Try These Rare Arrowhead Chips For Chinese New Year From This Muslim-Owned HBB


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 07, 2022

We all love the sweet Chinese New Year goodies, but did you know that there are simply way more savoury snacks enjoyed during this special festive season? Arrowhead chips, or nga ku in Mandarin, is one of them! Whether you already know about this, or this is your first time hearing about it, you can purchase them from Muslim-owned home-based business, Mum’s Recipe! ?

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Try These Crunchy Arrowhead Chips

Arrowhead chips are rare snacks that are mainly served during Chinese New Year. It symbolises benevolence, which is a good trait for anyone to have! Arrowhead chips are seasonal starchy tubers with a natural hint of sweetness in them. Their texture is quite similar to those of potatoes, but it’s more grainer, which makes it the perfect candidate for crunchy chips! ?

Credit: Mum's Recipe

You may think making these chips may be easy, but you’re wrong. Each piece of chip is sliced thinly from the generally tough arrowhead plant. They can’t be washed with water, because they soak up water really fast, and frying them later would take a longer time. These slices are then usually air-dried for a couple of hours, before being salted and tossed into bubbling hot oil. The crunchy taste is truly worth all the hard work, and Mum’s Recipe definitely promises it! ?

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Credit: Mum's Recipe

Their arrowhead chips are rich with distinct flavours, with hints of saltiness, and it really, really tastes better than potato chips! It's so snackable that you might not even realise you’ve completed one whole entire bottle. They also sell CNY goodies such as the classic pineapple tarts, so if you’re looking for the whole CNY goodies and snacks packages, look no further and head on to Mum’s Recipe now! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via: their social media accounts or Whatsapp at 93860726

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