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8 Gorgeous Airbnbs In Asia That’ll Blow Your Mind (But Not Your Wallets!) Away


Nur Adawiyati •  Sep 10, 2018


Hotels might be fancy and all, but sooner or later everything gets mundane. It’s the same furniture, same room placement, same art pieces even! It’s time we break out from this hotel line up and take a look at what some gorgeous homes in Asia has to offer. Credit: giphy Airbnb offers everything you need, from entire homes available just for your family to sharing rooms with travellers alike. Now let’s get straight into it and show you some of the best Airbnb leases in Asia! ?
1. Alamanda Markisa Villa, Langkawi
Rather than staying at hotels that are situated right by the beach (which often come with high price tags?), opt for this unique set of villas. Alamanda Markisa Villa is located atop a hill, only 15 minutes away from the busy central Langkawi!
Credit: Siti Hajar on Airbnb With rustic wooden interiors and charming decor, this villa has an inviting feel right when you step inside it. But if being indoors is not your thing, head to the infinity pool, communal lounge area and the lush garden to explore and relax!
Credit: Siti Hajar on Airbnb If there was one thing that'll really steal your heart here, it has to be the infinity pool overlooking the stunning ocean. We highly recommend renting a scooter while you're here as the best beaches Langkawi has to offer are about 15 minutes away. Else, you can ask the hosts to assist in booking your transport!
Credit: Siti Hajar on AirbnbProperty type: Entire Villa Accommodates: 5 Location: Langkawi, Kedah Rate:USD94 per night (USD20 per pax)
2. Shu's Loft, Singapore
This Airbnb amazes right from the outside! It is one of the many charming refashioned colonial-era shophouses along Jalan Besar. Be sure to take plenty of Instagram pictures even before you enter ? Plus, with its high lofty ceilings and large spacious rooms, you will definitely forget that you’re in a shophouse!
Credit: Shu on Airbnb A wide room beautifully decorated with wooden furniture, this Scandinavian apartment is pleasing to the eyes. The gold and copper accents around the room, coupled with statement furnitures like the vintage fan and wood-grained sofa, will make it tough not to keep snapping pictures every now and then. The best part of all, this apartment does come with Netflix!
Credit: Shu on AirbnbProperty type: Entire Apartment Accommodates: 2 guests Location: Little India, Singapore Rate:USD93 per night (USD47 per pax)
3. Bamboo Cottage, Bali
For us city-goers, living in this bamboo cottage is as close as we can get to living off the grid. It might look like you're in the middle of nowhere, nestled among the rice fields, but you're actually just 5 minutes away from Ubud city.
Credit: Wayan on Airbnb The view from your home is stunning, but the interior is just as beautiful. This cottage is like a woven basket, made from bamboo with a traditional grass woven roof. And the open-concept cottage has a unique modern yet traditional twist, making this a one of a kind Bali experience!
Credit: Wayan on Airbnb The use of bamboo continues even in their gorgeous bathroom. I mean, even the taps are made of bamboo ?
Credit: Wayan on AirbnbProperty type: Entire Hut Accommodates: 4 Location: Ubud, Bali Rate:USD65 per night (USD17 per pax)
4. Designer Loft in Silom, Bangkok
This one's for the minimalists and those who appreciate contemporary art. Designer loft in Bangkok showcases plenty of Andy Warhol-esque art pieces throughout the entire living space. With walls that seems to be only cemented and left unpainted, and bold designer furniture pieces, this house exudes the modern loft vibe in New York ?
Credit: Thomas on Airbnb There are plenty of shared spaces in this Airbnb. But one thing remains the same across the whole house - it's the theme of Art! Makes you feel a bit like you're living in an art museum ?
Credit: Thomas on Airbnb Apart from the intriguing interior, the home is impressive also because of its location. It's located in the a neighbourhood at the city centre and the river taxi boat is a mere minute away! Sail away to the nearest floating market - Klong San market. Other than wet markets, this loft is also just 5 mins away from BTS and Saphan Taksin, which will lead to some of Bangkok's best night markets!
