Hajj Stories: Touching The Kaabah Was The Most Memorable Experience For Him


Faruq Senin •  Aug 01, 2020

This story about the Hajj pilgrimage is written by one of our contributors, Adil Bhaiyat. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

Assalamu’Alykum my name is Adil Bhaiyat and I’m from Nuneaton a town in England (UK). The first time I had the opportunity to visit the two holy Mosques was in 2005 to perform Umrah. I was 10-years-old and I made the visit with my Granddad. In 2016 I was blessed again to visit but this time I had the chance to perform Hajj. It was a journey of a lifetime and I would like to share my journey with you all!

My first time seeing the Kaabah

The first time I had the opportunity to see the Kaabah was a surreal experience, I couldn’t believe Allah (SWT) had chosen me to be able to visit his house, I felt very blessed Alhamdulillah. My eyes were glued to the sight of the Kaabah, I couldn’t stop glaring at it, it was by far the best sight in the world. It really is so beautiful, and I pray that I get to see the Kaabah again very soon Insha’Allah.

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My most memorable moment during Hajj

The most memorable thing that happened during hajj was to be able to touch the blessed Multazam (door) of the Ka’bah. After the hajj rites finished, we had a couple of days in Makkah before we travelled to Madinah. As most people are aware there are millions of hajjis performing Tawaf, and it’s difficult to perform tawaf close to the Kaabah, let alone being able to touch it. So, my 3 friends and I who travelled together from Nuneaton to perform hajj were blessed to be able to touch it. We performed Tawaf at about 2am where it's normally quieter than usual, and Alhamdulillah we were really close to the Kaabah. As soon as we finished our Tawaf we were fortunate enough to be able to touch the Multazam - something we all thought we wouldn’t get the chance to do.

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Challenges faced during Hajj

There are challenges you face during Hajj as you’re always going to be tested mentally and physically as it’s really tough on the body - like walking for so long in the heat, being in Ihram for 5 days where you have restrictions on what you can and can’t do. You have to adjust to these challenges and the best way to overcome these challenges is to have patience and always remember Allah (SWT) is rewarding you for the struggle you face during Hajj. Nothing is easy in life and you’ll always be tested but you must remain strong and continue to please Allah.

Things I learnt from Hajj

I learnt during hajj you will have multiple obstacles, there were times where I’d find it really difficult and challenging but I’d persevere and overcome these obstacles and it gave me the understanding to have patience during difficult times. Life does change after Hajj and whatever good deeds you did whilst performing Hajj you should bring them in your life after Hajj.

Useful tips for those intending to go on Hajj

For most people, Hajj is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the best tip I can suggest is to enjoy every single second you are there, because it’s the best experience you’ll ever have in your life!! For those that have yet to perform Hajj, I would suggest performing it when you are young and strong and if you have the means.

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If I could sum up my Hajj experience in a sentence...

It’s a once in a lifetime journey and the best experience I’ve ever had and one I will not forget!!

Covid-19 has affected the world and has impacted Hajj and Umrah. For myself I do feel emotional that people outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not allowed yet to visit, Insha’Allah we will be able to visit the 2 holy Mosques soon. All we can do is pray to Allah to ease the sufferings and allow us to visit the holy Kabah as soon as possible.

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