HHWT's Guide To Halal Food Spots Near NTU (& How To Get There)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 21, 2022

The fight for more halal food options has been a long one. Although there are about 30 halal food options on campus according to NTU’s Muslim Society, many of them are supermarkets, vending machines and fast food options. If you’re in the vicinity or a student in NTU, we’ve got you covered - while the call for more halal food goes on, here are 6 halal food hotspots near NTU and how to get there!

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Halal Food Spots Near NTU

1. Gek Poh Shopping Centre (Koufu Food Court)

Just across from Nanyang Technological University on the peripherals of Jurong is Gek Poh Shopping centre! A quiet heartland mall, it does not get much attention. However, it does have a few halal food options for you to choose from.

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Credit: di_di_jiak on Instagram

The Koufu food court in Gek Poh Shopping Centre also has 2 halal stalls for you to choose from: Rasa Seafood and Yong Tau Foo! Both halal-certified, you can choose to dine in at the food court or bring them back on campus.

Getting There: Take buses 179 or 99 to block 745 and walk 4-5 minutes to Gek Poh Shopping Centre

2. Noorvajagath 815 Indian Muslim Food

Craving for Indian food? Noorvajagath’s Indian Muslim Food at Block 815 Jurong West has your back! With a wider variety of menu items, you’ll be able to choose from comfort food like Maggi Goreng to classics like Roti John! They’ve got 14 Roti John options, by the way ? 

Credit: Noorvajagath 815 Indian Muslim Food on Facebook

Burrple highlight recommends the Tulang Merah. Cooked with various aromatic spices, the sweet, savoury and spicy dish might just be what you need after a long day on campus. Add on an egg to the thick gravy and you’ll be in heaven!  

Getting There: Take bus 179 to Block 705 and walk 10 minutes to Noorvajagath

Noorvajagath 815 Indian Muslim Food 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned 


3. Srisun - Pioneer & Jurong

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Indian food without Srisun! Serving some of the best Indian food there is, gatherings and suppers will be delicious. Known for having delicious Prata, this might also be the perfect spot to get some breakfast before class. 

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Credit: SriSun Express on Facebook

The best part about this? There are two Srisun outlets near NTU! If you’re taking the MRT, drop off at Pioneer MRT. It’s right outside. You can also opt to get your dose of Srisun from Jurong West! 

Getting There: Take 179 to Pioneer MRT (Pioneer Outlet) or Block 705 (Jurong West Outlet)


Halal Status: Halal-Certified 


4. Pioneer Mall

Credit: Pastamania on Facebook

This one’s super easy to get to! Just hop onto 179 and you’ll be there. Home to some great halal food options like Tenderbest and Pastamania, it might just be the best spot for fast food away from North Spine. 

Getting There: Take bus 179 to block 705 and walk 5-6 minutes to Pioneer Mall

5. Jurong Point 

If you’re looking for a nice place to eat out after a long week, or a halal eatery to catch up with your friends, Jurong Point’s your best bet. Just 20 minutes away from school, it’s got a whole bunch of halal-certified eateries for you to choose from. 

Credit: Brio on Facebook

From fast food options like 4 Fingers and A&W to cafes like Brio and Old Town White Coffee, there are so many options here we couldn’t possibly list them all. They even have bakeries like Swee Heng

Getting There: Take bus 179 from hall 4 and drop off at Boon Lay Interchange

6. FairPrice Hub 

A little further away but still a worthwhile consideration is Fairprice Hub! A 30-minute ride by bus to the mall and you’ll be greeted by a handful of halal-certified food options. Bun Times has over 20 pastries for you to choose from, including delicious Otah Bun, Black Pepper Chicken Charcoal Bun and more. 

It’s also got 4 different halal-certified stalls in the NTUC Foodfare Foodcourt, along with other delicious fast food options like Popeyes and Subway! 

Getting There: Take bus 179 to Boon Lay Interchange, then a train ride to Joo Koon MRT

Halal food in NTU might be tough to come by right now, so we hope that this list helps you find more variety of food! ? While this may not be an exhaustive list (and we'll be working to extend it!), we hope this helps you on your search for tasty halal food around campus. 

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