3 pictures showing Tekka Market in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide To The Newly Renovated Tekka Market In Singapore


Qistina Roslan •  Nov 09, 2023

Where is Tekka Market?

Tekka Market is situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Little India, along Buffalo Road. It's an iconic building

What's at Tekka Market?

Tekka Market has a ton of shops, food, and a huge wet market for you to explore! If you're looking for South Asian ingredients, food and culture well, you've come to the right place!

Wet market

The wet market there has one of the most extensive varieties of goodies as well as having one of the longest opening times. They close in the late afternoon, which is way longer than most wet markets in Singapore! Situated on the ground floor, you can find a ton of staple grocery items here.

A shop selling spices

From fresh herbs to seafood, Tekka Market's ___ stalls have almost everything that you would need for a good price. Besides the usual extensive displays of vegetables and fruit, they also have stalls that sell fresh coconut milk in large quantities! Within the market itself, there are also stalls selling a wide variety of spices that are needed for cooking South Asian cuisine, too!

Banana leaf shop

Another cool shop you can encounter is the banana leaf shop! They sell them either by number of pieces or stacks. These are usually used as serving plates due to their cultural significance.

A shop selling eggs

There is a shop selling a ton of eggs from your normal chicken eggs, to duck or quail eggs. They sell them in bulk for a reasonable price too.


If you're thinking about getting new clothes, jewelry and other goodies, Tekka Market has a varied selection for you to explore! These shops are located on the second floor of the center.

Tailoring services

Gold jewelry is abundant in Tekka Market with a variety of designs, ranging from necklaces to earrings and bangles. Just ask the shopkeeper for permission to view these pieces! Some shops offer tailoring services as well if you need to have some alterations done to your clothes.

A shop selling ribbons

If you're into crafts or want to try your hands on sewing, there are shops here selling ribbons fabric, and other materials that you'll need! They also have embroidery pieces that you can buy to create your own pieces.

Shop selling garlands

If you're looking for garlands and flowers, there are many shops that you can find selling them in Tekka market!

A shop selling traditional Indian garments

Of course, we can't forget the wide variety of traditional Indian clothing that are on sale too. If you ever need to grab an outfit for Diwali or any other occasion, you can always come down to Tekka Market!


The food center in Tekka Market

The selection of food here is endless and there are a ton of halal food that you can try! We'll be listing some of the few right here.
PS: There are many Muslim-owned stores in the food centre so don't be afraid to ask!

Sri Aachi Aappakadai Pte Ltd

A shop that sells thosai

Sri Aachi Aappakadai sells a variety of dosais, appams and idlis. They're a great stall to get some light breakfast before you start on your day.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Allauddin's Briyani Pte Ltd

A shop that sells briyani

This is one of the most famous biryani shops in the area. Allauddin's Briyani usually has a long line of regular locals who would come and order their Chicken, Mutton, or Fish Briyani set. They have been featured multiple times in newspapers and were even visited by the President of Singapore too! Head down to Tekka Market and end your day with this delicious dish!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


From vadai to samosas, there are stalls around the food center that sell these snacks. They're great for a grab-to-go or just a little pick-me-up while you continue shopping for your goodies at Tekka Market.

Tekka Market

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (6.30AM - 5PM)

Address: 665 Buffalo Rd, L1 Tekka Centre, Singapore 210665

With so much available and a ton of stores to peruse, come down and visit Tekka Market today!