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10 Halal Food Deliveries In Singapore For A Scrumptious Iftar (At 20% Off!)


Faruq Senin •  Apr 29, 2020


The holy month of Ramadan is upon us again, Alhamdulillah! With the COVID-19 outbreak, Ramadan 2020 in Singapore (and all over the world) is a little different as most of us are spending our time at home. What better way to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan than by ordering halal food delivery and eating together with your family and loved ones? Credit: giphyWe’ve rounded up 10 halal food deliveries in Singapore for a scrumptious iftar this Ramadan! With foodpanda’s convenient delivery service and up to 20% discounts off halal restaurants, you’ll be enjoying an affordable iftar meal with your whole family ?#HHWT Tip: Use promo code HHWT20 to get a 20% discount off your orders (capped at $5) for halal restaurants on foodpanda (min. spending of $15). The promo code is valid from 1-31 May, between 2pm-5pm.
1. Stuff’d
Credit: foodpandaWho says healthy food can’t be delicious? With a fusion of Mexican and Turkish cuisine, Stuff’d is a yummy and wholesome option for iftar. The eatery just joined foodpanda very recently, so now you can enjoy their nutritious options of Burritos (from $7.40), Kebabs (from $5.80), Daily bowls (from $7.90), Quesadillas (from $8.30) and Tacos (from $6.30) from the comfort of your home ?
Credit: foodpandaWhat we absolutely love about Stuff’d is that you can customise your meals. For burritos and daily bowls, choose your protein from grilled chicken, beef con carne, Impossible meat or smoked salmon (daily bowl only). Then, add a few toppings from a range of soba, broccoli, buttered corn, mashed potatoes and couscous among other items. Kebabs, quesadillas and tacos are perfect if you don’t feel like breaking fast with such a heavy meal. For something simple yet wholesome for iftar, Stuff’d is just what you need. With foodpanda’s fuss-free delivery service, it’ll be delivered to you in no time!Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Open daily; 10.30AM-9PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now!#HHWT Tip: If you need some extra snacks and drinks to go with your meal, you can order from pandanow and pandamart, foodpanda's very own groceries marketplace ?
2. Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang
There’s nothing like having a good ‘ol nasi padang meal for iftar with your family. The eatery has been serving delectable nasi padang dishes for two generations and one of its outlets at Geylang Serai Market is known for its long queues during mealtimes. It’s a testament to how great their food is! 
Credit: foodpandaOn days where you or your family don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing iftar, take a break and let foodpanda deliver Sinar Pagi’s mouth-watering dishes to your doorstep. Whether you’re craving Beef Rendang ($4.50), Sambal Chicken ($5), Assam Pedas Fish ($5) or BBQ Chicken in Rich Coconut Gravy ($5), rest assured you’ll have a hearty iftar meal ?Don’t miss out on some must-have items for your nasi padang feast at home too! Make sure you order well-loved dishes like Sayur Lodeh ($2), Sambal Goreng ($1) and Bergedel ($1, potato patties)Halal status: Muslim-owned Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 8.30AM-7PM Check out what’s on the menu here Order from foodpanda now!P.S. Planning to achieve some goals this Ramadan? Here are 11 simple things you can do!
3. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Miss hanging out at your favourite cafes? We feel you! Thanks to foodpanda, you can get both your iftar meal and desserts from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ? Super convenient! 
Credit: foodpandaTuck into their tantalising mains such as Prawn Aglio-Olio Spaghetti ($14), Chicken Pomodoro Spaghetti ($13) and Classic Beef Burger ($15.50). You might not be able to have brunch during Ramadan but you can still enjoy all-day breakfast. How does a plate of Breakfast Platter ($14.50) or Classic Eggs Benedict ($13) sound for iftar? Amazing, if you ask us! 
Credit: foodpandaBut that’s not even the best part yet. Once you’re done savouring your meals, cap it off with their delightful cakes. Whether it’s their Belgian Dark Chocolate ($7.20), Pandan Gula Melaka ($7.20) or classic Chicago Cheesecake ($7.20), you’re bound to enjoy these sweet slices of joy. Their Ice Blended drinks await too. Take your pick from the Original Mocha, Caramel and Dark Chocolate Ice Blended (from $8.50) or go caffeine-free with their Pure Vanilla and Choc Cookie Crumble options (from $8.50)? With their Sweet Treats Bundle ($22.90), you’ll get to enjoy 2 sliced cakes and 2 regular Ice Blended drinks!Don’t feel like having these during iftar? Keep them for your little treat after Terawih prayers! Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 8AM-10PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now!P.S. By ordering food for your parents, you're making Ramadan easier for your parents! Here are 8 other ways to do so!
4. Pezzo Pizza
Pizza is one thing you must have for a family get-together and this Ramadan, it’s time to share Pezzo Pizza’s scrumptious offerings with your loved ones! Be enticed by their range of 15 tantalising flavours which include BBQ Bonanza, Hola Hawaiian, and Pepperoni Party. If you’re feeling more adventurous, their Satay Sedap or Truffle Mushroom gourmet pizzas will suit you just fine ?
