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Forget The Restaurants & Try These 5 Halal Street Food In Bangkok!


Juni Ramli •  Nov 26, 2015


Bangkok has long been known as a food haven to locals and tourists alike - Even for the road side food stall skeptics among us, it's hard to resist those mouthwatering sights and sounds of local street food sellers. So we think it's about time you get a taste of what the City of Angels has to offer, starting with these halal eats! Pack those stretchy pants for your trip because you’re going to need it! [iframe src="//giphy.com/embed/P83SNdiHt2AW4" width="480" height="268" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen][/iframe]
1. Silence that rumbling tummy and start your day with a good meal!
Ditch the hotel breakfast and start early on the streets! If you’re staying around Pratunam, you’re in for a treat. Muslim Food serves local Thai food and Indian dishes from 40 Baht onwards. The menu is in both Thai and English and you can choose to have either noodles or rice. However, if you’re big eaters like us, you may find the portion a tad small but fret not because it’s just right to keep you going until the next snack!
Muslim Food Bangkok
The English menu made it easy for us to decide what we wanted to eat. The seller has a relatively good understanding of what you are ordering but if you want to be on the safe side, simply point at the picture of the meal that you want on the menu and flash your megawatt smile at the lovely seller.
Opening Hours: The stall closes on Sunday but opens as early as 7.30am on other days till late. How to get there: From Baiyoke Suite, walk towards the makeshift morning market tents. Make the first left turn and you’ll see a lot of street stalls lining the pathway. Walk towards the 7-Eleven and make a left turn. If you see a Halal HK egglet and mango glutinous rice stall, you’re on the right track. Keep walking straight and you’ll find the stall on your right.

2. Next up, yummy food on the street!

Feeling peckish after your light breakfast? These street foods will fill you up in no time!
Dried cuttlefish, crispy fish and anchovies
Hong Kong Waffle Miss Noi is at the entrance of the small lane leading to Muslim Food (the stall in the recommendation above). It has a halal sign at the top left hand corner of its signage :D The lovely lady doesn’t have any testers, but you can tell that these snacks are freshly packed. Each pack ranges from 50 baht onwards and they make great souvenirs or after dinner snacks.
Miss Noi
dried cuttlefish 2
dried cuttlefish
#HHWT Tip: Although they are well packed, the strong cuttlefish smell lingers. If you want to avoid the smell on your clothes, pack it in a separate bag. Better still, if you’re buying a lot, ask the charming lady for a box to pack the goodies in and check it in when you’re at the airport. Opening hours: Her stall was open at 9.30am and opens till late.
Toasted bread
This lightly toasted bread and butter combo should be eaten when it’s nice and hot! You can also choose additional topping such as kaya, chocolate, strawberry or sugar. It costs only 20 Baht for 2 slices of this comforting snack.
Quench your thirst with homemade soya bean….
Unlike the soya bean drinks that we've had in Singapore, this soya bean drink tastes lighter and you can choose toppings such as barley and big sago to go with it. For 10 Baht a cup, you can either have it then and there or to go. The best part is, you can control the sugar level of your drink by telling the seller how sweet you want it to be.
Soya bean
Opening hours: This stall serves the morning crowd and is ready for business at 7.30am. However, similar to other stalls around this area, they move around and will close when everything is sold for the day.
…Or a sweet drink
Not a fan of soya bean? A few steps away gets you a refreshing cup of longan drink with toppings. Toppings include gingko nuts, atapchi, grass jelly and nata de coco. Choose to have your drink without the brown sugar if you don’t like it too sweet because the drink itself is already really sweet!
Chicken rice!!
Starting to feel hunger pangs after exploring the Pratunam morning market? Walk towards Blutique Hotel and at the side of the building, you’ll find halal street style chicken baked rice. The seller usually sets up her stall in front of the Pratunam Post Office but she may move the cart around during the day.
chicken rice
Opening hours: Her stall serves the morning market and is open at 9:00am.
3. There’s halal food at Chatuchak Market too!
A weekend trip to Bangkok definitely warrants a shopping trip to Chatuchak! And who doesn’t want to have a bite after shopping? We saw more than one stall selling halal food but we chose to eat here because of this!
Yum Mama
Yum mama (Mama salad) anyone? For those who like the famous Yum Woon Sen (Thai glass noodle salad), this is a refreshing change. Instead of glass noodle, this stall serves their salad with instant noodles! Saman Islam serves local halal food and is known for their chicken rice but being noodle people, we ordered their noodle dishes instead.
Tom Yum Hoong served with big pieces of prawn.
Muslim Food Noodles
Kway Teow Phat - Thick rice noodles fried Thai style
 Beef noodles with ginormous beef balls! Sooo good we finished every drop of the soup! Saman Islam caters both to the local and tourist crowd shopping in Chatuchak and gets extremely crowded during lunch hour. You’ll sweat buckets and your elbow will touch your neighbour’s but it’s all worth it!
Saman Islam
They serve rice and with local dishes (similar to Nasi Padang style), Thai noodles and salad. You’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat so take your time and peer at the other tables to see what others are eating. How to get there: Look for the clock tower at the centre of the market. The stall is situated by the tower. Opening hours: The stall is open on Saturday and Sunday only.
We also found another halal eatery but we were saving our stomach space for…
4. Thirst quenching, brain freezing desserts!
Coconut Ice Cream
Need we say more? COCONUT ICE CREAM, with complimentary coconut drink and as you can probably guess, with toppings!
Coco JJ
Coco JJ2
We saw a few stalls selling coconut ice cream but none that has queues as long as Coco JJ’s! And it was worth every second that we spent queuing under the hot sun. The ice cream is so light and the toppings complement it well. I had mine with glutinous rice and it was heavenly! Worth every calorie!
Grass jelly dessert
By now you can probably guess that all the dessert comes with topping options and this is no exception. It’s refreshing for a hot day and cools you down instantly. Ask for less sugar because some of the toppings are already drenched in heavy syrup.
Black Jelly
5. Tropical fruit heaven!
The street vendors sell a variety of fruit and it’s easy to find a cart like this:
Fruit cart
We strongly recommend you to try the ripe green mango which is crunchy and tangy sweet. Prefer to drink your fruits? Well then you’ll be spoilt for choice! [caption id="attachment_3465" align="alignnone" width="640"]
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice![/caption] We also recommend the tangerine juice but by the time we found the stall, we were holding on to too many bags of food and clothes and the extra hand we had was used to hold our oh-so-sweet tangerine juice. So no photo this time! #HHWT Tip: Drink these juices within a few hours. These are freshly pressed without preservatives and can easily get contaminated if kept for too long. Here’s a hotel tip: if you prefer a hotel which serves halal in-room dining, make Grand Diamond Suites Hotel your choice.
Craving for Thai food? Book your flight now! [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/437?type=poll"][/iframe] *The street food listed in this post are not halal-certified. We advise all readers to purchase/consume at your own discretion.