I Treated My Mom To A Pampering Hair & Scalp Care Treatment And Now She Feels Like She’s 20


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 11, 2023

I went for a hair care treatment a while back and was incredibly impressed by it. My hair-fall reduced, my hair grew thicker, and it felt much fresher. So when I heard that TK TrichoKare had an award-winning Scalp Purifying Therapy @$40 Nett with FREE HairGRO Ampoule, Hair Bath (50ml) and CompleteKare Mask (50ml) (Total worth $770), I just knew I had to convince my mum to try it. 

About ten years ago, my mum cut her hair short after noticing the hair fall. As someone who’s always sworn by natural hair care treatments like coconut oil, it was a little tough to convince her to head for hair loss treatment. But since she was experiencing hair loss for some time and she noticed that my hair had grown much thicker after my treatment, she gave in to my appeals.

Hair Loss Treatment In Singapore With TK TrichoKare!

On the way to TrichoKare’s hair & scalp care centre, my mum expressed much anxiety. Having lived by natural ingredients all her life, she was concerned about the ‘harmful’ chemicals in the treatments. 

Fortunately, I had done my research! TK TrichoKare is known for its premium European herbal hair remedies and is free of harsh chemicals. Their uniquely formulated formulas are so delicate that they’re suitable for both adults and children! Plus, they’re validated by certified Trichologists (experts in all things hair!), so you know you’re in good hands. This information calmed my mother’s anxiety a little more, and I was able to usher her into the treatment room before she changed her mind ?

Analysis: My Mum’s Coconut Oil Works?! ?

In the consultation room, my mother filled out a very comprehensive form. From her health status to the kind of vitamins she took, TK TrichoKare wanted to make sure that they could draw up the best plan for my mother’s hair.

P.S. At TK TrichoKare, treatments are customised according to each individual’s hair & scalp needs, so we knew that they’d get to the root of the problem. (Pun intended)

They even asked her about her hair washing habits! She learned that as a hijabi, she ought to wash her hair daily since bacteria tends to grow easily in hot and humid environments, especially when we sweat! This information was of no surprise - we live in sunny Singapore, where sweating is as almost common as breathing.

After the assessment, my mother patiently waited as they checked her scalp with a Tricho-Scanner that magnifies the scalp up to 200 times. That way, they could analyse and understand her hair and scalp’s needs and condition better before drawing up a customised treatment plan. 

Funny enough, despite her hair fall, my mother’s coconut oil has been keeping her scalp healthy! Her scalp looked like that of a 30-year-old’s ? My mother had also been right to cut her hair short. Long hair tends to weigh down on your roots and make it much more susceptible to hair fall. Way to go, Mum! Other recommendations included taking vitamin D daily and cutting down on certain aspects of her diet (like every Asian’s favourite: rice!). We were impressed by how her analysis was so comprehensive!

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A Customised Treatment Plan

Despite her scalp’s youth, her hair was a little dry and she was experiencing quite a bit of hair loss due to old age. While hair loss due to old age is an unavoidable problem, TK TrichoKare’s hair & scalp specialist / Trichologist came up with the following treatment plan that would reduce her hair loss and revitalise her hair! 

  1. Apply Customised Premium European Herbal Scalp Masque
  2. Revitalising Hair Bath 
  3. Improve The Scalp’s Blood Circulation with OxyJet 
  4. Apply Customised Ampoule 
  5. Photodynamic Therapy 

Step 1: A Cooling, Fruity, Herbal Scalp Masque 

A soft, fruity smell filled the air as they applied the herbal scalp masque onto my mum’s hair and scalp. Specially formulated to detox her hair of any excess oil and sebum, my mum later told me the masque left a super cooling and very pleasant, relaxing feeling on her scalp. 

Step 2: A Revitalising Hair Bath 

After leaving the masque on for 30 minutes, the hair & scalp specialist washed off the product along with any excess oil and sebum that the product had loosened from the scalp. Removing blockages and residue around her hair pores, my mum noted how her hair felt much fresher and lighter. Plus, the head massage that came with the treatment was super relaxing! 

P.S. If you want to experience the relaxation my mum experienced, you can sign up here!

Step 3: Your Hair Needs Oxygen! 

Just like the rest of our bodies, our hair needs oxygen to stay fresh and healthy. Not going to lie, this never really occurred to me. By using Oxyjet, a machine that helps direct oxygen to her scalp, the process helped to accelerate my mum’s scalp’s cell metabolism and improve blood circulation ? This eventually leads to better hair growth! 

Step 4: Revive Your Hair’s Youth With The Customised Peptide Ampoule

Miss the soft texture of your hair? TK TrichoKare’s Peptide Ampoule is the way to do that. Known in skincare as a way to help revitalise uneven, ageing skin, this customised ampoule works similarly to increase hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation and damage, as well as delay scalp ageing! What a way to bring back your youth. 

A few days later, my mum mentioned that her head felt rejuvenated like she was back in her 20’s again!  ?

Step 5: A Laser Light Show

To finish off her entire treatment, my mum was made to put on a funny-looking helmet (also known as Hair Bang) that treated her scalp to a laser light show! Well… Sort of! ?? By putting the helmet on her head, she was exposing her scalp to laser light technology which helps support hair regeneration and accelerates healing. 

It’s been a few days since she went for the treatment and her scalp and hair has never felt better! Both lighter and fresher, she also notes how her pillow has fewer strands of hair. Although, she also notes that her hair is a little fluffier, making her hair resemble the famous haircuts of the ‘Korean halmeoni’! ?

Check out her scalp after treatment! 

If you’re interested in trying the treatment my mum underwent, HHWT highly recommends it for everyone! TK TrichoKare’s award-winningScalp Purifying Therapy @$40 Nett with FREE HairGRO Ampoule, Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask (Total worth $770). So make sure to quickly book your appointment! It’s on a first-come-first-serve basis and valid for new customers only.Book your appointment here! 

The treatment was not only worth the money, but also a bonding experience. Accompanying my mum through the treatment and watching her feel relaxed and rejuvenated during the entire hair spa made me realise I had to take care of her better. ? She’s already done so much for me, it’s time I do more for her. 


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