6 Yummy Eats You Must Try At MBS’ First Halal Food And Raya Fair


Faruq Senin •  May 18, 2018

Ramadan is here and we’re pretty sure there’ll be many bazaars and fairs to keep you up to speed with raya preparation. While you’ll be busy looking for your new clothes or accessories for your home, you’ll most probably want a fuss-free iftar, or even options to break fast on the go.

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Wait, before you get all flustered, there’s a raya and food fair which has everything you need. Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan Raya Edition 2018 by Farah Diana Events Management is coming to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) this Ramadan from 1-3 June 2018 and it’s the FIRST mega halal food and shopping bazaar at MBS so you definitely won’t want to miss out on it ? Who would’ve thought that you’d be able to shop for raya clothes AND enjoy iftar at MBS right?! With so many yummy choices offered at the fair, we’ve made it easier for you by preparing a list of must-try eats you won’t regret having!

1. Mkuking & Buttery Fingers

A collaboration between 2 awesome eateries, Mkuking and Buttery Fingers are working together once again to bring you their specialties. Known for their specialty Mee Wak Katok, Mkuking serves you stir-fried noodles in a box. The sambal paste used in their dishes is infused with mutton stock, which gives it a burst of flavours you can’t resist ?

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What’s special about these noodles is the story behind it – Wak Katok was an old man who used to sell these noodles on the streets of Geylang in his bermudas, in the 1970s. Mkuking’s noodles is cooked using the original recipe which has been revived! Get their good ‘ol beef noodles (Kotak Katok) and savour its succulent and tender beef drenched in spicy gravy.

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If you’re looking for something a little fancier, their Krusty Mee Bandung Muar will be perfect for you. With a generous amount of lobsters and prawns, one box of this appetising treat won’t be enough to satiate your appetite ?

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While you’re sinking your teeth in Mkuking’s noodles, check out Buttery Fingers for their mouth-watering selection of desserts. Their selection of cakes will leave you spoilt for choice, but if you only have room for one, we recommend getting their Pandan Fudge Cake. With a soft texture and a generous amount of coconut cream, every bite into this cake feels like heaven. Don’t miss out on their Chocolate Fudge, Ondeh-Ondeh and Ube cakes too!

#HHWT Tip: The Pandan Fudge Cake is really popular and it might be sold out early, so do get yours early to avoid disappointment.

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If you’re not in the mood for baking this year, Buttery Fingers also has a wide selection of raya cookies. Take your pick from Pineapple Roll Tarts to Tea Leaves and Almond Cookies. Looks like you can tick one thing off your raya to-do list!

2. Tako Queen by Chef Linda

Who doesn’t love a good takoyaki? If you’re craving for some high-quality takoyakis, look no further than Tako Queen. Each takoyaki ball is filled with generous amounts of its fresh prawns, crabstick or octopus. They even have special flavours like Corned Beef Chilli Padi and Tuna Chilli Flakes but it changes from time to time, so do keep a lookout for it ?

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Get your fix of these tantalising takoyakis in buckets. Not only do they please your palate, they are also very instagrammable too ?

3. Dendeng Duo

If you’re a frequent patron of Ramadan bazaars, (like we are!) you’ll definitely be looking forward to dendeng (BBQ meat) every year. It’s so hard to resist the allure of this delectable snack and lucky for you, Dendeng Duo will be setting up shop at Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan!

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If you think dendeng tastes exceptionally good on its own, let Dendeng Duo introduce you to its innovative treats like Taco Dendeng. With slightly crunchy tacos stuffed with dendeng, homemade salsa and topped with nacho cheese sauce, each bite tastes sweet and savoury and will tingle your tastebuds. Who’d have known this well-known Mexican favourite would pair well with dendeng??

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Fries lovers would absolutely love their Cheesy Curly Fries with Dendeng Bits! This combination of the best comfort food can hardly go wrong and we’re sure you won’t be able to resist it ?

