These Viral Halal Instant Mala Noodles Are The Latest Snack You Need To Try


Shasha Dania •  Jun 01, 2020

[Updated 10 June 2020]

Tried all the halal instant noodles out there and looking for more? Well look no further because there's a new instant mala noodle on the market that packs a sour and spicy punch - and it's halal-certified! ?

P.S. Do note that the same company also produces other halal-certified items, but we are in the process of confirming which items these are. You can look out for the 'qingzhen' logo on other products from the same company, and do dine at your own discretion.

Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen (嗨吃家酸辣粉) is an instant sour and spicy Mala noodle that's produced by the company Hai Chi Jia. The company has produced several halal products, and their Suan La Fen is just one of them! The cardboard noodle cup is printed with the words 'qing zhen' (清真) meaning halal in Chinese, to indicate that it's suitable for Muslim consumption.

One of our readers also received this certificate as proof from a seller on Taobao, guaranteeing that the product has been halal-certified. So you can feast on your sour and spicy noodles without worry. ?

Each cardboard cup comes with vermicelli noodles, several garnish and seasoning packets, and of course - vinegar, chilli oil, and chilli paste for that burst of flavour! Once it's cooked, the noodles are springy and chewy and the broth has that signature numbing sensation you get with authentic mala! ? It's not too spicy either so don't worry if you can't handle spice well. ?

The noodles are shipped in cartons of 6 cups each, and the shelf life is about 10 months long. So you can stock up now for months of delicious snacks ahead! The noodles can be found on sites such as Shopee and Lazada, and you can search "Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen" or "嗨吃家酸辣粉" to find them. There are also some accounts on Instagram or Carousell that are also selling these. Here are some links to get you started, but do check that you're purchasing these from authentic (re)sellers!



We can't wait to finally fulfil all of our Mala cravings - without having to wait! ?