Indulge In An All-American Meal Of Cheesesteaks & Burgers At This Halal Joint In Shah Alam


Ili •  Aug 15, 2020

If your appetite is calling for something other than local food that's equally as hearty and flavourful, we believe one of the answer lies in Shah Alam. Locate a popular joint called Grease Cheesesteak & More and prepare your taste buds for a feast of an all-American meal ?

Kick off your meal with one of their highly favourited dishes, Texas Chili Cheesesteak. Served with a side of fries, dig into this monstrous cheesesteak loaded with juicy meat and cheese that oozes so beautifully it deserves its own Instagram picture. What makes the cheesesteaks here incredibly delicious is the use of Australian beef, which naturally adds an earthy and herby taste.

Other than their cheesesteaks, you can also expect to enjoy various pasta dishes and side bites. From spicy aglio olio seafood and spicy aglio olio with beef bacon to hot chicken wings, these are great for anyone with a big appetite or those looking to just snack. Either way, they're just mouthwatering as the cheesesteaks, so you can't go wrong with any of them ?

Burger lovers, rejoice! Rally up your family and friends who love them as much as you do and go to town with the restaurant's Four Burgers: classic cheeseburger, beef bacon burger, chili cheese burger and mushroom burger. They're great as is but if you want to take it to the next level, you absolutely can! Simply add a second patty to your burger and indulge in double the juiciness and tenderness.

So pick a day where you've really worked up an appetite and drop by Grease Cheesesteak & More for a dining experience that'll give you flavours you'll never forget ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Sat-Thu; (PKPP hours); 1PM-10PM, Fri; 2.30PM-10PM

Address: 1-10-1 Presint Alami, Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Malaysia 40000

Contact: +6013-467 8180

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