Halal Bak Kwa

6 Halal Bak Kwa In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jan 22, 2024

Bak Kwa is a traditional snack that is a must for Chinese New Year, and it symbolises good luck. Its deep red colour is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition, too. Unfortunately, we all know that the ingredients used aren’t halal. But now you can enjoy them just the same because here are 6 halal bak kwa in Singapore that are a perfect replacement for Muslim guests during the festive season!

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1. KFC Singapore

KFC Chicken Bak Kwa

Credit: KFC Singapore

There's a new contender for halal bak kwa. KFC has just launched their halal Chicken Bak Kwa in all their Singapore outlets. As of 24 Jan, you can enjoy their limited Bak Kwa that will certainly delight your loved ones. There are also other treats available with the Chicken Bak Kwa, such as the Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch, Chicken Bak Kwa Burger, and the Sweet Potato Criss-cut Fries. Say "Huat Ah" from now till 22 February 2024 to enjoy these delicious offerings!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours:Check them all out here

Address:Check them all out here

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Mrbakkwa Delights

While they serve beef & mutton bak kwa, they even have chicken bak kwa, and they are the 1st halal place in Singapore to have it! Well, they certainly have us sold. ? You can buy it at either $12 for one small-sized bottle or $25 for a medium-sized bottle! Get it as a gift, a snack for your Muslim guests, or simply for yourself (good things can’t be shared all the time); we promise everyone’s going to love it!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via: 9884 8437 or PM at their social media accounts

Facebook | Instagram

3. CS Foods Kampong Flavour’s Dendeng

CS Foods Dendeng

Credit: CS Foods

For a more familiar flavour and style, CS Foods has halal bak kwa that reminds you of our very own festive flavours! Kampong Flavour’s Dendeng is savoury with a hint of spicy sweetness, bringing back traditional flavours with a refined taste. One pack has about 10-12 pieces, so it’s more than enough to satisfy your guests!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Order via:online


4. Suzy Ameer’s Dendeng Ayam Madu

Halal Dendeng from Suzy Ameer

Credit: Suzy Ameer

Suzy Ameer is known for their frozen foods but what makes them special is that they sell Dendeng Ayam Madu which has the similar fragrant barbequed taste that bak kwa has (or so we were told by our Chinese friends). The Ayam Madu (honey chicken) flavour is sweet and the flavours almost melt in your mouth! If you’re a fan of sweet foods that have a smoky aftertaste, you can’t miss out on this! Best of all, since Suzy Ameer’s Dendeng Ayam Madu is frozen, you can easily thaw it and enjoy the meat hot and fresh off the stove!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Order via:online


4. Yumeat Plant-based Bakwa

Singapore has many plant-based brands and one of them is Yumeat! You can get your fix of meatless bak kwa available in three packaging colours - red, green and blue. You can buy them online at NTUC’s online store and they make great gifts! There isn’t much of a difference in taste however, the texture is a little more tougher than the typical meat and is a lot sweeter too! Each pack comes with six slices of individually packed bak kwa so everyone can get a piece.

Halal status: Plant-based


5. Angie’s Tempeh

On the topic of plant-based foods, you can’t forget about the superfood tempeh, which can also be made into bak kwa! Angie’s Tempeh is a local vegan brand that produces tempeh-based goods and bak kwa is no exception. ? It’s marinated with a special in-house vegan bak kwa sauce and barbecued for a smoky flavour! You might want to get your hands on these soon as Angie’s Tempeh Bak Kwa is an exclusive item offered only during the Chinese New Year period.

Halal status: Plant-based



For bak kwa that’s completely plant-based, you have to check out NOM FOODS! Their ingredients mainly consist of pea protein, jackfruit, and mushroom. Their boxed packaging is adorable and makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones! Not to mention, they’re bite-sized and great for little ones!

Just because the typical bak kwa isn’t halal doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy alternatives. Everything is more tasty when you get to share, so make sure to SHARE this article with your friends and family to give them some ideas on how to enjoy the new year festivities!