A First-Timer’s Guide To The Resorts World Cruises (Cruise To KL)


Syahirah •  Feb 03, 2023

So you want to go on a cruise but you’re not sure where to start. That was me too before I was given the chance to embark on the most thrilling adventure I’ve ever had in my life! Early in January, I went on a cruise by Resorts World Cruises (RWC for short) from Singapore to KL (Port Klang). It was the first time I had ever been on a cruise in my life so naturally I was nervous but still very excited and grateful for this opportunity. From a novice cruise go-er to another, this is everything that you can expect on RWC’s Genting Dream cruise! ?

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1. Arrive at the cruise terminal early

If there’s one important thing a cruise go-er should take note of, it's what time to arrive at the cruise terminal. The booking information states that the cruise will leave Marina Bay Cruise Centre at 8PM (SGT) but that doesn’t mean you should arrive in the late evening! The cruise can carry more than 3,000 passengers so you can expect a crowd during the check-in process. ?

The ship follows a standard disembarkation schedule on most of their journeys so our tip for your first time on a cruise is to arrive about four to five hours ahead of time (at around 4PM) and stay calm despite the crowd. It may get pretty overwhelming! ? The earlier you arrive, the more time you’ll get to spend on the cruise (more on this later)!

Guests are highly recommended to check-in online - this is to ensure that your personal details are updated correctly to avoid extra waiting time. Once you’ve checked-in, you’ll be given a cabin card attached to a lanyard. You must keep it on you at all times! Not only does it give you access to your cabin, but the card is the only way for you to make purchases, or dine when on the ship. ?

P.S. Do take note that there is a baggage check at the cruise terminal. No sharp objects and wet foods (eg. sandwiches, breads, cakes etc.) are allowed onto the ship. So if you’re planning to bring food, we’d suggest biscuits, cup noodles or any other dry snacks!

2. Take your time exploring the ship's entertainment and facilities

The reason why we’d strongly recommend you arrive early (especially on your first cruise) is because the RWC Genting Dream is HUGE! ? There’s so many things to do once you’re onboard - you can go golfing, play bingo, watch day time entertainment, go swimming, and much more. We even got to see actress and singer Janna Nick perform live!

P.S. There’s even Duty-free shopping! Shopper-holics can’t miss it because there are always promotions and sales on their luxury goods including brands like (Moschino, Calvin Klein, Guess etc.). ?️

Something that I personally loved was the ice cream shop also known as Galetaria located on Deck 6 MID! We have confirmed with the staff that the ice creams are made with halal-certified ingredients and there are no alcohol or pork products in them. ?If you’re someone who loves relaxing and chilling out, be sure to check out their spa! You can enjoy massages in their specially designed and scented massage parlours. 

3. You’ll have to pay for Wi-Fi

Yes, you’ll have to pay for Wi-Fi onboard the cruise! Depending on how long you’ll be on the cruise (3D2N or 5D4N), you can purchase Wi-Fi from SGD9/per person. I would suggest not relying too much on your phone during the cruise because the Wi-Fi connection isn’t very strong. ? Although I wasn’t able to use my phone much, I realised I was able to enjoy my time on board without being glued to my social media pages. If you’re planning to do the same, I’d suggest explaining it to your friends and family ahead of time so they won’t get worried!

4. Familiarise yourself with the terms/words used on the ship

When we say the ship is huge, what we really mean is – It’s HUMONGOUS! ? There are three main sections you’ll have to remember when visiting certain parts of the ship, the FORWARD, MID and AFT which can tell you how forward or back you are in the ship. When asking for directions, you’ll hear words like “Deck 8 FORWARD” or “Deck 6 AFT”. Don’t panic if you still don’t get it, simply walk towards any of the lift lobbies on the floor you’re on and refer to the directory. The lift lobbies should indicate whether you’re on the FORWARD, MID or AFT of the ship. “Deck” simply refers to the floor/level. 

5. Don’t worry about feeling sick

Motion sickness can be a real pain for those who are prone to it but hear me out! The ship doesn’t rock as violently as you’d think it does. ? In fact, you’ll barely feel any movement! The only times you might actually feel any vibrations is when the ship is making sharp turns (you’ll actually feel like you’re leaning to one side!) or when the ship is cruising (moving at full speed). 

If you're worried about falling sick or getting unexpected injuries while onboard, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a 24-hour clinic and doctor on standby! So, you can keep your bulky first aid kit at home and bring only the necessities on this trip, afterall, the first aid kit might not even make it past the immigration at the cruise terminal.

