The Ultimate Guide To Halal Food In Clementi Mall


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 08, 2021

The Clementi Mall in the heart of Clementi is the prime food hotspot for anyone who drops by! Surrounded by a few schools and conveniently located next to Clementi MRT and bus interchange, it's no wonder this mall is popular for SG's westies.

If you're in the area and feeling a little hungry, then this is definitely the place for you to stop by. Clementi Mall has over 15 halal eateries for you to choose from, perfect for a quick meal or a gathering of five!

Halal Food In Clementi Mall

1. Crave Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik

This Nasi Lemak store has gained significant popularity over the years. With over 20 outlets around Singapore, the award-winning franchise sells some of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore. From crunchy, flavourful Ikan Bilis and nuts to its tantalising, iconic sambal, you'll savour every moment of your meal. And if that isn't mouth-watering enough, wash it all down with some of their famous Teh Tarik!

Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik on Facebook

CRAVE can be found in Basement 1 of Clementi Mall! This particular outlet also has seats for you to dine in, as opposed to the many takeaway outlets they have around the island. So you can definitely dine in here with your loved ones the next time you're at Clementi Mall.

CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


2. Burger King

This popular fast-food franchise needs no introduction. A household name in Singapore, Burger King never fails to impress customers with its top favourites like WHOPPER, Mushroom Swiss or Turkey Bacon burgers. This famous eatery is also known for its local-infused specials like the Rendang and Hainanese Tendergrill burgers so make sure you keep a lookout for those!

Credit: burgerkingsg on Instagram

If you're hanging out at Clementi Mall, Burger King can be found in Basement 1!

Burger King 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


3. Eighteen Chefs

[Temporarily Closed from 1-10 Dec 2021]

From the middle of town to the heartlands, you’ve probably seen an outlet of this popular halal Western eatery before! ? Eighteen Chefs is the place to be if you’re looking for a fast, fresh, and family-friendly meal that’s not too heavy on your wallet either. Their casual ambience makes their outlets a great hangout spot for anyone looking for a good meal!

Credit: Eighteen Chefs on Facebook

Eighteen Chefs can be found in Clementi Mall on Level 5.

Eighteen Chefs

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


4. Jinjja Chicken

Craving for Korean fried chicken? Jinjja Chicken is the best place to get your dose! Their halal Korean fried chicken is drenched in savoury sauces. And if you order a meal set, your delicious food comes with fries!

Korean food lovers may also want to go for the Tteokbokki and spicy gochujang sauce, or delight in some Army Stew ?

Credit: Jinjja Chicken on Facebook

Jinjja Chicken in Clementi Mall can be found in Basement 1!

Jinjja Chicken 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified

5. KFC

Yet another famous halal fried chicken eatery, KFC can be found in Clementi Mall! Since it first opened its doors in Singapore in 1977, KFC has served more than 1 million customers and is one of the largest fast-food chains in Singapore.

Savour the classics, like the 2pc Chicken Box, consisting of coleslaw, mashed potato and your choice of 2 Original or Crispy chicken! If you're into burgers or wraps, one of their best sellers, the Zinger Burger, will definitely have you craving for more.

Credit: KFC on Facebook

KFC can be found in Basement 1 of Clementi Mall!


Halal Status: Halal-Certified


6. Kaffe & Toast

Looking for the quintessential Singaporean breakfast? Look no further than Kaffe & Toast! With familiar Singaporean breakfast dishes like kaya toast and half-boiled eggs, it'll make the perfect place to have your meal before or work or as a snack ?

But that's not all - the eatery also serves some really delicious Thai-style noodles, like their Thai Grilled Chicken Noodles and Beef Boat Noodles. The grilled chicken is really flavourful and the beef simply melts in your mouth.

Kaffe & Toast can be found on Clementi Mall's Level 4!

Kaffe & Toast

Halal status: Halal-certified


7. Old Chang Kee

When someone mentions Old Chang Kee, you'd instantly think of its yummy curry puffs and other finger food like chicken wings, spring rolls and fish balls. Ask any Singaporean and they'd tell you that Old Chang Kee is the place to go for a quick meal on the go!

Credit: Old Chang Kee on Facebook

So if you're feeling peckish while shopping or just looking for something to munch on your way home from work through Clementi bus interchange, this is the place to stop by. It can be found in Clementi Mall's basement 1!

Old Chang Kee 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


8. Pezzo Pizza

Pizza is one thing you must have for any get-together. The eatery has 15 tantalising flavours which include BBQ Bonanza, Hola Hawaiian, and Pepperoni Party. If you’re feeling more adventurous, their Satay Sedap or Truffle Mushroom gourmet pizzas will suit you just fine ?

Credit: Pezzo Pizza on Facebook

Pezzo Pizza can be found on Clementi Mall's basement 1!

Pezzo Pizza

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


9. Subway

Everyone's favourite sandwich shop can be found at Clementi Mall too!

For the uninitiated, Subway lets you customise your sandwiches by choosing your choice of bread, flavour, cheese and vegetables. To top it off, you can also add your choice of sauces. If you're a beginner to the sub, try the Italian BMT, which has beef pepperoni, beef salami and chicken ham. We highly recommend their Subway Melt and Subway Club too! ?

