Go-Jek Indonesia Confirms It's Coming To Singapore - Here's Why We're Excited


Nabillah •  May 30, 2018

If you've always wanted an alternative private-hire transportation service in Singapore, wait no further! Indonesia's ride-hailing start-up, Go-Jek, has confirmed that they will expand to Singapore soon! ?

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During the Singapore Fintech Festival on Wednesday (14 Nov), G0-Jek president Andre Soelistyuo revealed to reporters that it will be launched in Singapore this December. ? But hold your horses - it will only be a beta app to allow Go-Jek to capture user feedback and hopefully fine-tune everything before its official launch! They're also partnering with Singapore's DBS Bank to collaborate on payment services in the region and if you hadn't already known, DBS has one of the largest debit and credit card circulations in Singapore! ?

Credit: @gojekindonesia on Instagram

For the uninitiated, Go-Jek is a company that goes beyond providing you with private-hire vehicles to get to your destination. In Indonesia, their wide variety of services range from delivery of food and groceries, to even sending beauticians over to houses upon demand! Hopefully, this will be the case in Singapore too ?

Credit: @gojekindonesia on Instagram

But before introducing their concierge services, Go-Jek will expand into Singapore with their ride-hailing service first, which usually operates with motorbikes! But after Go-Jek launched a portal in October 2018 for drivers to pre-register, it looks like we'll be expecting the usual private car hire services, like Grab.

Credit: @gojekindonesia on Instagram

If you're not in Singapore, no fret! Go-Jek has plans to expand into Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines too. This is the perfect time for avid travellers of these Southeast Asian hotspots to download the app and try it for yourself. So, what do you think? Will Go-Jek match up to the current competitors in Singapore? Do YOU look forward to their launch here (because we certainly are!)? Let us know in the comments section! ?