10 Halal Raya Food Deliveries In SG To Impress Your Guests


Faruq Senin •  Jun 07, 2018

The blessed month of Ramadan is almost over and that means Eid (also fondly known as Hari Raya) is fast approaching! From preparing your best outfit for Raya to cleaning the house, it seems like there’s almost no time for you to do any cooking especially if you’re having guests over.

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Don’t you worry! To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of 10 halal food deliveries you can order from Deliveroo, which will be helpful when you’re having an open house or gatherings during this festive period ?

Now who says you can’t impress your guests with delivery food? Not only is the food fresh and tasty, you also get to serve some scrumptious food to your guests for Raya without going through all the hassle of preparing it! What’s more, if it’s your first time using Deliveroo, you can get $4 off your first three orders with the promo code ‘HHWT2018’.

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1. Hjh Maimunah Restaurant

A household name in Singapore, Hjh Maimunah has some of the finest Malay cuisine you can find in town. And yes, you can get them delivered to your doorstep too. Gone are the days where you’d need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your favourite Raya dishes!

Credit: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering on Facebook

You can’t say you’ve tried Hjh Maimunah without savouring its Beef Rendang. With huge chunks of tender beef soaked in its flavourful sauce, your guests will surely be having a second serving, or even ask you where you got it from ? Order that with their Sambal Goreng Pengantin and Sayur Lemak Lodeh, and you’ve got yourself a Raya feast to impress your guests.

Credit: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering on Facebook

Treat your guests to more than just typical Raya food with Hjh Maimunah’s excellent selection of Malay-style seafood. Indulge in their variety of grilled fish items like BBQ Seabass, BBQ Pari (stingray) and BBQ Selar (yellow fish) which will have your guests feeling like they’re at a seafood restaurant. Don’t miss out on their hot favourite Lemak Siput Sedut too, which is touted as one of the best!

Status: Halal-certified

2. GREAThai

If you need a break from all the rendang and sambal goreng that you’ll be eating at almost every house during Raya, why not do something different and order some yummy Thai food instead? GREAThai offers some really authentic and palatable Thai cuisine which will thrill your guests because how often do you get to eat Thai food when you go Raya visiting?

Credit: GREAThai on Facebook

You can never go wrong with Tom Yum Seafood Soup or Green Curry, and GREAThai does both perfectly. Getting the power combination of these two dishes is a sure way to win the hearts of your guests! There’s clear and red tom yum but we recommend getting the clear soup as you can taste the spices more, and it has an added zesty kick. Add in an array of other dishes like their Steamed Fish With Hot Lemon Sauce or Basil Chicken/Beef for a hearty meal your guests can enjoy ?

Credit: GREAThai on Facebook

GREAThai’s appetisers are not to be missed too! Their Thai Fish Cake, Deep-Fried Chicken Wings and Homemade Spring Rolls will perfectly complement your meal. They’ll also make the perfect bite-sized snacks for those guests who are probably too full from the other houses they visit ?

Status: Halal-certified

3. Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza

It’s Raya and all you want to do is soak in the festivities. And nothing screams more like a celebration than a pizza party! You know you can always rely on Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza for your pizza fix. Order a few of their delectable pizzas and you’re on your way to settling your Raya feast! We recommend getting their all-time favourite pizzas – BBQ Chicken Bonanza, Canadian Classic or Beef Bacon Cheeseburger – which are guaranteed to suit any palate ?

Credit: @scorpionz90 on Instagram

And what’s a pizza meal without sides? Order some succulent Chicken Drumlets or Chicken Nuggets. These irresistible light bites will be perfect for those kids visiting your house (or even their parents!) Don’t forget to complete your meal with desserts like Churros with Dip or Chocolate Muffins.

Credit: Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza Singapore on Facebook

If you’re fixing a meal for these last few days of Ramadan, get their Ramadan Special Combo before the promotion ends on 14 June. With 2 Extra Large Rendang Pizzas plus a bottle of coke, it’ll make a perfect meal for a small iftar gathering!

Status: Halal-certified

4. Coba-Coba

There’s something comforting about sitting down with your friends or family and eating off a huge plate of rice and dishes. Yes, we’re talking about nasi ambeng and if you want that kind of experience for your guests during Raya, Coba-Coba lets you do just that ? They deliver trays of nasi ambeng right to your doorstep, so your guests can have the authentic nasi ambeng experience.

