Fruit Paradise: Famous Japanese Tart Shop In Singapore Is Now Halal Certified


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jan 26, 2023

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? ? Fortunately, there are plenty of halal dessert places in Singapore worth the visit but if you’re craving for something specific like Japanese desserts, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the newly halal certified Fruit Paradise! Serving up tall and dreamy tarts and cakes, this Japanese Patisserie is the perfect place to have your cake and eat it too. ? Here’s what you have to know!

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Credit: Fruit Paradise on Facebook

Fruit Paradise is known for their beautiful and carefully crafted fruit tarts and cakes made of lightly sweetened cream topped with fresh fruits! With multiple locations in popular malls like Funan, Suntec City and more, you can get your fix of delicious artisan bakes after a busy day of shopping! ? Did we mention that their desserts are made fresh daily?

Credit: Fruit Paradise on Facebook

There’s a large selection of tarts and cakes but if you’re spoiled for choice, you can’t go wrong with their top 3 bestsellers: Mixed Fruit Tart, Nutty Caramel Tart and Mango Tart. The tarts are not only delicious but beautifully decorated too which means that your entire dining experience is guaranteed to be super IG-worthy! Make sure to wash down all that sweet goodness with a cup of warm Matcha tea served in a teapot for an optimal dessert experience. ?

Credit: Fruit Paradise on Facebook

For the health conscious, you’ll be glad to know that Fruit Paradise’s desserts are made with freshly picked fruits daily and are free from additives and preservatives! So you can enjoy the desserts without too much of a worry. Their bakes have also been known not to be too sweet either, making it the perfect afternoon tea snack for all snack lovers!

Credit: Fruit Paradise on Facebook

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Fruit Paradise

Halal status: Halal-Certified

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