Credit: foodpandaWith a wide variety of Pezzo Pizza’s combo meals and bundles on foodpanda, you’re guaranteed an iftar meal that’s value for money. Their Sharing or Jumbo Party bundles (from $14.90) includes their classic pan pizzas and sides like lasagna, chicken drumlets, wings and drinks so you and your family can enjoy a wholesome iftar. For those of you who cannot decide on the flavours, their Mix and Match Pizza bundle ($35.90) is perfect as you can have up to 6 flavours in a single box! Looking for a simpler meal? You’ll be happy to know that they are having a Promotional Bundle of 2 classic 14-inch pizzas for just $38.80 ?
Credit: foodpandaDid we mention that you’ll also get to enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of $30? With multiple outlets across Singapore, it will be super easy to get your pizzas delivered through foodpanda and at affordable prices too!Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 10.30AM-9.15PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now!
5. Yassin Kampung Seafood
If you’re looking for a feast during iftar to celebrate a special occasion (Hint: Mother’s Day is coming ?), then Yassin Kampung Seafood is your best bet! The restaurant specialises in various types of seafood dishes and other Chinese-Malay fusion treats. 
Credit: foodpandaIndulge in some of their signature dishes such as Curry Fish Head ($29.43), Butter Milk Chicken with Salted Egg Yolk (from $16.48), Kampung Durian Chicken ($23.54) and 3 Flavoured Fish ($41.20). Don’t miss out on good ‘ol favourites too like BBQ Sambal Stingray ($17.66), Fried Butter Prawns ($21.19) and Baby Squid ($15.30). If you or your family are fans of spicy food, you have to get their Sichuan Mala offerings! Whether you have it with fried crab, fragrant fish or crispy prawn, you’ll surely enjoy the numbing sensation on your lips ?
Credit: foodpandaStill undecided on which dishes to choose? We recommend getting Yassin Kampung’s set meals on foodpanda. You can opt for set meals for up to 9 people (starting from $44.73), with yummy dishes like 3 flavoured fish, BBQ Sambal Stingray, tom yum soup, onion omelette and vegetables among others. The best part is that you’ll get to enjoy free delivery when you spend a minimum of $30! Affordable, hassle-free and efficient - consider your iftar meal settled when you order Yassin Kampung from foodpanda#HHWT Tip: Did you know that you can earn 5% cashback when you order from Yassin Kampung Seafood on foodpanda? Simply redeem your reward the next time you place your delivery order!Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 10AM-10.30PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now! P.S. Use promo code HHWT20 to get a 20% discount off your orders (capped at $5) for halal restaurants on foodpanda (min. spending of $15). The promo code is valid from 1-31 May, between 2pm-5pm.
6. Omo Omo Food Concepts
Omo Omo is where you can get the best of both halal Korean and Japanese cuisines! Their delightful variety of rice bowls (don), noodles and ramen dishes will definitely feed your wanderlust for Korea and Japan ?
Credit: foodpandaLooking for an all-in-one meal? Get one of their Five Shadow Dosirak options. A Korean term referring to a packed meal, dosirak usually consists of rice and several side dishes. Enjoy the taste of juicy marinated beef and succulent chicken with their Bulgogi & Karaage Bento ($12.90), or take your pick from the other sets like Teriyaki Chicken & Karaage ($11.90) and Salmon & Chicken Bento ($14.90). All dosirak sets are served with tamago egg and mixed salad, with generous portions too. To get more value for your iftar meal, we recommend ordering the Twin Bento Combo ($23.87) on foodpanda where you’ll get to enjoy a 30% discount off two bento sets, side dishes and drinks ?
Credit: foodpandaIf their dosirak sets aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps their recently launched Teppan menu will excite you. Marinated meat, rice and Korean-flavoured butter are mixed together on a sizzling hot plate to give you a fulfilling meal. Whether you choose Spicy Chicken Teppan ($7.50) or Bulgogi Teppan ($8.50), the mix of flavours and the sizzling heat will offer you something unique for your iftar meal! Otherwise, their signature Soy Garlic Ramen ($10.90), Spicy Steak Ramen ($14.90), Ji-Ji Don ($10.90) or Steak Omelette Don ($11.90) will comfort you after a long day of fasting. Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 11.30AM-8.30PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now!
7. Wok Hey
Sometimes, all you crave during iftar is a good stir-fry dish, be it fried rice or noodles. And Wok Hey delivers just that! With its recent addition to foodpanda’s delivery service, you can now get a taste of Wok Hey’s yummy offerings. 
Credit: foodpandaFor the uninitiated, “wok hey” is a term in Cantonese cooking referring to a charred flavour and aroma that comes from stir-frying the dish. Packed in cute compact boxes, you’ll get a whiff of this “wok hey” once your food is delivered to your doorstep! 