Credit: @hungrytim on Instagram

Choose from their Classic Sets (from $27.90) or Deluxe Sets (from $38.90) and keep your guests satisfied with over 10 dishes and rice. Not only can they savour the mouth-watering Malay dishes like beef rendang, sambal goreng and sambal sotong, they can also indulge in authentic Padang dishes like ayam kalio and sambal hijau padang ?

Credit: @eidingthefeast on Instagram

Each set is enough to feed 4-5 people and the best part is, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your guests to bond over a meal.

P.S. Need a better reason to order Coba-Coba for your Raya meal? You can get $3 off your order if you use promo code ‘HHWT3’ and the best part is, it’s for existing users! (valid for one redemption until 15 July 2018)

Status: Halal-certified

5. Wing Zone

If you need finger food that’s seriously finger licking good, Wing Zone’s got you covered! Specialising in buffalo wings, Wing Zone originated from the US and has won numerous awards, so that’s a sign that it ONLY sells quality wings. But don’t worry, if you can’t tolerate spicy food, you’ll be pleased to know that Wing Zone has a wide variety of 15 sauces to choose from – from sweet and savoury, to dry rub, and traditional Buffalo flavours.

Credit: @wingzonesg on Instagram

We highly recommend getting their Mango Fire and the crowd favourite Honey Q flavours. Or you can even challenge your guests to Wing Zone’s Nuclear Habanero flavour, the only flavour in the menu which has 4 “chillies”. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted! But whatever flavours you choose, we guarantee your guests are going to have so much fun sinking their teeth in Wing Zone’s flavourful wings ?

Credit: Wing Zone Singapore on Facebook

And if you’re having guests over for iftar during these last few days of Ramadan, you’ll be happy to know that Wing Zone still has their Ramadan Bundle till 14 June. Now, you can prepare a fuss-free meal by ordering their $50 bundle which consists of 30 wings (you can also choose breaded wings or boneless), jumbo wedges, large kettle chips, rice and a 1.5 litre Coke. And you can mix-and-match 3 flavours for your chicken (10 for each flavour).

Status: Halal-certified

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6. Pondok Jawa Timur

Craving for yummy and affordable Javanese fare? Pondok Jawa Timur will be just the perfect delivery option for you. The stall’s owner came from Surabaya to Singapore in 2006 and brought with her some recipes from home, so this is as authentic as it gets! Perhaps it’s time to wow your guests with some delightful Javanese eats ☺️

Credit: @pondokjawatimur on Instagram

Their signature dish is Gulai Kepala Ikan, which is a little twist to your usual fish head curry as they use fresh milk instead of coconut milk. So that gives it a more milky taste which isn’t too overwhelming and the taste of the fish pairs well with it too. This is definitely one dish you can serve at the table for your guests to enjoy!

Credit: @pondokjawatimur on Instagram

Don’t miss out on their Rendang Jawa Timur which is rich and full of flavour. Their Sate Ayam is a hot favourite too – the meat is grilled using a marinade of soy sauce and sugar and then topped with their special peanut sauce which makes it irresistible. With all these tantalising dishes on one table, consider your Raya feast settled ?

Status: Halal-certified

 7. Nando’s

Famous for their flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, Nando’s needs no introduction. Marinated for 24 hours in PERi-PERi sauce and then flame-grilled to perfection, every bite of Nando’s tender chicken is heavenly and will leave you craving more. The good news is, now you can recreate that savoury experience right at home with Deliveroo. Their sharing platters are perfect if you’re having guests over ?

Credit: @ss675 on Instagram

Get their Full Platter ($58.32) which has Whole PERi-PERi Chicken with either 4 regular sides or 2 large sides. If you have an even bigger group visiting your house, their Jumbo Platter ($116.10) has 2 Whole PERi-PERi Chickens and 5 large sides for everyone to enjoy. Choose from their variety of sides from Spicy and Mediterranean Rice to PERi-PERi chips and wedges. We’re pretty sure your guests will definitely not leave your home without filling their tummy!

Credit: @nandossg on Instagram

Craving Nando’s grilled chicken for these last few days of Ramadan? Don’t worry, their Ramadan Specials are still ongoing till 14 June. You can choose from these four different sets:

  • 1/4 Chicken with 2 Regular Sides + 1 Coca-Cola Classic Can ($21.08)
  • 1/2 Chicken with 2 Regular Sides + 1 Coca-Cola Classic Can ($31.78)
  • Full Platter (Whole Chicken, 4 Regular Sides) + 3 Coca-Cola Classic Can ($65.38)
  • Full Platter (Whole Chicken, 2 Large Sides) + 3 Coca-Cola Classic Can ($65.38)

#HHWT Tip: If you’re a first-time Deliveroo user, get $4 off your first three orders by using the promo code ‘HHWT2018’. It’s valid till the end of the year!

