Halal Food Disclaimer

  At HHWT, our mission is to inspire more Muslims to travel. We do this by creating content that makes it easier for our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to plan their trips. We understand and respect that the issue surrounding Halal food is rather complex. Finding halal food when overseas is a difficult task, as regulatory standards differ from country to country. As such, every eatery, restaurant, street food and the likes that are listed on our website is the result of thorough research, personal experiences or stories shared by the HHWT community. We try our best to ensure that all listings are Muslim-friendly, and categorize each place with the icons listed below: HHWT-Halal-Certified-ResizedHalal-meat-available-HHWT-IconsHHWT-Muslim-OwnedHHWT-Seafood-ResizedHHWT-Vegetarian-ResizedHHWT-Alcohol-ResizedHHWT-Prayer-Room-ResizedHHWT-Mosque-resized We do our best to ensure that all information listed at publishing date is verified – whether by checking relevant Halal certifying bodies, contacting the restaurant or eatery or based on information from the community. However, we stress that HHWT only serves as a guide. As the Halal status of establishments and/or their menus are subject to change, it is ultimately the responsibility of every individual to verify directly with the establishments of their Halal status if there are any doubts with the information provided or inaccuracies with the information. We strongly advise you to re-confirm with each restaurant or eatery before dining and if there are any doubts as to whether the food served is halal, we advise you to explore alternative halal eateries or other options. Also, we completely understand that the tolerance for halal food may vary across individuals, especially when we visit countries where Muslims are not the majority. Hence, we highly recommend that you make dining decisions at your own discretion. Check out the icons in each article or make sure to read through for our additional notes and tips!