Credit: Thomas on AirbnbProperty type: Entire Loft Accommodates: 2 Location: Silom, Bangkok Rate:USD74 per night (USD37 per pax)
5. Wooda House, Krabi
Located within a local fisherman's neighbourhood in Koh Lanta, this villa is undoubtedly a unique place to stay in. It's your perfect blend of the kampung and floating villas ?
Credit: Mon and Mayaan on Airbnb To fully take in the spectacular ocean view around you, your bedroom is filled with floor to ceiling glass doors. Step outside to your private viewing deck to really be at one with nature!
Credit: Mon and Mayaan on Airbnb If all that still does not suffice, you can lay on the huge hammock built over the ocean. How amazing would it be just lying down on the hammock and listen to the waves crash gently against the shore, as you gaze into the starry filled skies ?
Credit: Mon and Mayaan on Airbnb The best part about staying in a local neighbourhood is to see how life is for the locals! Being neighbours with the Thai Muslim fishermen, and being able to head to the mosque which is just within the vicinity, this relaxed and chilled out lifestyle is what we all sometimes need to get away from our hectic lifestyle! Property type: Entire Villa Accommodates: 6 Location: Koh Lanta Yai, Krabi Rate:USD51 per night (USD8.50 per night per pax)
6. Seafront Scandinavian Home, Penang
This huge Scandinavian themed apartment is able to comfortably fit a family of six! The star, however, is not the size but the gorgeous panaromic harbour view best admired through the apartment's floor to ceiling windows ?
Credit: Eve on Airbnb Be sure to be in the apartment during sunset, as that's when the best (and most romantic) scenery comes! Really makes you feel like you're on top of the world here.
Credit: Eve on AirbnbProperty type: Entire Apartment Accommodates: 6 guests Location: Little India, Singapore Rate:USD76 per night (USD13 per pax)
7. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat, Kuala Lumpur
Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery, your rainforest retreat is awaiting you at this hilltop! Templer Park Rainforest Retreat is huge enough for a whole company retreat, and it’s only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.
Credit: Saw on Airbnb This is probably the closest you can get to a treehouse in Kuala Lumpur, but we assure you that your experience would be just like in your dreams. Admire the gorgeous view from your bed or step outside to your balcony and take in some fresh air ?
Credit: Saw on Airbnb With an infinity pool, sauna, trampoline and even a BBQ station readily available, you wouldn’t have to worry about having too much time on your hands despite being in a pretty remote location! There really is no better feeling like escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and spending quality time with your loved ones ?
Credit: Saw on Airbnb But if you reaaally need access to a  little city life, local eateries and Tescos are only an 8-minute drive away. Property type: Entire Guesthouse Accommodates: 16 Location: Rawang, Selangor Rate:USD357 per night (USD23 per pax)
8. KAWS Loft
For those familiar with the American designer KAWS, you will love our last Airbnb listing. Decked in KAWS furnishings - from figurines to paintings - this loft screams hypebeast! But even if you're not into KAWS, this makes for a pretty Instagram-worthy loft ?
Credit: Nini on Airbnb The bathroom is a beauty in itself, with its soft blue tones. It might be small but it sure is pretty!
Credit: Nini on Airbnb Accessibility is key here as the Airbnb is located in the middle of Ximen, so everything you need is within reach! And with restaurants open round the clock, there's no need to cook up a fuss in the kitchen. Just head down and get your food fix! Property type: Entire Loft Accommodates: 2 Location: Wanhua, Taipei Rate:USD52 per night ($22 per pax) With these amazing Airbnbs within reach, your next unique stay is only an app away!From chic apartments in the heart of Bangkok to bamboo huts in Bali, your next getaway will not only be mind-blowing but wallet-friendly too ?