This Muslimah-Owned Online Activewear Boutique Is What You Need To Brighten Up Your Closet


Shasha Dania •  Aug 16, 2020

If you're looking for everyday modest fashion it can be easy to find blouses, pants, and skirts to suit your needs. Options like Hana Tajima for Uniqlo are more common, which is great! ? But finding modest activewear or swimwear can still be tough.

P.S. These 10 local indie modest wear labels in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia will have everything you need for a wardrobe makeover!)

Big brands such as Nike have started their own lines of modest activewear but their high price tags can be tough on your wallet. Thankfully, there are online marketplaces and boutiques like GLOWco that give you a wide range of modest activewear and everyday clothes to turn to!

GLOWco is a Singapore-based online boutique founded by Nawal Alhaddad, a hijabi-wearing fitness instructor. So she and her team definitely understand the needs of hijabis and other people who like to dress modestly! The founders decided to start the company so modest-wearing women could dress comfortably and fashionably - while still being able to exercise, compete, or go about their everyday lives feeling gorgeous. ?

GLOWco is a marketplace for modest activewear brands, and even has its own activewear line called GLOWco Exclusive. You can find brands like NikeAaila SwimwearRauqah, Voilee, and more on their platform selling everything from exercise tights to swimsuits to sports hijabs so you can shop for your next exercise or beach day outfit in one spot. ? It definitely makes online shopping even more convenient than it already is!

If you're thinking of giving GLOWco Exclusive a try, you won't be disappointed either. Their sports inners are made from a moisture-wicking polyester microfibre mesh and spandex so that you won't feel sweaty and sticky while you work out, and their polyblend Afterglow thigh-length tunic tops are stretchable to keep you comfy throughout yoga, Zumba, or the workout of your choice. ? And their GlowBasic tights even come with pockets!

If you're thinking about changing up your workout wardrobe, then here's a good place to start. ?

You can shop GLOWco on their website, and stay tuned to their social media for updates.

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