Pasadena Burger: Halal American Dipping Cheeseburger Resto To Open First Physical Outlet In KL


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 07, 2021

Malaysians love juicy, meaty and cheesy burgers and it's so easy to find a burger eateries anywhere near them. But, if you're looking for halal California-style cheese burgers to experience that American foodie life in Kuala Lumpur then Pasadena Burger is the place you should check out! Their burgers are exclusively available through delivery service but starting in November, you can enjoy these cheesy burgers at their new store in Plaza Mont Kiara, KL!

Authentic California Cheeseburgers To Open First Store In KL

Credit: @pasadenaburger on Instagram

For years, Pasadena Burger is only available online and customers who want to eat their burgers must make orders through their website or other food delivery services like Foodpanda, Grabfood or DeliverEat. They've also made their menu available through a food truck in Mont Kiara for fans who want to eat meaty burgers in the open air. However, they recently announced in an Instagram post that they will open their first physical store in November! With interior design that mimics a classic American burger diner, customers will have a new experience of eating their California-style cheeseburgers!

Credit: @fatfoodbeast on Instagram 

Until then, you can only enjoy their burgers at home. But don't be sad as their Pasadena DIY Box will ensure you're having fun while eating their high-quality juicy burgers! With the box, you can craft your own burgers the way you love it. The Pasadena DIY Box comes with juicy Australian beef patties, golden, fluffy buns, cheddar cheese and a variety of sauces for you to mix around in your burgers. There are also different types of veggies that you can choose to put in your creation. Of course, what burger meal is complete without crispy, potato-ey fries? Their fries are the perfect compliment to the burgers!

Credit: @pasadenaburger on Instagram

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can also order their DIY Dipping Burger Packs! This pack is too sinful to eat as you can cover it in as much sauce and cheese as you possibly want. Be your own chef as each pack comes with different flavours of sauce such as the Cajun Chili Queso, Southern California Habanero Cheese with Minced Meat and Honey Cheese. You can look through their menu here!

These DIY boxes with gourmet burgers are made to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home with family or friends so you don't have to be embarrassed if things get messy ?

Halal status: Ingredients are halal-certified

Opening hours: You can make your orders from 12PM-9PM daily through their website or other food delivery services.

Contact: 010-220 3815

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