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10 Fun Things To Do In Malaysia For Your Next Girls' Day Out (Besides Eating!)


Yaya Norazman •  Feb 26, 2020


Ahoy, ladies! ?? If you clicked to read this article, that means you're probably stuck in a rut somewhere trying to figure out the most important question of your existence: what do I do with my girls this weekend? We all know one thing: our gal pals are sisters from another mother. Our backbone and support system. They are there through thick and thin, through the shrills and the thrills, and they deserve only the best. Inspired by Cyndi Lauper's timeless hit 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', we wrote this article especially for you and your girl squad to refer to especially if you're working on an all-girls plan this weekend, and you're just so done with cafes. Sit back and keep scrolling! P.S. If you still want to hang out in cafes, check out these 12 halal eateries in Klang Valley which are perfect for a girlfriends' catch-up session!
1. Picnic time
We dig quality time like the good old days in Hollywood movies where picnics are THE go-to activity throughout spring/summer. It's summer half the time here in Malaysia, so why not spread out that checkered mat and dial-up your girls, huh? As Malaysians, we love to sit down for a picnic with our friends and families because the nature spot selections are endless, and they're usually not too far from where we live. Whether it's the beach or the good old public park, it's convenient and we love it. Depending on the time of the year, we'd recommend going in the morning or a little after 4 pm after a sunny day to avoid the scorching heat outdoors and score that good lighting for the squad's OOTD pictures ?? You can either go bare and find picnic tables/gazebos at the park or bring your own mats. Prepare sandwiches, juice and desserts - and you're good to go! If you're thinking "okay sure, but where do we go?". As always, we've got you covered. Here are 10 Pretty Picnic Spots in KL that you can pick from for your next grand agenda ???? #HHWTTip: Bring your own trash bag and water to clean up. A few places such as reserved forests may not have public toilets and trash cans at every nook and corner hence this is a great way to reduce waste traces in nature.
2. Take yoga classes together
Amidst our busy schedules, we're all in need of at least an hour of embracing wellness and practising mindfulness every other day. That's where yoga comes in ??‍♀️ Klang Valley boasts a large number of studios offering masterclasses where you and your girls can drop by (for a fee) and learn yoga from certified trainers. All you need is an appropriate gear, a yoga mat and your water bottle. Doing yoga with your girlfriends is a good way to not only recharge together but also find comfort in the pursuit of wholesome quality time ? Note: Do note that some studios will have a limit to the number of participants. Make sure to register early so that you and your girlfriends are all guaranteed a spot.
3. Spa-day
If you know Sunday, you'd know spa-day too (did you get that?). Ladies, trust me when I say you don't need a reason to unwind with your girls. Everybody loves to be pampered, and we think it's cute to go for massages with your girl squad. For an all-in-one experience, Ozmosis Spa located in Ascott KLCC is the one. By that we mean you and your girlfriends can put the robes on, relax, get a facial treatment, followed by a full-body massage, then seal it off with a mani-pedi. Yes, you don't have to go to 3 different spas for that! If a quick retreat is what you're looking for, The Rub Bar caught our eye as it offers signature premium services at affordable starting prices. Apart from the interior that we simply fell in love for, Rub Bar is one of those no-frills, highly convenient wellness centre that just makes you and your girlfriends leave your woes at their doorstep. Opting for their aromatherapy massage means you get to create your own lotion + oil formula! There's something different for everyone. Oh, and they can accommodate up to 10 pax at a time, so if your group is larger, you might wanna go by batches. Ozmosis Spa, Ascott-KLCCOpening hours: Mon-Sat; 11AM-11PM, Sun; 11AM-10PM Address: 22nd Floor, Ascott Hotel & Residence, No. 9, Jalan Pinang, 50450 KL Contact: +603 2718 6886 Website | InstagramThe Rub BarOpening hours: Sun-Thu; 10AM-10PM, Fri-Sat; 10AM-12AM Address: G-04 Menara M101, Jalan Dang Wangi, Jalan Kamunting, 50300 KL Contact: +603 2603 1160 Website | InstagramP.S. If you prefer resort spas over what we've listed, head over here for 10 Spas In Malaysia Perfect For Your Next Girls' Trip!
