[NEW]: This Muslim-Owned Stall Serves Din Tai Fung-Style Fried Rice, Fried Mantou And More


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 01, 2022

There's only a few halal Din Tai Fung outlets around the world, and unfortunately, none of them are here in Singapore ? But fret not, you can now enjoy Din Tai Fung-style fried rice that's halal at Fried Rice Story!

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Fried Rice Story is a relatively new outlet serving up different types of fried rice filled with unique toppings and other specials such as fried mantou with condensed milk. Their delicious fried rice only uses premium pearl rice grains, which is what Din Tai Fung uses as well!

Their star dish, the Original Egg Fried Rice, might look unassuming on the outside, but it's the simplest, classic meals that tastes satisfying! ? It's all eggy goodness in this dish, pair with fresh spring onion and the smoky wok hei taste for extra oomph. One popular choice of topping would definitely have to be the shrimps. Don't forget to pair your egg fried rice and shrimps with the accompanying chili oil for a fiery kick! ?

Next up, one dish that stood out from the menu was their Truffle Egg Fried Rice. If you're not on the truffle hype, this dish might change your mind. It's not too overwhelming in taste, rather it enhances the dish's overall savouriness, giving you an umami-rich flavour that's got you HOOKED ? Why not add on even more toppings onto your fried rice? Choose from a range of toppings which includes shrimps, chicken katsu, grilled chicken, grilled scallops, braised beef and jumbo crab meat; you'll be at a loss on what to choose! ?

Apart from their signature egg fried rice, you should add one more item into your order: Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk. Pair up those crispy golden buns with the sweet condensed milk, and it's simply just hits the sweet spot ? If you're up for something sugary, this would be a great choice!

One other noteworthy dish we have to mention is the Jumbo Crab Meat Omelette. This fluffy omelette reveals generous chunks of crab meat inside, and is draped with Thai seafood sauce for a spicy punch ?

Halal status: We have reached out to them and they told us that their stall is Muslim-owned. All of the ingredients used are from halal-certified suppliers. They have also applied for the halal certification, which is currently under processing.

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