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Flex Your Superhero Diets With Grain’s Marvel-Themed Menu


Qistina Bumidin •  Aug 25, 2022


Iron Man, Doctor Strange and the Hulk in one room 🤩 No, we’re not referring to the bearded/science bros battling out together in Avengers’ Infinity War (2018) - we’re talking about the halal-certified online restaurant Grain’s new menu that’s set to marvel your tastebuds 😉Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1FIf this is the first time you've heard about Grain, this local brand is a halal online restaurant that delivers delicious and wholesome food purposefully and carefully crafted by chefs. Both warm and comforting in a familiar but unique way, their dishes are perfect for a gathering (they provide catering too!) or when you just want to treat yourself to a nutritious meal 😋
Credit: GrainGrain is now ramping up its menu with a special collaboration with Marvel! Their offerings are designed to give you that superhero energy you’ll need for the day. Here’s what you have to try! 😍P.S. Promotion deals at the end! Stay tuned to find out more! 
Credit: GrainIt’s green, it’s big, it’s … nutritious too! Everything healthy and delicious is jammed together in their Avocado Smash ($14)! This meatless dish mixes up smashed green avocado, protein-rich eggs with sweet corn and peppery arugula for that extra flavour and fibre. This is why we’ve been taught from a young age to eat our greens - how else would we be able to flex such an impressive physique as the Hulk? 💪
Credit: GrainIron Man may have died in Avengers’ Endgame (2019), but his quirks and antics are something we just don’t forget too easily. For instance, when Tony Stark woke up from a near-death experience in The Avengers (2012), he suggested that the team take a day off and grab some shawarma. And they did, as seen in the post-credits scene, which truly evolved into one of the most memorable ones ever! 🥺 Dig in into Grain’s The Iron Bowl ($16). Tender chicken shawarma is paired with tangy yoghurt sauce to cut through the smokiness before being laced with a touch of truffles. We don’t know how to describe it best, but we want to try that! 🤤
Credit: GrainDormammu, we’ve come to bargain - we want endless plates of the Sauce-rer Supreme Pasta ($18) 😋 Al dente pasta is mixed with sautéed prawns and mussels, the sweetest of tomatoes, and a carefully concocted blend of herbs, which results in a sweet release of deep umami flavours you won’t get enough of! Nothing strange about this dish - it’s stranger that you’re simply stopping at just one 😉
Credit: GrainGrain has a Marvellous promotion: Quote HHWTMARVEL for any Marvel-related purchases (which you can check out by clicking here), and you’ll qualify for a 10% discount! Now that’s truly a noble thing any superhero would do 😌 The promotion will only last till 30th September 2022 at 2359, so get your capes ready and speed down to order any of Marvel x Grain’s collections!P.S. All you have to do is head to their website and order your meals online or order for self pick-up if you want to collect them! For deliveries, just be sure to select your date of delivery and delivery window before checkout 😉So what are you waiting for? Time to have your meals sorted out and delivered to your comfort with these Marvel-themed meals 😍 You’re having three of the wackiest, smartest and funniest superheroes with you - you’ll be having a blast ordering them all and digging into wholesome food with Grain! 🥳Halal status: Halal-certifiedAddress: 5 Burn Road, #05-01 Tee Yih Jia Building, Singapore 369972Opening hours: 8am - 1:30pm & 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Mon-Sat); closed on SundaysBook online hereWebsite | Facebook | InstagramThis article is brought to you by Grain.