4. Chill at boardgame cafes
If cafe-hopping is a thing of the old for you, we agree, AND we have an alternative: boardgame cafe-hopping. It's self-explanatory. Board games bring people together, and what better than doing so at a cafe where you can dine and play? Meeples Cafe, for example, has over 400 game titles that span out beyond your usual Monopoly series! When you have that much fun under one room, it's no surprise this place is always jam-packed with their regular crowd. No worries as you can book a table in advance by calling them. Details below! Opening hours: Tues– Fri; 5PM-1AM, Sat-Sun; 2PM-1AM (closed on Mon) Address: 64, Jalan SS15/4d, 47500 Subang Jaya Contact: +603 5633 8033 FacebookInstagram
5. Weekend workshops
Ever shopped for something but you just couldn't find the design you really like? Then your mind keeps replaying this one design you wished you'd see on the shelf of your favourite store? Frustrating, we know ? Someone wise once said if you can't beat them, join them. We're here to sell you the idea that getting your hands dirty with your friends and making your own stuff can be so satisfying, it gets your creative juices flowing. Instead of being a couch potato on the weekends, how about going for a 3-hour workshop that guides you in making pastel macarons? Or making a purse out of upcycled fabric? Or your next canvas painting masterpiece? Or building your own terrarium?? You get the idea! There are so many options to go for especially if you're in Klang Valley. Locals are quick on the game and such classes are so much fun to be at. At a certain fee, you and your girlfriends can get crafty and meet people who enjoy the same activity as you do! ? Apart from spending quality time with your squad, you get to bring home what you created together throughout the workshop. Finally, you made the tote bag (or whatever it is?) that you've always been hunting for! #HHWT Tip: The likes of Me.reka MY, The Weekend Workshop, and Herohand have a number of classes you can choose from. You can check out more of such classes online. Have fun!
6. Sweat together!
Friends who sweat together stay together. And no, we're not talking about simply taking a run or joining a marathon with your pals (although that's fun too...). Instead, how does an indoor extreme park sound to you? Originating from Finland, Superpark is a 40,000 sq ft arena housing 26 activities including air hockey, wall climbing, flying fox, and mega-sized trampolines ??‍♀️??‍♀️ It's divided into three sections; adventure area, game area, and freestyle hall. Whether you want to challenge your girls to a street basketball game or just have fun diving into the foam pit for that Instagram photo, you're guaranteed to have a great time here ??‍♀️ We know what you're thinking; gotta let the girls know about this! Indoor activity parks are your best alternative if you and your girlfriends aren't fans of Malaysia's heat. Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 10AM - 9PM, Sat-Sun/PH; 9AM-9PM Address: 4-1, Level 4, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL Contact: +603 2789 1408 WebsiteInstagram KL, despite being forever in a skyscraper-race, is a city with plenty of nature's charm. This country is blessed with geographical features that scream 'tropical escape!'. That being said, if indoor fun is not challenging enough for you, why not take a jungle therapy with the girls? From reserved forests to urban trail parks, you won't be running out of options to convince your girlfriends that soaking in the clean air and invigorating forest scent beat air-conditioned parks any day. Taman Tugu Forest Trail is located to the north of Perdana Botanical Park in the heart of KL. If you're new to hiking, this is the perfect trail for you and your squad to try, thanks to their polished and cemented routes that are beginner-friendly. If you're planning to bring your mountain bikes out, Bukit Kiara Trail is the hiking-enthusiasts and bikers sanctuary. With more rugged trails at 250m elevation, you get a little bit of everything; from sticky clay footpaths to beast hills, bamboo-clad tracks and remains of an old rubber tree plantation. To think that you're still in KL and still experiencing all of that is surreal. More destinations are listed here in our KL-Selangor Hiking Trails (for every fitness level!) and with Muslim-friendly breakfast spot!#HHWTTip: To avoid 'human traffic' when hiking up, go during weekdays for the ideal tranquillity that is much needed!
