JUST IN: This Cinnamon Roll Bakery In Jewel Changi Airport Is Now Halal-Certified!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 03, 2021

The perfect cinnamon roll: Lightly sweetened with icing and full of flavour. When you bite into it, a burst of cinnamon accompanied by the stickiness of brown sugar and butter. If you love the thought of this mouth-watering, soft and fluffy pastry sweeping through your palate, you'll need to try rrooll.

rrooll's Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Jewel Changi Airport's truly been blessed by some of the best halal cinnamon rolls in Singapore. From the classic Cinnabon to local and international twists, your tastebuds will be bursting with flavour the moment you take a bite.

Credit: rrooll on Instagram

If you're new to the world of Cinnamon Rolls, nothing beats rrooll's Cinnamon Classic. Perfect for any mid-day treat, these rolls are jam-packed with sweet, cinnamon goodness. Have this for tea, or for an energy-boosting snack as you shop and enjoy Jewel!

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Credit: rrooll on Facebook

To enjoy a local twist, let rrooll's Bite-Sized Cheesy Kaya rolls melt in your mouth! Sweet with just a hint of savoury melted cheese, this take on Singapore's comfort food, the kaya toast, will hit just the right spot.

Easy to pop in your mouth as you walk around Jewel's shopping complex, don't forget rrooll's Bite-Sized Milo Dinosaur variant! They're perfect for kids or anyone who loves all things milo.

Credit: rrooll on Facebook

Missing Japan? Let your tastebuds fly you over with rrooll's Japanese Curry Roll! Inspired by the popular Japanese curry bun, the Japanese Curry roll is rolled with Japanese curry filling, then topped with a layer of breadcrumbs dancing around a surprise: honey chicken ham! This is definitely a menu special that will excite any adventurous foodie ?

P.S. Want to try making a cinnamon roll yourself?

Credit: rrooll on Instagram

Halal cinnamon rolls couldn't sound more delicious! The perfect afternoon snack, your trips to Jewel Changi Airport are definitely going to be enriched with flavour the next time you visit. ?


Halal Status: Halal-Certified