Nur Atiqah Idros' Hajj Medical Mission with MUIS As A Nurse


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 31, 2023

Every year, as the Hajj season approaches, dedicated healthcare professionals come forward to volunteer for the Hajj medical mission organised by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). These medical professionals are crucial in providing essential healthcare services to Singaporean pilgrims in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. One such remarkable nurse, Nur Atiqah Idros, who embarked on this spiritual and professional journey in 2018.

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

A Challenging Selection Process:

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

Before being assigned to the Hajj medical mission, prospective doctors and nurses undergo a rigorous application and interview process. Atiqah shared her experience, stating, "You go through an interview. And if you're selected, you’ll go for a 2-day, 1-night camp. There's a screening process." This selection process helps identify individuals who can react swiftly to various scenarios, ensuring that only the most competent and dedicated professionals are chosen.

The Balancing Act:

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

Nur Atiqah faced a unique challenge during her Hajj medical mission 2018 – balancing her duties as a nurse with her religious obligations. She explained, "It's very exhausting because you need to work and also ibadah (worship)." Despite the demanding nature of the mission, the officials prioritised their responsibilities, ensuring that essential rituals were performed alongside their medical duties. Nur Atiqah highlighted this aspect, saying, "Work comes first. We get to do the wajib (obligatory acts of Hajj) and the rukun (pillars of Hajj). Alhamdulillah, we get to do Hajj also."

The Hajj Experience:

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

Recalling her Hajj experience, Atiqah expressed her awe and gratitude, stating, "The feeling was way better than umrah (lesser pilgrimage)." The MUIS team carried medical equipment and supplies, carefully organising and transporting them to set up clinics in the designated areas. Despite different teams arriving at different times, they eventually gathered at a central location. There, the medical professionals worked diligently, using pipes to create segmented areas for doctor consultations and treatment rooms.

Nur Atiqah's Nursing Duties:

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

During her Hajj medical mission, Atiqah encountered various medical cases. She shared an incident where she had to administer medication to a patient with fluid overload by inserting an IV cannula. These on-the-ground experiences allowed her to apply her nursing skills in a unique and challenging environment, ensuring the well-being of the Singaporean pilgrims.

Struggles and Sacrifices:

Credit: Nur Atiqah Idros

Atiqah acknowledged that the Hajj medical mission was physically and emotionally demanding. She explained, "I think because we had to work, we didn't have much rest as we still wanted to do our ibadah. It's exhausting." Additionally, the scorching heat added to their difficulties. Furthermore, the team had to be available for night house calls, attending to the needs of Singaporean pilgrims whenever required.

A Blessing and a Reminder:

Being selected to participate in the Hajj medical mission was a profound blessing for Atiqah. She emphasised the significance of this opportunity, stating, "Not everyone can go there. We went through a screening process to be chosen." Working closely with her fellow medical professionals and sharing meals and prayers, Nur Atiqah formed strong bonds with her colleagues. She recounted a poignant moment during a sandstorm in Arafah, where she felt compelled to seek forgiveness from her loved ones, realising the transient nature of life. This experience served as a reminder of the sacredness and rarity of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Atiqah’s' experience as a nurse on the Hajj medical mission with MUIS in 2018 exemplified the dedication and sacrifice required to balance professional duties and religious obligations. Her unwavering commitment to providing medical care to Singaporean pilgrims, alongside her fervent worship during this holy journey, showcased the extraordinary spirit of healthcare professionals involved in Hajj missions. Nur Atiqah's inspiring story serves as a testament to the harmonious union of duty and devotion, leaving a lasting impact on both her professional and spiritual growth.