7. Spooky time at Haunted House/Escape Room
When was the last time you went for a good scare? Even though Halloween's months away, a little bit of spooky time year-round won't hurt ? Hauntu, the first interactive haunted house in Malaysia and South East Asia, is Breakout's latest experiential offering with themes that are tailored to Malaysians. As players, you will navigate through immersive horror storylines and ensure everyone gets to safety. You and your gal pals will get to test your strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly bond over this spine-chilling mental maze! If ghosts and scare actors aren't your thing, you'd probably enjoy Breakout more. Maintaining the elements of mind-boggling puzzles, role-playing, and stratagems, Breakout promises a good time if you and your friends enjoy the thrill of an escape room. It is the perfect group activity for when you just need a break from watching movies and cafe-hopping. HauntuOpening hours: Mon-Fri; 2PM-11PM, Sat-Sun; 11AM-11PM Address: 2-9, Level 2, The LINC KL, 360 Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 KL Contact: +60111 686 9199 InstagramBreakoutOpening hours & Address: Check out their website here.Contact: +6010 937 3628 Website | Instagram
8. Experience a drive-in cinema
Ever wanted to experience a drive-in cinema? Well you definitely can right here in Malaysia! Making its debut just several months ago, you'll get to watch a movie from the comfort of your car. This means that not only can you and your girlfriends enjoy some privacy, but everyone gets to dress down and be as comfy as you want. Opening hours: Mon-Sun; 5PM onwards based on showtimeAddress: Unit 45-10, Level 10, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, Kuala LumpurContact: +603 2282 6413Website | Facebook | Instagram
9. Check out flea markets
Whether it's flea market or artisan/curated ones, it's a lot of fun browsing through items you don't see on the daily. Vinyl records, vintage pieces, handmade accessories, all of that good stuff. If you're living in Klang Valley, you're in best luck. There are plenty of flea market and pop up lifestyle market options for you and your girlfriends to drop by and scout for precious finds ? The popular mention for permanent flea market has to be Amcorp Mall flea market, Petaling Jaya. It is great for pre-loved items, craft jewels, antiques, vintage clothing, a variety of weird old junk and locally-made goods. They're open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 9 am- 6 pm. Also, we love Malaysia's seasonal pop-up markets for simple reasons: they're usually events with everything to offer. From unique food stalls to art workshops, there's more than just shopping to be done! Some also feature live performances to keep the crowd entertained ? Places worth checking out include Pasar Seloka, Fuyoh Collectors Market and RIUH.
10. All-Girls Trip!
Honestly, what is a better way to bond with the sister squad that going for a road trip AND a staycation together? Malaysia is blessed with scenic highways, highlands that are barely an hour away from the city centre, and state capitals which boast its grand selection of cuisines made with love. All of this is basically an open invitation for you and your girlfriends to start packing, choose a playlist, and hit the road ? P.S. Looking for IG-worthy spots in Ipoh to snap some pictures with your squad? Check out these IG spots in Ipoh (near halal food) here! From the city centre, a 2-hour drive up north can bring you to the capital of Perak; Ipoh. A quaint city full of character and diversity, with its own beautiful balance of rustic and modern; we'd go bold as to say you haven't really explored Malaysia if you haven't been to Ipoh. Need a halal food-cyclopaedia for this city? This is the only guide you'll ever need, ladies! The trick to deciding where is your next girls' trip destination is to ask yourself: what activity would you and your squad enjoy the most? Beach sports? Having scones and tea while enjoying cool highland weather? Once you've decided, narrow down the places you could go to by referring to our article on 8 Ideas For A Quick Escape From KL! P.S. Wondering where are the best places to stay? We got you. Here are 10 hotels and resorts in Malaysia with private pool. You're welcome!Credit: Giphy That's about it, ladies! We hope you love our ideas, and if you don't, let us know in the comments section what you and your squad would do for fun ?