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These 11 Halal Baklava Ring Deliveries In SG Are The Perfect Bite-Sized Sweet Treat


Shasha Dania •  Jul 08, 2020


Baklava rings have become a super trendy dessert lately - and we can understand why! ? These bite-sized versions of the popular Middle Eastern dessert come in a crunchy phyllo crust with a topping of your choice and are soaked in a sugar syrup so you'll get a delicious explosion of sweetness in every bite. Whether you're buying a box to snack on while you enjoy some late-night Netflix or preparing your dessert spread for guests and visitors, these 11 halal baklava ring deliveries in Singapore are what you need for a quick and easy treat!
1. Overnight Oven
Overnight Oven's baklava rings come in locally inspired as well as super unique infused flavours! With options like Thai TeaRose Bandung, and Butterfly Pea Earl Grey Latte, their baklava is as bright and beautiful as it is yummy. You can even order a selection of 3-5 flavours in every box so that you don't just have to pick one! ? They just debuted a White Chocolate Mocha flavour in their latest bake sale and we're sure there will be new flavours to come. Delivery slots are limited each week so stay tuned to their Instagram story for the latest updates! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram
2. Modern Warung
If you aren't craving baklava yet, one look at these crispy golden shells is sure to change your mind. ? Modern Warung offers a variety of desserts including Chocolate baklava rings. These bite-sized treats are filled with a creamy chocolate filling that's perfectly paired with a crunchy phyllo pastry shell and a sprinkling of ground-up pistachio nuts. Definitely something to consider if you're putting together a little spread for afternoon tea! If you're not in the mood for baklava, make sure to try their Speculoos Cookie Butter Burnt Cheesecake too. ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via:Online formInstagram
3. Yours Truly
These baklava rings from Yours Truly take familiar flavours to the next level! Nutella Sea Salt Pistachio, Butterscotch Pretzel, and Nutella Fruity Pebbles are just some of what you can look forward to in every box. Each box even comes wrapped in a beautiful pink ribbon so if you're planning on gifting someone a sweet surprise, this could be the perfect present! Their pre-orders are closed until mid-July right now, but if their baklava has caught your eye make sure to stay tuned to their Instagram story for updates on the next bake sale. ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram (Currently not available until mid-July) Instagram
4. Batter Bakes
Batter Bakes' baklava rings are delicious and crispy bite-sized mouthfuls that will have you falling in love with these sweet desserts. ? Though they may be small, they're filled to the brim with fillings like Whipped White Chocolate Ganache with Cream Cheese, and Homemade Salted Caramel with Pistachios and Fresh Strawberries. The combinations of sweet and salty, or creamy and rich, are the perfect mid-afternoon snack or a post-dinner supper treat at the end of a long day. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM or Whatsapp +65 96473966 Facebook | Instagram
5. Nadine's
Nadine's takes these gorgeous desserts to the next level! Not only can you pick and choose your desired flavours (like Nutella Cream Cheese, or Lotus Biscoff Spread) but you can also add-on toppings as you wish to customise it just the way you want. Best of all, you can even put in a request to have the baklava decorated with a custom message! ? It's perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or even simple wedding or engagement events. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram
6. Chomp2
For bigger groups or celebrations, make sure to get Chomp2's huge 50-piece baklava box! ? Their flavours include locally-inspired options like Kaya Butter, Susu Keju, and Bandung as well as the classic Nutella. The Kaya Butter flavour even has a hint of vanilla in the cream filling and a sprinkling of pistachio nuts for some extra crunch! You can mix and match the number of each flavour you want in a box too. They are currently on a break, so do follow their Instagram for the latest updates. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM or link in Instagram bio (available when orders open) Instagram
7. Munchmonch
Munchmonch's baklava rings are definitely some of the prettiest we've seen! ? With flavours like Nutella Sea Salt + Pistachio and Nutella + Biscoff Crumbs, you won't be able to put them down once you start eating. They also have special flavours like Milo + Oreo Crumbs and Biscoff + Biscoff Crumbs for all the cookie lovers out there! Pre-orders are currently open for Hari Raya Haji, and regular pre-orders open every Fri-Sun and during Public Holidays. Don't miss your slot! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via:Online formInstagram
8. Tarta by Hidayah Yazri
Chocolate lovers will definitely enjoy the baklava rings from Tarta. Sweet flavours like NutellaMilky Pistachio, and White Chocolate are all up for grabs, perfect for a timely treat or a special occasion. ? You can even customise each box with a personal handwritten message so if you're planning to send someone a gift soon (maybe for Hari Raya? ?) here's one gift idea to consider! The earliest available slot is listed on their Instagram profile so do check it out and place your orders in advance! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM or Whatsapp +65 98161257 Instagram
9. JS Cuisines SG
JS Cuisines is a humble home-based business in Pasir Ris that serves a variety of savoury and sweet dishes, including (of course) baklava! With toppings like Cadbury MarshmallowNutella Pistachio, and Cookies & Cream their classic flavours are great for any occasion. Surrounded by a crispy, crunchy crust and soaked in sugar syrup, you might find yourself finishing half the box in one go. ? You can order their savoury items like Gado-Gado and Nasi Sambal Goreng too to get dinner and dessert delivered together! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Facebook | Instagram
10. Noah's Bake and Flake
If you're preparing for a big event or planning to have guests over, the baklava boxes from Noah's Bake and Flake might be right up your alley! Their baklava comes in flavours like White Choc + Oreo, Creamy Peanut Butter, and Fresh Rich Cream. For the rich cream, you can even choose between plain, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla! ? Plus if you get one box of 25 pieces, your next box of 20 pieces will get 20% off - definitely worth it if you're catering for a bigger group! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM or Whatsapp +65 87486793 Instagram
11. Lav.B
Craving baklava but want something even smaller to snack on guilt-free? Lav.B's baklava comes in 2 sizes (regular and mini) so you can enjoy these sweet treats in an even smaller serving! With classic flavours like Milky HazelnutCadbury (topped with Biscoff crumbs!) and Oreo Nutella, chocoholics, in particular, will love their bite-sized confections. The mini baklava even comes in boxes of up to 49 pieces, so they're perfect for entertaining guests or having a mini celebration at home. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram Time to take your dessert table to the next level! ?