6. Spacious rooms

Any traveller can tell you exactly what they’d expect in a hotel room. RWC’s standard cabins are just like those hotel rooms you might be familiar with except you get a spectacular view of the ocean too! ? Depending on the room you booked, you’ll be getting a balcony with two beach chairs to recline and enjoy the sea breeze. You can watch movies on the TV in the room or turn on the live footage from the ship’s FORWARD and see exactly what the Captains are seeing at sea. You might even get a glimpse of the port when the ship docks.

There’s plenty of room to move around and perform your prayers. You should bring a compass or download an application that tells you the direction of the qibla as there are no ceiling stickers that indicate the direction. The ship is always moving anyway, so the qibla directions are always changing!

7. Bring a portable bidet

Every Muslim traveller needs one - a portable bidet! The bathrooms and toilets on board don’t have bidets. ? I brought one from home because it’s a habit and a must-bring travel item (I shudder to think of a life without it!). You should carry it with you while exploring the ship as there are no bidets available!

P.S. You can find portable bidets on Shopee or from Takva.co. #NotSponsored

8. Halal food is available

You won’t have to worry about halal food on the RWC cruise! If there’s a restaurant or eatery you want to try onboard that does not cater halal food, you can request upon booking so that the chefs can prepare them for you. RWC takes their halal food very seriously – halal and non-halal meals are prepared in separate kitchens that are located far from each other (there’s even ‘halal lifts’ meant for transporting halal ingredients and goods to the restaurant).

I was able to speak with the chefs responsible for cooking halal meals and they told me that guests simply have to request upon booking their ticket for halal meals. The chefs will thoroughly clean (the Islamic way) and prepare halal meals with separate plates and utensils just for you! ? Breakfast and dinner is served at Lido Restaurant which offers a halal international buffet spread - there’s even vegetarian options too.

#HHWTip: Bring along your cabin card when dining. The staff will need to scan your card before allowing you to take a seat. Additionally, you’ll want to arrive early for breakfast as the queues can get VERY long! We’d recommend going a little before 7AM (SGT). Any later and you’ll have to get in line for the ONLY (halal) breakfast restaurant on the ship! 

9. Take note of time zones

Here’s something that nobody will tell you (unless you ask) – this cruise follows Singapore time throughout the ENTIRE JOURNEY! ? If you’re wondering why this fact matters, it’s because the ship actually travels from Singapore down to the waters of Indonesia before going back up to the Malaysian Strait. It is a 3D2N cruise from Singapore to KL (Port Klang) after all, so the journey down to Indonesia will fill in the hours before we arrive in Malaysia.

P.S. Singapore is located between Malaysia and Indonesia! Fun fact: Malaysia and Indonesia share a strait!

When the ship passes by Indonesia, the time will be 1 hour behind Singapore time. This is especially important when you’re waking up for breakfast on the trip back. The ship will travel from KL down to Indonesia and back up to Singapore. During the journey back to Singapore, you’ll wake up for breakfast when the ship is in Indonesian waters which can be confusing because of the time zone. You might feel like you woke up early for breakfast until you see the long queue ? (because the time is 1 hour behind). 

#HHWTip: The ship follows SGT throughout so make sure you set your phone or electronic device to Singapore time (SGT) so that the time zone will not affect your perception of time and schedule on board!

10. You can go on a shore excursion

All your time doesn’t necessarily have to be spent on board the cruise ship! You can sign up for shore excursions or simply known as ShorEx. Depending on your physical capabilities, you can choose from a list of a whole pre-planned excursion. If you’re travelling from Singapore to KL, the activities will be in KL and vice versa (the ship goes both ways). ?

From RM70++, you can go shopping, scuba diving, and more with a tour guide who will share historical facts about the country/destination! Do take note that it's a full-day trip from 11AM to 6PM.

11. It’s a family-friendly cruise

From halal food, to non-stop entertainment and even a 24 hour medical centre, there’s no doubt that RWC has a very family-friendly atmosphere! ? There’s even a kids club called Little Dreamers Club  that you can drop your kids off at while you have your very own fun. You can also get family rooms of up to 4 people per room. The staff are very friendly and will help you with wheelchairs, strollers and much more. All you have to do is ask!

12. Have fun!

It’s your first time on a cruise! You should enjoy yourself as much as you can. ? Take your time to explore the facilities and attractions, it’s a refreshing experience from the typical airplane journeys we often take. Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for help when you need some - the staff are very courteous and friendly! 

If you’re planning on experiencing a cruise for yourself, be sure to check out all their exciting deals and destinations. Take your friends and family on a trip across the seas! Maybe you’ll like it even better than flying? ✨ ?

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