7 Halal Fish And Chips In Perth You Must Visit During Your Next Trip


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to a mouthwatering exploration of the vibrant and diverse culinary scene in Perth, Australia. In this article, we embark on a delectable journey to discover the finest halal fish and chips restaurants that this picturesque city has to offer. Join us as we uncover the top spots where you can savour halal fish and chips while enjoying the breathtaking views and warm hospitality that Perth has to offer!

7 halal fish and chips restaurants in Perth

1. Ocean View Fish and Chips

Credit: Ocean View Fish & Chips

Ocean View Fish and Chips boasts an impressive menu filled with all your favourite classics - fish, chips, snacks, and irresistible specials that make your taste buds dance with joy. These are the beloved staples you'd expect from any quintessential fish and chip joint in Australia. But wait, there's more! The moment you lay your eyes on their golden-battered delights and mouthwatering servings, you'll know you're in for a real treat. So, if your idea of a perfect day involves savouring a delicious serving of Spanish Mackerel and Chips while lounging at the beach, then Ocean View Fish & Chips is the ultimate destination to make your dreams come true!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 51, Grand Promenade, Dianella WA 6059, Australia

Opening hours: 4.30pm - 8pm


2. Kailis' Fishmarket Cafe

What’s a visit to this port city without enjoying its fresh seafood, am I right? Overlooking the popular Fremantle Waterfront, Kailis’ Fishmarket Cafe serves the ultimate fried goodies. Make sure to grab a table by the water to get a picturesque view of the fishing harbour!

If you’re with a larger group, we recommend sharing the Seafood Platter and the Fish and Chips Platter. The establishment serves chicken and alcohol, however, they have confirmed that the seafood items are fried in a separate oil and fryer so there would be no cross-contamination.

Halal status: Alcohol served in the eatery. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address: 46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Opening hours: Daily; 11AM-8PM


3. The Lobster Shack

Nestled along the picturesque beachfront of Cervantes, just a breezy two-hour drive north of vibrant Perth and a mere 17 kilometres away from the stunning Pinnacles, you'll discover The Lobster Shack. It's a heartwarming family-run business that not only offers captivating daily factory tours where you can dive into the fascinating world of the lobster industry but also serves up a lip-smacking fish and chips lunch that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance!

And the best part? There's an abundance of seating options, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring you find the perfect spot to savour your meal. Plus, with ample parking available, your visit is hassle-free.

Halal status: Alcohol served in the eatery. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address: 37 Catalonia St, Cervantes WA 6511, Australia

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (daily)


4. Stirling Central Fish & Chips

Credit: Stirling Central Fish & Chips

For a fuss-free fish and chips, Stirling Central Fish & Chips is your answer! Deep-fried to golden brown, this eatery will certainly satisfy your cravings. They're also perfect if you're travelling with a group as they have a platter menu: Family Feast, Treat For Two as well as Seafood Basket that you can share with your travel mates.

Halal status: No alcohol is used in the dishes.

Address: Shop V1, Stirling Central Shopping Centre, Cnr of Victoria Rd &, Lodesworth Rd, Westminster WA 6061, Australia

Opening hours: 4.30pm - 8pm (closed every Tuesday)


5. Seabreeze Fish and Chips

If you are in the Freemantle area, the Seabreeze Fish and Chips restaurant is a must-stop! This family-run diner offers the freshest and highest quality of fish such as snapper, mackerel, cod and many more! You also have the option to enjoy your fish battered (deep-fried) or grilled (you can also request gluten-free!).

Halal status: Alcohol served in the eatery. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address: 17/155 Canning Hwy, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

Opening hours: 4.3opm - 8.30pm (Daily)

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6. South Perth Fish & Chips

Credit: South Perth Fish & Chips

You'll never be disappointed by the fresh array of seafood served at South Perth Fish & Chips. You can get anything from barramundi to red emperor to even shark here! The menu is also quite extensive, serving not just fish and chips but fish tacos, burgers, nuggets and more. There's something for everyone!

Halal status: Alcohol served in the eatery. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address: 256 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

Opening hours: 4.3opm - 8.30pm (closed every Monday)


7. Stone Jetty Fish Market

Stone Jetty in Scarborough, a delightful combination of a takeout fish and chip shop and a fresh fish market, has quickly become a local favourite since its grand opening just last year! They offer an impressive selection of takeout treats, including incredibly delicious fresh oysters and the most fabulous gluten-free fish and chips you can imagine. And the best part? You can effortlessly grab your meal and head straight to the beach for an absolute feast of happiness by the sea!

Halal status: No alcohol used in the ingredients

Address: 115A Brighton Rd, Scarborough WA 6019, Australia

Opening hours: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm (closed on Monday)


As we conclude our culinary journey through the delectable world of halal fish and chips in Perth, it's clear that this city has much more to offer than just stunning beaches and captivating landscapes. From the golden, crispy batter to the tender, flavourful fish, these restaurants have mastered the art of creating a mouthwatering experience that transcends cultural boundaries. So, as you plan your next dining adventure in Perth, be sure to indulge in the savoury delights of these gems, and let your taste buds savour the rich flavours and warm hospitality that make Perth's culinary scene truly exceptional!

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