Status: Halal-certified

8. Maki-san

Bet you’ve never thought of ordering Maki-san for your guests during Hari Raya. But we’re here to tell you why you should! A little sushi for your Raya open house will certainly surprise some of your guests but we’re pretty sure once they start feasting on Maki-san’s delectable rolls, they’ll be thoroughly satisfied.

Credit: @diningfoodprints on Instagram

But of course, if you still want a tinge of the traditional Raya cuisine in your maki rolls, say hello to Maki-san’s A-Yum Rendang (because what is Raya without rendang right?) Filled with Rendang Chicken, peanut anchovies, cucumber, coconut flakes and sambal, every bite into this roll packs a punch and maybe you’ll even forget that you’re eating sushi ?

Credit: Maki-San on Facebook

If you’re having a big party coming over to your house for Raya, you can also get Maki-san’s Spicy Platter ($42). With 4 rolls of their Maki Lemak or A-Yum Rendang and 1 roll of their house sushi, this platter will be more than enough to feed everyone. Add in some of their crunchy and flavourful tempura items on the side and your guests will be happily munching them away ?

P.S. Maki-san’s A-Yum Rendang and Spicy Platter is only available until 15 July, so you definitely need to get your hands on them for your Raya gathering!

Status: Halal-certified

9. Uncle Penyet

We’re not sure about you but a good plate of ayam penyet is always comfort food to us. And comfort food does just the trick for a good and satisfying meal especially if you want to win the hearts of your guests. Uncle Penyet’s signature Ayam Penyet is so tastefully crunchy and scrumptious. It comes with sambal belachan chilli and fried tofu on the side and topped with crunchy bits and curry gravy, which makes it even more enticing. We’re pretty sure your guests will be enjoying every bite of it!

Credit: @josephinetlc on Instagram

There’s also a variety of other “penyet” dishes available such as bebek (duck), bakso (beef balls), kerapu (grouper) and prawns. But in case smashed meat isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you should totally get their signature Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken) which is slathered with a generous serving of their black sauce. The sauce is sweet and has a slightly charred taste to it and it pairs really well with the chicken ?

Credit: @tigerkiller on Instagram

But if you can't wait till Raya to get your ayam penyet fix, get their Ramadan specials now (till 14 June!) and choose between two sets which let you taste the best of what the eatery has to offer. Their Set A ($45.90) comes with 2 sets of Ayam Panggang, 2 sets of Ayam Penyet, 6 pieces of Crispy Golden Udang (prawn) plus cheeseballs and keropok. If you need drinks to accompany your meal, get their Set B ($54.90) which also includes 6 cans of coke. Sounds like the best plan for a pre-Raya gathering?

Status: Halal-certified

10. My Briyani House

With several outlets across Singapore, you can always count on My Briyani House for a good fix of local Indian food. If you’re thinking of serving an Indian feast to your guests, My Briyani House will definitely leave your guests satisfied. Their main highlight is of course, their briyani. Their Briyani Bundles ($10) come with a main course of briyani and a canned drink.

Credit: @gaeul.85 on Instagram

We recommend getting their Briyani Fried Chicken. Not only is the briyani rice fragrant and full of spices, the fried chicken is also lip-smacking and succulent. If you’re getting something for your guests to share, their Murtabak Bundles ($12 with canned drink) are a great choice! Their murtabaks are crispy on the outside and has copious amounts of meat inside ?

Credit: @ggscorpio on Instagram

My Briyani House also has various noodle items like mee goreng, maggi goreng or kway teow goreng plus roti john and prata too, so there’s definitely more than enough options for you to choose from and your guests can have an enjoyable meal.

Status: Halal-certified

So if you have no idea what to cook for your Raya guests this year, bookmark this list so you’ll never to rack your brains! From traditional Malay and Indonesian cuisines to Western and even Thai food, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find something that will impress your guests ? Why go through the hassle and countless hours of preparing food in the kitchen when you can get it simply by using the Deliveroo app on your phone? And better still, use the promo code ‘HHWT3’ and you can get $3 off when your order your food through Deliveroo, so time to start planning your food deliveries for Raya soon!

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