This Muslim-Owned Delivery Stall Sells Authentic Central Javanese-Inspired Food


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 20, 2021

In Singapore, we’re lucky to enjoy a variety of Indonesian cuisine, itself a variety of the many ethnic groups too! From Sumatran (nasi padang), Minangkabau (beef rendang) and even Surabayan (ayam penyet) ethnic foods, we’re literally spoiled for choice! We’re going to make things a little difficult for you when you’re craving Indonesian food, and introduce you to Samrang, which sells authentic Semarang-inspired snacks and dishes! 

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Authentic, Rare Semarang Snacks and Dishes in Singapore

Semarang may be situated in Central Java, but their dishes are much less sweeter and more savoury than Central Java’s generally sweet-tasting cuisines. While most of Central Javanese food are indigenously developed, Semarang’s dishes has a myriad of influences, which includes Chinese, Dutch and Indian as well partly due to its reputation as an international trading port city. Alright, history lessons over, time to dig in! ?️

Samrang is an online kitchen runned by a husband-wife team, which serves authentic cuisines with their own personal twist from Semarang, Indonesia. Famed for their homemade sambal, Samrang offers a variety of dishes that will definitely take your tastebuds to a thrilling roller coaster ride!

Credit: @samrang_sg for Instagram

Their famous snack and a delicious introduction to Semarang food is their Jagung Keriting (Curled Corn)! Crunchy, sweet corn is thinly cut and deep-fried to a bright yellow, before being seasoned with either spicy or non-spicy homemade Samrang seasonings. The warm, slightly sweet flavour paired with the seasonings make us feel like we’re eating popcorn, but way better! If you turn up your spice level, try their BBQ-flavoured Samrang seasoning which adds on a smoky, spicier mouthfeel. ?️

P.S. Their BBQ-flavoured Samrang seasoning is available for a limited time only, so don’t wait too long to try this out!

Credit: @samrang_sg for Instagram

Those with a sweet tooth would love their Lumpia Pisang (Banana Popiah)! Thin, crepe-like popiah skin is wrapped with fragrant banana filling, before being deep-fried into golden perfection. The sweetness lies in their myriad of toppings! Their signature topping is caramelized Biscoff chunks and chocolate rice, and it's the chef’s favourite! Well, if it’s the chef's favourite, you definitely must try! You can also try their Oreo Caramel, Ondeh-Ondeh and others; you’ll get into a happy, sugary high!  ?

Credit: @samrang_sg for Instagram

Samrang also serves main dishes for those looking for more filling and savoury meals! Their Iga Bakar is a must! The beef short ribs are slowly braised for more than 14 hours until it's tender and soft! As you sink your teeth into the succulent ribs, the natural juiciness oozes out into your mouth, and you might get emotional because it’s JUST. THAT. GOOD ?. It comes with a large serving of rice, a side of karedok (raw vegetable salad), pecel sauce (peanut sauce for the vegetables), special Samrang glaze, sambal and a bottle drink of your choice.

Their special Samrang glaze is so popular and delicious, that they even offer a Samrang Glaze Brush if you just need to add on even more glaze all over their mouth watering ribs! At a whopping price of $34.45, this is as authentic as it gets. If you’re willing to spend a little more to try a rare Semarang delicacy that you simply can’t get anywhere else, we promise that each bite is worth every dollar! 

Credit: @samrang_sg for Instagram

If you’re still not convinced, maybe their new festive promotion would work! At $98, their Holiday Special set consists of 1.2kg Of Indonesian Style Ribs/Iga Bakar (500g of this juicy goodness is simply not enough! ?), 10 pieces of baked chicken drumlets, 1 Oreo Lumpia Sampler, 1 BBQ Jagung Keriting Sampler, 1 Cilok Sampler, 1 Bowl Kerupuk Bintang, 1 Karedok Sampler, 1 Bowl Samrang Glaze, 200ml Bottle Sambal Geprek, and 1 Exclusive Glaze Kit To DIY Glaze Your Own Meat! Whether it’s for 2 or 4 people, you’re going to have to fight for your share because it just doesn’t seem enough for all! 

Credit: @samrang_sg for Instagram

Maybe you’re up for the ultimate foodie challenge with their Premium Holiday Special Set for 2 to 4 people! At $108, their set consists of 1.2kg Of Indonesian Style Ribs (Iga Bakar), 10 Pieces Of Baked Chicken Drumlets, 1 Red Velvet Lumpia Sampler, 1 Sour Cream Jagung Keriting Sampler (wow, okay you got me curious!), 1 Cilok Sampler, 1 Bakso Mercun Sampler, 1 Karedok Sampler, 1 Bowl Samrang Glaze, 200ml Bottle Sambal Ijo Truffle, 200ml Bottle Sambal Geprek, 1 Exclusive Glaze Kit To DIY Glaze Your Own Meat. Okay, now everyone will definitely have a piece of this! ?

If you want to elevate your Indonesian food experience (travelling might seem like a hassle now, so this will definitely fill up your Indonesian food cravings), Samrang is just a few clicks away. You can find it on Samrang’s official website (SSG20 for 20% off your order!), or major food delivery platforms including GrabFood, FoodPanda, NinjaOS and also Hungryy! Planning to take a drive instead? Samrang is also available for takeaways. Who knows, this could be your new favourite type of Indonesian food yet! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.,

Saturday, Sunday, eve of Public Holiday, and Public Holiday, 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Address: 59 Jalan Pemimpin, L&Y Building, Smart City Kitchen #01-03/04, S 577218, 577218 Singapore

Delivery: No dine in, takeaways and islandwide deliveries only