Godaime Is Now Halal-certified!


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 16, 2023

What is Godaime restaurant? And what delicious dishes do they serve?

Well, Godaime is a restaurant that specialises in mazesoba, originating from Nagoya, Japan. You can not only enjoy soba but ramen, donburis and even desserts! We'll give you a rundown on what you can expect at Godaime.

What is Mazesoba?

But first off, what is Maze Soba? Is it just soba or is there more to it? Sometimes known as Abura soba 'oil noodles' or Mazemen, the name translates to 'mixed noodles' and is a popular broth-less ramen. The broth is replaced with tare, a thick, umami glaze with soy sauce, sugar and other condiments being boiled down to its desired consistency. It is traditionally made with mirin and sake. However, Godaime has adapted this recipe to make it Muslim-friendly! (and gain the halal certificate too).

Fun fact! Despite soba being in the name, mazesoba is actually considered a type of broth-less ramen. The noodles used in mazesoba are actually wheat noodles which are similar to the noodles used in ramen! The name comes from the alternative name for ramen: Chinese soba (Chuuka Soba).



Now that we know what to expect from their signature dish, let's look into what else they offer! In terms of mazesoba, they offer delectable Salmon Mazesoba ($13.90), Chicken Minced Meat Mazesoba ($9.90), and the Soft Shell Crab Mazesoba ($15.90).

Their recommended dishes are the crispy Chicken Cutlet Mazesoba ($11.90), Aburi Chicken Mazesoba ($11.90), Beef Suki Mazesoba ($15.90) and Chicken Cha Shu Mentai Mazesoba ($13.90).


Mazedon is similar to mazesoba but instead of noodles, you get rice! A few of the toppings are similar but there are additional dishes such as the recommended Asari Mazedon (Japanese clams) ($11.90). Their Chicken Minced Meat Mentai Mazedon ($11.90) is also another delicious recommendation by the restaurant!

If you're not in the mood for thick sauces, they offer your usual ramen as well. Their ramen comes in spicy and non-spicy variants that you can choose from. The Beef Suki Ramen ($15.90) and Chicken Cha Shu Ramen ($10.90 for 2 pieces) come in both spicy and non-spicy variants (the spicy ones are priced higher!).

Side dishes

If you want some fried snacks while tucking into Godaime's delicious dishes, they offer 7 of them to choose from. There's the staple Chicken Gyoza ($4.90). Fried Tofu ($5.90) or Fried Chicken ($4.90). Takoyaki ($6.90),Edamame ($4) and Kimchi ($2) also graced the menu with their presence. They even have Cuttlefish ($8.90) as a side dish too!


Japanese pudding has a soft and creamy texture that is a delight to have after a heavy meal. Godaime has Homemade Japanese Pudding ($6.90) with a thin layer of caramel poured over it in order not to overwhelm the taste of the dessert. They also offer their Original Cheesecake ($8.20) which is decorated with fruit and a light dusting of icing sugar. They also offer a unique drink, Houji Tea ($2.90)

They offer lunch sets as well, that are either $11.90 or $13.90, depending on which meal you choose! All of them do come with side dishes (Fried Chicken or Chicken Gyoza) and their Houji Tea.

Drop by your nearest Godaime restaurant to try out mazesoba or any of their other amazing dishes!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours:

  • The Centrepoint: Mon-Sun (11.30AM - 10PM)
  • Changi City Point: Mon, Tues, Thurs-Sun (11AM - 9.30PM) | Wed (11.30AM - 10PM)


  • The Centrepoint: #B1-17, 176 Orchard Road
  • Changi City Point: #01-48, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1