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NEW: You Can Now Take Grab In Japan And The Middle East


Cheng Sim •  Nov 21, 2019


When exploring the sights and sounds of a new city, we rely on public transport to get from one place to another. Sometimes, we take the bus or taxi. Other times, the train will take us to where we need to be.
Credit: Giphy Just when you think these are the only available public transport options, there's an e-hailing app that may be able to provide more commuting options when you're travelling overseas!
Starting from Nov 2019, Grab has announced that Grab app users from Singapore and the Philippines will be able to book and pay for rides in Japan and the Middle East!
Available to use in 5 cities in Japan and 94 cities across the Middle East, the ride bookings are fulfilled by JapanTaxi in Japan and Careem in the Middle East. Check out the list below to see if it'll cover your next destination!   Currently, the payment options are only available with GrabPay credits. Cash and credit card payments are not available at the time of writing. However, you can still earn GrabRewards point when you book your rides!
If speaking in the local language is a barrier, the Grab app is set to the user's native and preferred language. For instance, you can book your ride in English (or any preferred language) and the Grab driver can navigate the app in Japanese, Arabic or any language of their choice. This feature also applies to GrabChat, their in-app messaging feature. So chat away!
For Grab app users in Singapore and the Philippines, make sure to do this pre-trip preparation before your trip to Japan or the Middle East! How to set up your Grab app before your trip • Set up and verify your GrabPay Wallet • Reload sufficient GrabPay credits and you're good to go! Now that you have Grab as a transport option, you can savour more delicious halal ramen in Japan or explore the incredible activities in Dubai! Price: Free (available on iOS and Android) Website | Facebook | Instagram