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This Muslim-Owned HBB in SG Sells Halal Bak Kwa Perfect For Chinese New Year


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 04, 2022


Bak Kwa is a traditional snack that is a must for Chinese New Year, and it symbolises good luck. Its deep red colour is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition too. ? Unfortunately we all know that the ingredients used aren’t halal. Now you can, because Mrbakkwa Delights serve homemade bak kwa that is a perfect replacement for Muslim guests during the festive season! ?P.S. If you’re looking for Chinese New Year snacks, read up here now because it’s less than a month away:

Snack On These Flavourful Halal Bak Kwas From Mrbakkwa Delights 

The unmistakable aroma of barbequed meat hits you right on the nose and it immediately gets your drooling! ? Their bak kwa isn't as red as what we’ve come to know, but its taste is making us feel so lucky to have tasted it! 
Credit: Mrbakkwa Delights on Facebook It has a smoky flavour with undertones of their original flavour made out of soy sauce, caramelised sugar and other spices, which really just bursts in your mouth in each bite. It has such a soft, chewy texture, which makes it perfect for snacking! They have two more delicious flavours: chilli and black pepper if you want to take it to the next level!
Credit: Mrbakkwa Delights on Facebook While they serve beef & mutton bak kwa, they even have chicken bak kwa, and they are the 1st halal place in Singapore to have it! Well, they have us sold. ?
Credit: Mrbakkwa Delights on Facebook You can buy it at either $12 for one small-sized bottle or $25 for a medium-sized bottle! Get it as a gift, or a snack for your Muslim guests, or simply for yourself (good things can’t be shared all the time ?); we promise everyone’s going to love it!
Credit: Mrbakkwa Delights on Facebook Halal status: Muslim-ownedOrder via: 98848437 or PM at their social media accountsFacebook | Instagram