Check Out This Underrated Halal Korean Restaurant In Singapore That Sells And Delivers All Your Korean Favourites!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 02, 2021

Phase 2 (HA)'s got us all missing our favourite food, and we're all just waiting for dining-in restrictions to be lifted. Well if you're craving for some good Korean food, you may figure that the next best thing you can do during this Phase 2 is to get takeaways or deliveries - and you'd be right! The best part? Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant does just that. Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant sells the some of the best halal Korean food that you don't want to miss out on. Read on more to find out how you can taste some!

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Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant

Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant sells all your authentic, Korean favourites at affordable prices! Some of their menu highlights include their delicious Korean Style Beef Steamboat, Dolgot Bibimbap, or even Kimchi Chicken Ramen - most of which do not exceed $9 a meal.

And if you're feeling a little more snackish, you could opt for their Fried Dumplings which come in 6 or 8 piece sets at just $5! ?

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Credit: Siti Ayeeshah

With all dine-in restaurants having to set aside their tables for next time, Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant delivers right to you! All you have to do is open your FoodPanda or Deliveroo app and look them up. They also have takeaway services, so if you're in the area and missing delicious Korean beef stew, you now know exactly what to do.

P.S. These halal Korean fried chicken can be delivered to your home, too!

Credit: yummumum on Instagram

Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant has five different outlets all over Singapore - which means they're accessible to almost anyone in Singapore craving for Korean food!

Credit: sialaxyfatty on Instagram

Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant

Halal-Status: Halal-Certified



12 Kallang Avenue, #01-28/31A, Aperia

Singapore 339509

Hillion Mall

17 Petir Road, #01-26/27, Hillion Mall

Singapore 678278

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm

One North

1 Fusionpolis Way, #B1-23, Connexis, One North

Singapore 138632

The Seletar Mall

33 Sengkang West Avenue, #B1-02/03, The Seletar Mall

Singapore 797653


3 Gateway Dr, #B2-K9 to K11, Westgate

Singapore 608532


So if you're craving for halal Korean food, grab a friend and head on down to the nearest Ha-Jun Korean Restaurant outlet to have your fill of Korean food! ?