Credit: Subway Singapore on Facebook

Subway Singapore 

Halal Status: Halal Status



We all love a good stir-fried dish, be it some fried rice or noodles. It's a comforting, hearty, carb-laden dish that appeals to many. And if you live in Singapore, you've probably seen this popular stir fry stall in many different malls. That's right, we're talking about WOK HEY!

If you're not familiar with how WOK HEY works, it's pretty easy: You have 4 different carb options to choose from: egg fried rice, Shanghai-style fried rice, ramen and udon. Then, you can customise and add certain ingredients - they have everything from braised beef to a sous-vide egg. Fancy!

Credit: WOK HEY on Facebook

The business currently has 26 WOK HEY outlets all across Singapore, including one in Clementi Mall's Basement 1!


Halal Status: Halal-Certified


11. Ha Jun

Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant sells all your authentic, Korean favourites at affordable prices! Some of their menu highlights include their delicious Korean Style Beef Steamboat, Dolgot Bibimbap, or even Kimchi Chicken Ramen - most of which do not exceed $9 a meal.

Credit: yummumum on Instagram

And if you're feeling a little more snackish, you could opt for their Fried Dumplings which come in 6 or 8 piece sets at just $5! ?

P.S. If you're in the east of Singapore, you might want to consider this place for your Korean food fill! 

Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant

Halal-Status: Halal-Certified


12. HOT POT by Seoul Garden Group

If you're a Korean food foodie, you're going to crave for more than just Kimchi! And with Seoul Garden HotPot you can delight in delicious, authentic Korean dishe. From Bibim Baps to Jjiage Sets, you're sure to fill your hungry tummy.

Credit:HotPot By Seoul Garden Group Singapore on Facebook

If you're in the mood for a feast during your gathering of 5, this is definitely the place to go to. Hotpot by Seoul Garden can be found on

Hotpot By Seoul Garden 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


13. Swensen's

Another household name, Swensen's has some of the best ice creams in Singapore! This fun and friendly casual dining spot is home to tasty western dishes and ice cream sundaes loved by locals. Drop by for some Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, made of Artisanal Ciabatta bun, slices of grilled sirloin steak, and unforgettable melted cheese!

If you're gathering in a group, HHWT recommends ending off the meal with the Chocolate Fondue. It's made up of 5 ice cream flavors (Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Thin Mint, Mocha Almond Fudge, Strawberry, Cookies 'N' Cream), maraschino cherries, fresh strawberries and bananas, marshmallow cubes, chocolate profiteroles, fan wafers and diced almonds. The perfect dessert for any meet up!

Credit: Swensen's on Facebook

Foodies may also want to try the Goreng Pisang split, Swensen's local twist on the Banana Split! Swensen's can be found on Level 5 of Clementi Mall.


Halal Status: Halal-Certified


14. Stuff'd

This quick casual restaurant halal eatery has made its way into every local foodie's heart! Serving fresh kebabs, burritos, salads and bowls, Stuff'd is the perfect way to get a filling meal on the go.

From juicy, herb-spiced marinated chicken in kebabs to fresh made daily bowls of natural flavours and ingredients, eating Stuff'd will have you addicted.

P.S. Heading to VivoCity? Check out this halal food guide! 

Credit: Stuff'd on Facebook

Stuff'd can be found on Basement 1 of Clementi Mall!


Halal Status: Halal-Certified

15. So Pho

Experience authentic and traditional Vietnamese food in Singapore at So Pho. So Pho uses the freshest ingredients to create your favourite Pho, Banh Mi and spring rolls. Plus, you can order Bento sets at So Pho for you to pick up or have delivered to your home!

Credit: So Pho on Facebook

So Pho can be found on level 4 of Clementi Mall!

So Pho

Halal status: Halal-Certified


16. Shake Shake In A Tub

Shake Shake in a Tub's fries and fried chicken are perfect for a mid-day snack. ? Specialising in finger food with a twist, Shake Shake In A Tub is perfect for anyone who wants a quick bite! Their signature items (and must-haves!) include the Shake Shake Chicken Wings, Fries, Popcorn Chicken and Milkshake with customisable seasonal flavours.

Credit: Shake Shake In A Tub on Facebook

Their shoestring fries are made in-house and come in 8 flavours including Kimchi, BBQ, and Truffle. There's even a Salted Caramel flavour that has a touch of sweetness! They also have curly fries, popcorn chicken, and fried chicken to really take your snack to the next level. If you're in Clementi Mall, find Shake Shake in A Tub on

Shake Shake In A Tub

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


17. Boleh Boleh SG

Boleh Boleh SG aims to celebrate hawker culture and Singapore’s multicultural identity with over 100 halal local and regional hawker dishes! This hawker centre has delicious foods, from Sambal Prawn to Asam Laksa. There's something for everyone!

Credit: Boleh Boleh SG on Facebook

Boleh Boleh SG can be found on the fourth floor of Clementi Mall!

Boleh Boleh SG 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


With so much food to eat in Clementi Mall, your daily commutes and year-end gatherings will be coloured with the tastiest food! Share this with your westie buddy to plan your next meal together ?