4. Coolman Drink Fresh

So you’ve done a lot of walking, shopping and probably some bargaining while getting your raya essentials but the time for breaking fast is approaching. Don’t worry about looking for a place to quench your thirst, Coolman Drink Fresh’s Susu Kurma (dates milk) has got you covered! Not only is this drink healthy and nutritious, it’s delicious too. We’re sure you won’t be satisfied with just one cup.

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Other than Susu Kurma, their other smoothies like Mango Madness and Best Smoothie (banana, orange, strawberry) are also worth a mention. Topped with fresh fruits, yogurt and chocolate sauce, their smoothies pack a punch and cost just $5.60 ?

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Indulge in their frozen yogurts too, which are imported all the way from Italy. For just $6.90, their parfait gives you generous amounts of 3 fruits, 1 crunch and 1 sauce. This is absolutely the best way to reward yourself after a whole day of fasting!

5. Project Keria

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At first glance, you might mistake these for ordinary doughnuts but believe us, it’s actually made of sweet potatoes! While sweet potatoes are all the fad nowadays, Project Keria is introducing a twist to a traditional Malay snack of sweet potato donuts called kuih keria.

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This snack is traditionally topped with sugar but now you can savour them with gula melaka (palm sugar), cheese or even chocolate sauce!

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If you’re not a fan of kuih keria, we’re pretty sure Project Keria’s yummy treats will still tempt you. They even have bite-sized balls you can easily munch on. Beware though, you might get addicted to them ?

6. Farah Diana Catering

In every bazaar, you can never go wrong with the usual Malay-Indonesian food! And it’s no different at Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan too. Farah Diana Catering is the place to be if you’re looking for an authentic meal that truly packs a punch. We’re talking about their famous Nasi Ambeng ($7) – rice with a mix of rich dishes ranging from beef rendang to sambal goreng. Take your pick of either chicken or beef and be sure to add begedil (fried potato patty) for the ultimate experience!

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The stall will also be selling their Popiah Basah (wet popiah) for $3 a roll, a crowd favourite at the weddings they cater. This sweet and spicy combination will definitely leave you wanting more ?

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But that’s not all! They also have Lontong Kering ($6), everyone’s favourite traditional fare of rice cakes with flavourful vegetables, gravy and serunding (meat floss). If you’re already craving for Raya food, this is the meal to get ?

#HHWT Tip: Farah Diana Catering is located at Booth F1 – F4 next to the stage! So, it’ll be hard for you to miss it.

BONUS: Get all your raya essentials and more!

With over 200 stalls at Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan, you won’t need to look elsewhere for all your raya needs! You can find everything here from raya decorations and cookies to baju kurung, scarves and even brooches.

P.S. There’ll also be free Malay delicacies for iftar provided by Farah Diana Catering. Try out their varieties of Malay kuehs and bubur Ramadan.

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If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to rub shoulders with celebrities like Dayang Nurfaizah, Nabil Ahmad (host of MeleTOP) and Nabila Razali (famous for “cumi cumi” song). Plus, highly renowned Ustaz Kazim Elias will also be there so there’s more reason for you to head down!

So, if you’re planning to visit bazaars this Ramadan, remember to add Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan to your list of go-to places as it’s the FIRST mega halal food and shopping bazaar at MBS. The best part about it is that it’s located right in the heart of Singapore so you know you’re never too far away. So, bookmark these dates – 1-3 June 2018 – and have a wonderful time at Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan!

#HHWT Tip: Every first 100 visitors daily will get free hari raya packets (sampul) too and it’s limited edition so you definitely won’t want to miss out on them!

Jalan-Jalan Makan-Makan Raya Edition 2018

Where: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Hall E

When: 1-3 June 2018 (Fri-Sun), 10am-10pm

How to get there:

Nearest MRT station: Bayfront (Downtown/Circle Line)

Bus services: 97, 97e, 106, 133, 502, 518

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