This Halal Apam Balik Stall In Singapore With A 10-Year History Now Has An Outlet In Yishun!


Auli Cinantya Hadi •  Oct 11, 2021

Sometimes, all we need is just some sweet treats to get through the day, don’t you think? Apam Balik, also known as Min Jiang Kueh or martabak manis, is a dessert commonly found at roadside stalls throughout Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

These crispy, soft and sweet delicacies are the perfect snacks to enjoy with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. If you are a fan of Apam Balik, you might have heard of Apam Balik Wak Power.

Apam Balik Wak Power: Famous Bazaar Stall With 10-Year History

Started as a Ramadhan bazaar stall, Apam Balik Wak Power finally has finally opened its permanent store in Yishun! This family business has been running for over ten years, and they are known for the variety of menu selections.

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Credit: Apam Balik Wak Power

Hidden within the rows of shops at Block 846 Yishun Ring Road, this store, helmed by Ahmad, used to only operated during pop-up events or Ramadan Bazaar.

You will find some of the classic fillings such as peanut, corn, and cheese. But that’s not all; this Apam Balik has a total of seven flavours, including Oreo, chocolate, Nutella, and Banana. You could also combine two flavours, offering you 25 combination-menu to choose from.

Credit: wakpoweroriginal

Some exciting combinations you should try are the Nutella Banana, Oreo with cheese, or their best seller Peanut and Corn combination! Made fresh from scratch, Ahmad serves the whole pancake slice into four. You will enjoy the crispy golden-brown edge of the Apam Balik, with the inside bursting with fillings and soft texture.

Credit: roza_khali

Another menu you should try is the Cheese combination. Using a special cheese that he acquires from Batam every year, you can try different sweet and savoury combinations from Oreo Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, or the classic with Peanut and Cheese combination.

Address: 846 Yishun Ring Road, #01-3649, Singapore 760846

Contact: 83142256

Halal Status: Muslim owned

Opening hours: Everyday; 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM (depending on the weather)

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