This Grocery Store In SG Is Fully Halal & Has Ready Made Gourmet Meals For The Most Tired Country In The World


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 16, 2021

If you haven't heard about Singapore's very own halal ready made gourmet food stop, you're in for a treat. From halal ready made meals to halal cakes and halal ice cream, this grocery store has everything you need to make a quick halal dinner after a long and tiring day... And some dessert to end your day with something sweet! Walk into the store and you don't have to worry about checking the packaging for gelatin or lard, because it's all halal ?

Melvados, The Store With All Halal Food

Started in 2004, Melvados was built to meet the rising needs of food-loving Singaporeans who are too busy (and tired!) to whip up a gourmet meal for themselves. From ready-to-eat meals and delicious desserts, Melvados has everything you need for a tasty after work meal.

Their ready-to-eat meals come fully cooked and simply require heat! Just pop it in the microwave and you're ready to go with a mouth-watering, instant meal. Check out their website for full instructions on how to heat all of their products. They even have wraps for breakfast if you're looking for something quick to bite into before heading off to school or work. Check out their Mala Chicken Wrap!

They come in packets like these, wrapped and ready for you to consume anytime and anywhere.

And if you're looking for desserts and cakes, they've got a wide variety for you too choose from! Help yourself to some tiramisu cakes, or enjoy some ondeh-ondeh cake! You could also go for some red velvet, just to sweeten up your day ? This is their crunchy strawberry cake that they sold specially for Mothers' Day.

Even if after all the time saving, you still don't have the time to head down to a physical outlet, not to worry! Melvados has an online store that boast wholesale prices for anyone who needs affordable food. Their Salmon Lasagna is only $19.90 for 4 portions, and Pasta Bake Mushroom only $10.90 for 2 portions. You're definitely getting your money and your time's worth. Their Garlic Butter Flatbread goes at just $3.50 on their online store, and their browney brittle in store are sold at just 3 packets for $10! Major steals.

To add on to that, if you order from their online store, you get free delivery for any orders above $50. No restrictions to what you buy. As long as it adds up to $50.

It honestly sounds too good to be true, and yet it is. They've got so many promotions going on, we can't list them all. We haven't even managed to go into their 6 tubs for $56 ice cream bundle ? Share this with your loved ones so all of you get to enjoy quick ready made meals and snacks.