Credit: foodpandaWok Hey is perfect for filling your tummy during iftar as they have three options of fried rice - Black Pepper Fried Rice (from $7.50), Egg Fried Rice (from $6.50) and Shanghai Fried Rice ($7). Customise your orders with a protein of your choice (grilled chicken, braised beef or seasoned prawns), and top up other ingredients as you like. With options like sous vide eggs, shimeji mushrooms, Chinese chicken sausage and more, each box of fried rice is packed with flavours that’ll make your iftar a satisfying meal.Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 11AM-10PM Check out what’s on the menu here Order from foodpanda now!#HHWT Tip: Ran out of kitchen essentials or need some extra snacks and drinks to go with your meal? Order your groceries (in just 20 minutes!) from pandanow and pandamart, foodpanda’s very own groceries marketplace ? 
8. Delifrance
You might know Delifrance for their delectable pastries and croissant sandwiches but there’s more to their menu ? 
Credit: foodpandaBreak fast with Delifrance’s Ramadan Promotions on foodpanda and treat yourself to their Chicken Rendang Baked Rice Set ($18.90) or Curry Chicken Set (18.90). With this set, you’ll also be able to satisfy your sweet tooth as each set comes with a chocolate tart and a beverage! If you’re ordering for a family of 4 and want a meal that is value-for-money, we recommend their Family Meal ($59.90). With the Chicken Rendang Baked Rice, Curry Chicken, Classic Mayo Sandwich and 4 chocolate tarts, take a break from preparing for iftar and conveniently order from foodpanda
Credit: foodpandaIf the Ramadan promotions don’t suit your fancy, their selection of Hot Meals and Mains will entice you. Fill your tummy with some comfort food like a piping hot Beef Stew ($13.80), Lasagnes ($13.80) and Aglio Olio ($11.80). Been craving pastry? Treat yourself to their Chocolate, Cinnamon Croissants (both $3.40), Mixed Fruit Tarts (from $8) and Mini Coffee Eclairs ($2.20)Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 8.30AM-9.30PM Check out what’s on the menu here Order from foodpanda now!
9. 89.7 Supper Club
Settling iftar meals for the whole family but can’t decide on a specific cuisine? Don’t worry! 89.7 Supper Club’s wide variety of cuisines has got you covered. Whether you feel like having Chinese, Western, Malay, Indian or Mediterranean food, you can get them delivered with ease with foodpanda
Credit: foodpandaDig into a plate of fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice (from $4.20), Special Dumpling Noodles ($4.70) or Hokkien Prawn Mee ($6.20) for a taste of your favourite Chinese hawker food during iftar. Add some of their Special Fried Rice items to your order for an enjoyable meal to share with your family. Their Kampung Fried Rice ($6.20) and Sambal Beef Fried Rice ($6.20) are hot favourites! 
Credit: foodpandaIf your birthday or anniversary falls during this period, you might be a little bummed as you can’t go out to celebrate. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to go to a restaurant for a fancy meal! Let foodpanda deliver it for you ? Sink your teeth in 89.7 Supper Club’s Bullet Steak or Mushroom Steak (both $14.20) and burgers. Alternatively, you can order a feast from their zi char (Chinese homecooked dishes) offerings. With Salted Egg Chicken ($15.20), Fried Baby Squid ($16.20) and Tom Yam Seafood Soup ($10.20) among others, your celebration at home doesn’t get any better than this! Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 10AM-11.59PM Check out what’s on the menu here Order from foodpanda now!
10. Jollibee
An iftar list wouldn’t be complete without including some fried chicken and you can always count on Jollibee for that ? Originating from the Philippines, we can totally understand why their signature fried chicken is called “Chickenjoy”. Super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, their Chickenjoy is the comfort food you need for iftar this Ramadan. 
Credit: foodpandaBy ordering your Chickenjoy on foodpanda, you can customise your meals. Choose from a range of Chicken Meals (from 1-3 pieces of chicken, $5-$10.40) and pick the sides you want too. What’s great about Jollibee is that you don’t just have to eat your fried chicken with fries! There are options for corn, mashed potatoes and even rice with their signature gravy ?
Credit: foodpandaYou can’t say you’ve tasted Jollibee without ordering their Jolly Spaghetti meals (from $4)! Topped with sweet bolognese sauce and grated cheese, this dish is super delightful and pairs really well with the Chickenjoy. Make your iftar meal with Jollibee and amazing experience by ordering on foodpanda!Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery hours: Mon-Sun; 10AM-9PM Check out what’s on the menu hereOrder from foodpanda now! P.S. Use promo code HHWT20 to get a 20% discount off your orders (capped at $5) for halal restaurants on foodpanda (min. spending of $15). The promo code is valid from 1-31 May, between 2pm-5pm. Now that you have these awesome halal deliveries in mind, you can start planning what to have for iftar for the next 10 days! With bundle promotions, discounts and the convenience of ordering from foodpanda, you’re all set for a quick and affordable iftar meal. Time to share this list with your family and let foodpanda be your one-stop platform for your iftar this Ramadan! This article is brought to you by foodpanda.