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10 Best Halal Dining Deals In SG To Bring Your Loved Ones Out


Nia Sarah •  Jul 13, 2022


This July, you won’t have to worry about splurging on a meal with your loved ones, thanks to Chope’s Makan Mania! With over 100 halal eateries and deals to choose from, you can now treat yourself and your family to a nice meal out. If you need more convincing, here is a list of 10 recommendations on where to eat while enjoying some savings with Chope 😋P.S. Here are Chope promotions that you can enjoy in the month of July! Until 24 July, get an extra $5 off when you spend a minimum of $50 on halal deals from Chope. Simply use the discount code MAKAN5 at checkout.Dine out from now till 31 July to earn extra 100 Chope-Dollars when you make a reservation at a halal restaurant on Chope, using promo code MAKAN100. (That’s not all, keep reading and look for tips to make the best of your dining plans!) Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. Yassin Kampung 

Credit: ChopeIf you’re craving some local cuisine, Yassin Kampung is known for specialising in Malay-Chinese fusion dishes served zi char (Chinese home-cooked dishes) style. Look forward to dishes like Chilli Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, Crispy Prawn Oats and more await! What would make it taste even better is the 10% discount that comes along with it 😄 Whether you’re eating as a couple or in a big group, you can get 10% off on cash vouchers on Chope, starting at $45 (U.P. $50) or $90 (U.P. $100) respectively. Plus, it’s applicable all day from Monday to Sunday so go ahead and make lunch or dinner plans with the family! Simply click on ‘Get Deal on Chope’ underneath this description to enjoy all the savings at Yassin Kampung 😉Halal status: Halal-certified Book via ChopeGet Deal on Chope

2. Shiok Garden 

Credit: ChopeShiok Garden is the latest concept by Yassin Kampung and it's perfect for a meal (or a few) to share with your loved ones! Featuring an extensive selection for barbeque and hotpot lovers, the restaurant offers more than 30 types of marinated meat and a range of fresh seafood from crabs to mussels, scallops and more 😍 You’ll also get to have your pick from the classic Chong Qing Mala Soup, Tomato Soup, Sukhothai Tom Yum Soup and the Bird’s Nest Collagen Soup. If you’re still not convinced, Chope is having a 30% discount on their Hotpot and BBQ Lunch Buffet for each adult at $25.08! This promotion will be available from Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 3:30 pm - sounds like a scrumptious plan to spend your off days 😉 Chope has got you covered with plenty of other Shiok Garden vouchers to choose from, including weekend dinner slots for adults and children too!  Halal status: Halal-certified Book via ChopeGet Deal on Chope

3. The Malayan Council

Credit: ChopeFor a special occasion with your family or friends, indulge in fusion dishes at The Malayan Council! Get a taste of their Western and Malaya-inspired options like Roti Kirai Beef Ribs and TMC Wagyu Burger. The cafe also has plenty of cakes and treats to fill you up for dessert, including the fan-favourite Ondeh-Ondeh cake! We think these treats will taste even sweeter with a 10% discount on Chope 😉  Choose from $50 or $100 cash vouchers which you can purchase at $45 or $90 respectively that you can use all day from Monday to Sunday which go perfect with all your plans!  Halal status: Muslim-owned Book via ChopeGet Deal on Chope

4. The Fortune Cookie 

Credit: ChopeIf you’re looking for halal Chinese food, The Fortune Cookie is definitely the spot in Bussorah Street to go to. You can expect Lotus Duck Rice served with Peking smoked duck, Beef Ribs Bak Kut Teh and more twists to the traditional dishes - including the famous customised Fortune Cookie that will definitely strike up fun conversations! Speaking of good fortune, Chope is living up to the excitement with 10% off their cash vouchers at $45 (U.P. $50) and $90 (U.P. $100) to be used any time😉Halal status: Muslim-owned Book via ChopeGet Deal on Chope

5. Pestle & Mortar Society

Credit: ChopeWith 20% off their cash vouchers at $24 (U.P. $30) and $40 (U.P. $50), you’ll definitely want to check out this Malay-Western cafe! Located in MacPherson Road, this spot serves interesting menu items such as Soft Shell Crab Salted Egg Pasta, Beef Lasagna and Creme Brulee 😍 The cash vouchers are only available on weekdays, so hurry and make those dinner or off-day plans! Halal status: Muslim-owned Book via ChopeGet Deal on Chope#HHWTTip: Combine all the promotions together to get the best out of your dining experience! Enjoy bonus 100 Chope-Dollars PLUS save up to 50% off your meal when you purchase a Deals voucher and get extra $5 off with discount code MAKAN5, AND make a reservation with promo code MAKAN100! Sounds like a real deal you can’t resist 😍 

6. Daddy’s on Madras

Credit: ChopeHow about some al-fresco dining at Daddy’s on Madras? 😍 This cosy, casual dining spot along Madras Street offers its own take on classics with their Chilli Cream Linguine Pasta or the Brown Butter Penne. Not to be missed is the Country Fried Steak for meat lovers! Can’t decide? The Suka Hati Chef Roy meal can help you make your decision (thanks to the chef) where you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. If you’re already planning on feasting, make sure to book on Chope and dine by 31 July to earn extra 100 Chope-Dollars which you can use to redeem attractive rewards!Dine and be rewarded? Sign us up! Halal status: Muslim-owned Book via Chope

7. Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant 

Credit: ChopeCraving for some kebabs and hummus? Be transported to central Turkey at Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant, where you can extra 100 Chope-Dollars when you book and dine on Chope by 31 July. Try their signature dish Karisik Kebab Maxim which has lamb, beef and chicken kebabs with a side of butter rice 😍 Don’t forget the Kunafe to end off with a sweet treat! Halal status: Halal-certified Book via Chope

8. Curry Times

Credit: ChopeCurry Times is Old Chang Kee’s first curry-themed restaurant serving comforting dishes like Curry Fish Head, Curry Chicken, Curry Chicken Ramen and Nasi Lemak. If you’re craving a warm, hearty meal, Chope has a deal that will warm your heart up even more with a 10% off Curry Times $10 cash voucher at $9! Make sure to get yourself a meal along with some pastries to satisfy every craving 😉Halal status: Halal-certified Get Deal on Chope

9. Pezzo

Credit: ChopeIf you’re a fan of pizza and looking for a quick fix, the answer is Pezzo! Pick from a range of flavours like BBQ Bonanza to Hola Hawaiian, and side dishes like Spicy Wings and Lasagna. Now, you can get even more choices through Chope which has a 15% off Pezzo $20 cash voucher at $17! You can’t say no to pizza 😉Halal status: Halal-certified Get Deal on Chope

10. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Credit: Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak is probably one of the most popular nasi lemak chains in Singapore, with its original stall at Boon Lay Market often having long queues. You can choose various ingredients such as chicken wing, fish otah, fried fish cake, and many more! With these many selections, you can also get some extra add-ons when you order via the Chope app, where you can get $1 off with a minimum spend of $2 😄Your discount will automatically be applied at checkout, so order away! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more hereP.S. Did you know you can order hawker pick-up and delivery on Chope? Choose from over 20 hawker centers such as Chomp Chomp, Lau Pa Sat, Our Tampines Hub, and more! From 11 to 31 July, you can Order & Pay on Chope and get $1 off with a minimum spend of $2on your first 5 orders from your favourite hawker stalls! Can’t wait for good deals already? Head over to Chopeand find over 100 halal eateries and even MORE good deals! It’s time to make all your foodie plans now 🥳This article is brought to you by Chope. All information is correct at the time of writing.