

Craving some bubble tea? TeaOlogy's got you covered! With names such as Dirty Chata, the classic milk tea) or the Aurora (a layered strawberry, lime juice and butterfly pea tea mimicking the aurora), it'll sure entice you to try them out! Do note that the outlet is pretty popular and you will probably be waiting for up to 15mins!

Halal status: Dessert; No alcohol is used in the drinks

Address: Prinsens gate 10 C, 0153 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours: Daily (10AM - 9PM)


Halal food in Bergen

Bergen is a picturesque seaside town with an amazing view of the mountains and the sea all in one. Being so close to the sea, grab some freshly caught seafood at the restaurants around the Sognefjord.

1. Mediterranean Cuisine

There is also plenty of Mediterranean food available throughout Bergen. Bergen has a prominent Muslim community who have set up shops and even a halal supermarket! Most of the major cities have Asian markets too, with very recognisable brands like Spring Home's instant prata!

2. Dirty Vegan

Credit: Dirty Vegan

A burger joint selling all 100% vegan food! They offer a selection of Beyond Beef and Chicken. They have 'dirty' fries too which are topped with sriracha mayo, chick'n strips, garlic mayo and more. Their portions are big and quite filling too! No alcohol is served in their establishment. Be sure to ask the seller if there's alcohol used in the dishes, however.

Halal status: Vegan, no alcohol served. However, we are unable to confirm if alcohol is used in the dishes, so we recommend that you check with the eatery when you visit. Please dine at your own discretion.

Address: Nøstegaten 81, 5011 Bergen, Norway

Opening hours: Mon - Thurs (3PM - 10PM), Sat - Sun (3PM - 10PM)

3. Bergen Fish Market

Credit: Visit Bergen

This fish market can be found both indoors and outdoors (during summer)! They have a variety of freshly caught seafood which you can buy, even a variety of caviar. There are also shops selling open-faced sandwiches with avocadoes and freshly caught salmon slices. There are also steamed shellfish and sometimes lobster too!

Be sure to ask the seller if there's alcohol in the dishes, however as some pre-made food such as the local Bergen Fish Soup usually has alcohol in it.

Halal status: Seafood

Address: Nøstegaten 81, 5011 Bergen, Norway

Opening hours: Mon - Thurs (3PM - 10PM), Sat - Sun (3PM - 10PM)

There's a lot of food available for your trip to Norway! With plenty of vegan options in shops and restaurants as well as a sizeable Muslim community (about 200, 000) Norway can be your next destination!